Developer(s) TeardropTeam
Publisher(s) FantendoHalf
Platform(s) HybridDeltaLogo
Release Date(s)
Cup Mode, Versus Mode, Online Mode
Age Rating(s)
ERating7RatingCERO A
Genre(s) Sports
Media Included Hybrid Delta Data, Hybrid Delta Disk

Teardrop Stratosball is a spin-off game in the Teardrop series, expected to be the series' first game, that will be released in late 2012. It features Teardrop Seaside, Inferadness, Borealis and other captains working with their teams to win the worldwide Stratosball tournament.


The game is based off the fictional sport Stratosball, a iconic sport in the Teardrop universe, and is played by two teams of seven, not counting the Protector, which face off against each other to catch and shoot the ball into the Protector's Ring to score a point in the match. Players may utilize various strategies, such as their special powers.


The game is played by a Stratosball Catcher, who is also the Captain, three attackers, three defenders, and a Protector. Two teams of 8 face off against each other to score the most points. Those are scored by making the ball pass through the Protector's Ring. Protectors are defenders, and work directly next to the Ring, trying to protect it from enemy attacks. The catchers play differently than the other players, facing off against other catchers at the start of the match, and then working as a normal attacker during the game until a point is scored. Then, the normal proccess repeat, and they have to catch the ball again.


Story Mode

In this mode, the player completes a series of missions and challenges other teams while trying to clear the main story and discover what is happening on Atlantica. It's designed to be a complex, interesting mode for single player.

Versus Mode

In this mode, two teams can play against each other. One can be CPU and the other player, both CPU, or both players.

Online Mode

In this mode, the player can connect with his vaporSteam friends, and challenge them to a game of Stratosball. You can record your match, edit the video, take screenshots, and much more.

The player can also share screenshots and videos of their matches with their friends, comment on them, rate, and earn a position in the top Stratosball rankings.


In total, there are 14 playable captains in the game, including the 5 unlockable ones.




  • Character Type: Speed
  • Description: The Sea Riders are Teardrop's team, and a Stratosball squad. Focusing on speed and quick movements, this team is known for his quick reflexes and fast swimming.
  • Special Shot: Teardrop starts to glow while ancient, rune-like images appear in his body. Then, he releases a great amount of water from his body, and throws the ball at great speed.
  • Uniform: Teardrop wears a black and cyan shirt with black pants.
  • Away Entrance: Teardrop bows to the audience, and then waits, floating above water.
  • Home Entrance: Teardrop teleports onto the playfield, playing with the Stratosball while floating above water.


  • Character Type: Offensive
  • Description: The Jester Fighters are Inferadness's team, and a Stratosball squad. Leaded by him and focused on strong, bulky offensive, this team is known for his big amount of attack variations and skills. As they're made of fire, this team uses glass-like protection to be able to swim underwater.
  • Special Shot: Inferadness grows two pairs of wings and flies around the playfield, moving the Stratosball and creating fire clones of himself. Then, the clones fly onto the enemy's Protector, and shoot the ball.
  • Uniform: Inferadness wears a black cloth with red, crimson lines, a glass visor and two glass gloves.
  • Away Entrance: Inferadness puts on his glass helmet and laughs behind his mask.
  • Home Entrance: Inferadness takes off his glass helmet and starts to fly freely with the Stratosball.


  • Character Type: Defensive
  • Description: The Defensive Thunders are Rocky's team, and a Stratosball squad. Focusing on a good defense and protective movements, this team is known for their great supporting skills and their powerful defensive attacks.
  • Special Shot: Rocky is surrounded by a gravity force and starts juggling with his body parts. Soon, thunders surround him, and he shoots a electric strike.
  • Uniform: Rocky wears a golden coat and his signature beanie.
  • Away Entrance: Rocky enters the battlefield in a large cloak he throws to the air.
  • Home Entrance: Rocky awaits for the Away player in the center of the battlefield, floating.


  • Character Type: Skill
  • Description: The Glacie Aimers are Borealis's team, and a Stratosball squad. Focusing on swift movements and precise attacks, this team is known for their far-away throws and how skilled and aimed their shots are.
  • Special Shot: Borealis is surrounded by a heavy layer of snow, and starts skating towards the Protector. Soon, she jumps onto the air and shoots the ball with great skill.
  • Uniform: Borealis wears a red visor and blue clothes.
  • Away Entrance: Borealis appears, drinking a glass of wine while skating.
  • Home Entrance: Borealis does a skating show on the ground of her stadium.


