Teardrop Seaside (New Dimension)
Teardrop Seaside as of the latest Teardrop game.
Full Name Teardrop Adalhard Seaside
Current Age 16
Date of Birth February 11, 7218
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Gender Male
Location Atlantica
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
Vulnerable To Dry weather, fire.
First Appearance Teardrop
Latest Appearance Teardrop
Who am I even supposed to side with anymore?
Teardrop, in the first game

Teardrop Adalhard Seaside or just Teardrop Seaside is the main character of the rebooted Teardrop series, and the alternate universe counterpart of himself. He's an Oceanian student who goes to the Sapphire Deep Highschool along with his best friend and love interest, Elfain Cascade. He lives in the River Library.


Teardrop Seaside is a clever, calm and introverted bookworm. He is quite cynic and snarky. He doesn't like being the chosen one, but copes with it. He always strives for the best results, and is a bit of a perfectionist. He initially doesn't care about how results are achieved, being somewhat ruthless, but always having a benevolent goal.

He is sarcastic, and sometimes makes fun of naive comments and people who don't know what they are talking about. He doesn't like standing in front of crowds, or giving big speeches. He prefers to be alone, isolated, or with someone he really likes. He hasn't got tons of friends, and doesn't socialize much.

When he was young, he was pretty stubborn and optimistic. After maturing, he became far more stoic and serene. He started to value life, and learned that, no matter what, even if you think all hope is lost, there will always something to live, fight and die for.

His behaviour completely changes when around someone or something that makes him nervous: he becomes quite impulsive and active, obsessing over doing nothing wrong, and checking if he has made any mistakes.


Teardrop has bright blue hair in the shape of a water drop, merging with his body, just like most Oceanians'. He has cyan, deep eyes, and a brighter skin tone than most of his species. He wears an orange sweater most of the time and teal pants. He is somewhat nearsighted, and always carries a pair of glasses.