Tease Premnas
Tease Premnas
Up-and-coming Poacher.
Full Name Tease Premnas
Gender Male-programming
Current Status Decommissioned
Class Robot
First Appearance Megaman Tempo: Falsified Identity
Yo! Geeky!

Premnas is a Mk VII Medium-Chassis Reploid who operates as a freelance (vigilante) Maverick hunter, also known as a "poacher". Premnas is fairly recently off the assembly line, and was hired by the Zodiax with the hope that he would one day be able to lead a new generation of poachers against Omega Bias' minions. Unfortunately for him and many others, Omega Bias was not blind to the poachers' workings, and seeking to kill two Beats with one Rockman the virus hacked into the NeoHunter Maverick Database and added in the poachers as having murdered several innocents in a "blind attempt at ending the Maverick problem". This led to the NeoHunters seeking them out and Premnas was one of the many poachers to resist arrest.

It would be Phono who would respond to the warrant issued on Premnas, who was inhabiting the Great Barrier Reef along the coast of Australia. Phono found Premnas' juvenile behavior hard to deal with, and was forced to react quickly as the suspected Maverick rapidly moved between multiple anemone mechaniloids placed around his arena, all the while being teased.


Tease Premnas, immature poacher


  • Premnas: "Yo! Geeky!"
  • Phono: "Huh..?"
  • Premnas: "...Nice face."
  • Phono: "You're under arrest for decommissioning of innocent Reploids. I need you to come with me."
  • Premnas: "What does that round thing on your head do? Are you some sort of bird or something? You look stupid."
  • Phono: "This is serious! Get down here!"
  • Premnas: "Ha! You'll have to catch me first!!"
  • Phono: "Grrr... Why do they always want to play it the hard way?"



  • Premnas is based on a maroon clownfish.
    • His coloration is based off of a juvenile of the species, hinting at his juvenile behavior.
  • As a member of the Zodiax, he fills the roll of the astrological sign of Pisces.