  • Character Type: Mixed
  • Description: The Prison Wind are Keizitt's team, and a Stratosball squad. Focusing on fast speed, low defense and quite good offense, this team is known for their quick, wind attacks and their brute force.
  • Special Shot: Borealis is surrounded by a heavy layer of snow, and starts skating towards the Protector. Soon, she jumps onto the air and shoots the ball with great skill.
  • Uniform: Keizitt wears prison, black and white clothes.
  • Away Entrance: Keizitt appears, being carried by two prison guards.
  • Home Entrance: Keizitt appears, laughing manically.


  • Character Type: Defensive
  • Description: The Android Sharks are Elfain's team, and a Stratosball squad. Focusing on skilled movements and tricky tactics, this team is one of the most difficult to play as or against, and can give quite a trouble with their defensive patterns.
  • Special Shot: Elfain starts manipulating several gadgets while tons of small, tiny robots appear around her. All the robots surround the Stratosball, shooting small beams at it, and then Elfain proceeds to shoot with a great laser cannon at it, scoring a point.
  • Uniform: Elfain wears a black and blue uniform.
  • Away Entrance: Elfain teleports onto the stage with a mechanical gadget.
  • Home Entrance: Elfain and seven robots do a bow and start flying aruond the stage.


  • Character Type: Mixed
  • Description: The Techno Meeps are Scoutry's team, and a Stratosball squad. Focusing on brute force and great defense, this team is known for their great amount of projectiles and protection.
  • Special Shot: Scoutry starts to headbutt the ball multiple times. Then, his arms turn into powerful missiles, and he shoots all of them straight to the ball to score a point.
  • Uniform: Scoutry wears a red cloak hand-sewn by Teardrop.
  • Away Entrance: Scoutry flies around the stage, but quickly hides his arms and makes a propeller appear below him.
  • Home Entrance: Scoutry flies, saying "Meep" multiple times.
Atlantica Knights


  • Character Type: Teamwork
  • Description: The Royal Knights are Ayla, Rufus and Hydra's team, and a Stratosball squad. Focusing on combined movements and team patterns, this team is nothing if separated from each other, and will always try their best.
  • Special Shot: The three knights look at each other and start slashing the ball with their swords. To score, they throw it together.
  • Uniform: The Knights wear different uniforms, but always with their headband.
  • Away Entrance: The three Knights appear, looking at the audience, and going underwater.
  • Home Entrance: Athene looks at the other Catcher while flying above water.


You can create your own Oceanian, Jester, Glacie or Flash and customize it to then play with him both in Story Mode, Online and with friends. You can also import your custom character from both Teardrop 2: Journey through the Sea and Teardrop 3: Pollution by transferring them via VaporSteam.




  • Character Type: Speed
  • Description: The Waterfall Students are Ritvert's team, and a Stratosball squad. Focusing on speed and defense, this team is known for their quick reactions and reflexes.
  • Special Shot: Ritvert takes off his sword, and precissely strikes the ball with it, shooting it to the Protector.
  • Uniform: Ritvert wears his school's uniform.
  • Away Entrance: Ritvert enters the arena, with various books floating around him.
  • Home Entrance: Ritvert appears in the arena, swimming.


  • Character Type: Mixed
  • Description: The Bullet Crusaders are Strafe's team, and a Stratosball squad. Focusing on speed and aim, this team is known for their quick, fast shoots and their skilled movements.
  • Special Shot: Strafe shoots the ball with his guns, throwing it onto the Protector's Ring.
  • Uniform: Strafe wears his normal clothes.
  • Away Entrance: Strafe walks onto the arena, looking at the audience, serious.
  • Home Entrance: Strafe walks onto the arena with two guns on his hands.


  • Character Type: Speed
  • Description: The Storm Stealers are Marcus's team, and a Stratosball squad. Focusing on frenetic speed, this team is known for their incredibly fast movement. However, they are quite low in attack and deffense.
  • Special Shot: Marcus throws the ball to the Protector's Ring with a thunderbolt twist.
  • Uniform: Marcus wears his normal clothes.
  • Away Entrance: Marcus appears on the arena with a thunderbolt.
  • Home Entrance: Marcus walks onto the arena, floating with electricity on his hands.


