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Game Quotes

Teardrop and the Sacred Flames

Teardrop: Well... got a plan?

Ayla: Nope.

Teardrop: Such a good path to take in life. Relying on shapeshifting strangers to make plans for you.

Rufus: There's our country which is called Atlantica and then, far away from the mountains, there's another country. Hidden. From everyone.

Teardrop: Wait. Then how do you know it?

Rufus: I don't know, but I know no book talks about them.

Teardrop: There is something incredibly wrong with what you just said.

Rufus: It's correct. No books talk about them.

Teardrop: You know, I discovered about this country by picking up the first book I found on the library. Tell me who took away every text talking about them. He should get fired immediately.

Teardrop: Oh, so you're the one who started to burn everything in my city. You know, there are books in my library. They're of a high value. You could have damaged them.

Inferadness: Should I care for thy little books?

Teardrop: They have feelings. They told me they won't forgive you. You burnt one of their brothers.

Teardrop: Oh, god, no. It's you again.

Inferadness: Art thou surprised?

Teardrop: I threw you. Onto the lava.

Inferadness: Such a genius work of logic. Throwing into the lava a person made of fire and expecting him to burn to dead. Riveting tale, old chap.

Teardrop: Won't you just shut up already?

Teardrop 2: Journey through the Sea

Teardrop: Inferadness? Are you inside?

Inferadness: Tehehe... who do we have there... oh. It's thou. Thee who nearly ended my life.

Teardrop: I need your help.

Inferadness: Oh, the irony. And now, thou come to seek my help, after nearly ending my life.

Teardrop: Thou sir pardon me in this old speakest talkest! What's up with you and your speech manners? Are you stuck on the Inbetween War?

Teardrop: Is the ship ready, Knights of Atlantica?

Rocky: Yes it is, captain.

Teardrop: Have you covered it in anti-fire protection?

Rocky: Yes, we have. Why do we need to, though?

Teardrop: Uh... I'll explain later.

Teardrop: It's hard to be me. I'm lonely, I'm a jerk, I cannot see the good side of people. It's my fault I am as much of a coward to don't help you. Even though we'll surely be fighting after we finish this... I have to say something to you, Inferadness. Forgive me.

Teardrop: It's you. Finally, it's the cold ice queen.

Borealis: What? Surprised, you pesky little noble? You haven't got the grace and beauty of a princess. Jealous?

Teardrop: Should I be?

Borealis: Hohohoho. And why are you there, I may ask?

Teardrop: I am there to end you...

Inferadness: Correction. We art there to end thy life.

Borealis: It's like the Inbetween War all over again.

Inferadness: It's royal speaking, thou spoiled brat!

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