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Technical Critic
Technical Critic is a reviewing TV show run by Lumoshi for the League of Fantendo Critics. It will focus more on the technical and visual aspects of an article, such as formatting it nicely, not having it be a complete list, and making it look good overall. The actual content itself is ignored for the most part, mainly to stand out from the myriad of other review shows.


The show will use a rubric to score articles.

Category Description Points
Content The article should at least be of a decent length, depending on what kind of page it is. 25
Grammar Appropriate grammatical conventions should be used. If it's one or two mistakes it's fine, though. 20
Layout The page has a nice organization to it. 15
Tables Tables are used where appropriate and formatted in a manner that looks aesthetically pleasing. 20
Images Pictures are used where appropriate and where they make sense. 20


  • Exemplary: 100
  • Superior: 90-99
  • Excellent: 80-89
  • Good: 70-79
  • Average: 50-69
  • Mediocre: 0-49

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