  • Character Type: Other
  • Description: The Metal Movers are Ella's team, and a Stratosball squad. Focusing on a hard defense, this team is known for their random nature and their awkward changes in the middle of the game.
  • Special Shot: Ella starts to control the ball with her metal powers, and shoots it onto the Protector's Ring.
  • Uniform: Ella wears her normal clothes akin to her own games.
  • Away Entrance: Ella appears on the arena, driving a metal surfboard and smoothly lands.
  • Home Entrance: Ella walks onto the arena, looking at the landscape.


Sylphiu Cup

Image Name Description
AtlanticaStadium Atlantica Stadium Atlantica's is the most basic and all-around stadium: a basic, white and grey colliseum with a giant water lake inside in which Oceanian players and other countries' people can play a basic game of Stratosball.
GlacieStadium Glacie Coliseum The Glacie Colliseum is a cold, frost stadium, in which temperature is normally extremely cool. Sometimes, the water's surface might freeze, not enabling the Catchers to go for it, but the ice can be breaken quite easily.
LavaFalls Lava Falls The Lava Falls is a interesting stadium in Jester territory: giving the Jesters the upper hand this time, this colliseum is really hot, making Glacies and Oceanians have a clear disadvantage.
SkyArena Sky Arena The Sky Arena was a floating stadium built by Flashes with electric lasers in it's corners. Highly technological and advanced, this stadium features all kinds of weird traps and gimmicks.

Space Cup

Image Name Description
AlientiaAirport Alientia Airport Alientia's Spaceship Airport, a great platform built by Alientia, is host to various hotels and play zones. One of them is the Stratosball Zone, a highly technological stadium in which building's Elfain collaborated.
WaterfallCanyon Waterfall Canyon In the mountains of Atlantica, there is the Waterfall Canyon, near the city of Waterfall, a visually incredible and stunning natural landscape. It's lake is also used for Stratosball sometimes.
FlyingBubble Flying Bubble The Flying Bubble is a modern stadium built by Flashes and gravity-powered which is constantly flying on the skies. Always traveling, this stadium is one of the most fun ones to play on.

Underground Cup

Image Name Description
MineralinMine Mineralin Mines Mineralin Mines' can be quite of a good underground stadium to play on. However, sometimes, rocks fall from above, and can hit a player or two. The underground lake fountains are quite beautiful, though.
UndergroundVolcano Underground Volcano A hidden volcano in Ignitia in which lava flows and constant heat can be a great threat to the players. Try to avoid the lava and stay in the stadium, or else you might burn and earn your enemy a point.
FrozenCave Frozen Cave The Frozen Cave in Nievalia is one of the most beautiful things in the country: with nearly frozen water constantly flowing and beautiful ice columns all around, this can be a precious Stratosball stadium to play on.
PhylosCore Phylos' Core The Core of Phylos is a zone affected by gravity in which Stratosball can be played naturally, without any need for water. However, watch out for the unstable, sun-like core and the lava pool which flows from it.

Gold Cup

Image Name Description
TheDragon The Dragon

The Dragon is a spaceship built by Proffesor Gechid for her good friend and partner, Elfain. Being one of the fastest spaceships around, able to carry more than 50,000,000 people at once, this is a giant, enormous, and yet sleek-looking spaceship.

SpaceStation Sylphiu's Space Station Sylphiu's Space Station is a small, space station which orbits around Sylphiu and is in charge of serving as a sort of Space Airport for Spaceships to land on. It also contains a giant water pool, as the tourists are mostly interested in the game.
FallingComets Falling Stars Comets are quite of a beautiful view on Sylphiu: sometimes, they can even fall with lava inside, and these days, Stratosball matches are played inside them. Watch out for their constant movement and shaking, though!
PoisonLair Poison Lair Keizitt's ruined lair still keeps after he was defeated in the events of The Pollution. With the iconic poison lake serving as a Stratosball stadium, Keizitt will try to show his old enemies what he's capable of there and, finally, destroy them.


  • Originally, DREW was a playable character, but cut due to the cancellation of the Teardrop and DREW crossover.
  • Scyplo was also planned as a playable character, but removed for unknown reasons.
  • An idea of a Fantendo Stratosball League was considered by Stelios7 (tbc) but later played down after losing motivation for the project.

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