Teardrop Series

Since the first game, lots of Teardrop merchandise has been released and appeared in game stores, being too sold in shops such as the ones in the Atlantica area of Fantendo Land. The merchandise of the series ranges from clothes, hats, key chains, and much more. Even though it's merchandise was not popular back then, the series has reached a far highter popularity these last years, with not only plushies and other merchandise being made, but too other objects and articles related to the series.




A Minor Glacie plushie.

Plushies are one of the form of merchandise in the Teardrop series, with those ranging from small, Minor Glacies to large, doll-like plushies of the main characters of the series. Most of them are sold at stores such as Fantendo Land's Ocean Gifts, or at online stores. Plushies are one of the most well known forms of Teardrop merchandise, being quite popular among fans.


Another form of merchandise is apparel or clothing. Official ones include Rocky's Beanie, a popular icon of the series, and small hand bags decorated around Athene Metal's shirt.

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