Techies (Citizens)
In game Sprites of Techie Citizens, with the females (left) clothing and the male clothing (right).
Species Origin Rival to the Magis.
Rarity Common
Alignment Enemies
Average Behavior Varies, hostile when provoked or on patrol, peaceful other times.
Habitat(s) Uses technology
First Appearance Everbound Gaiden

The Chronicles of Lach

Latest Appearance The Chronicles of Lach
Techie Army
Related Species
Notable Members
Strong racial tension with Magis
The Techie Empire/Mactro

Techies are a group of technology using citizens, they are portrayed as the main antagonist in both Everbound Gaiden and the Chronicles of Lach series. While they appear nice, they can be a rather violent and disturbed society, however, not inhuman and cruel as lead to believe.

Early History

Before the Discovery of Magic

While the term was not used during the time of magic, the human race used technology during this time, which is the equivalent of ancient Egypt in real life. When magic was discovered and used, those who quickly sided with magic were refered to by normal citizens as Magi.

During the early years of Magic

In the early years of Magic, the Techies were first used to describe people who had used advance machinery, it wasn't until the creation of a watch, a reveloutionary item that many people owned, where the term Techie was given to those who wore them.

The Techies decide to use the Magi's magic to fuel a lot of their projects, magic has been used as an alternative to electricity as it could produce more energy. At this point, the Techies had no hostile relations with the Magis or the Mystical creatures.

The Age of Red Sun

On 305 BRS, The Techies technology are used with magic to try and create magitech to defend themselves from the  Dragons and their power. While development over magitech was happening, the results were usally failures or too destructive. Eventually, this caused the Techies to drop from the deal and develop ordinary weapons such as canons, carriages, gernade-esque explosives, light bulbs and develop a majority of the armor.

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