The game's box.
Developer(s) TeardropTeam
Publisher(s) FantendoHalf
Platform(s) HybridDeltaLogo
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan 2012, August 25th
25px-Flag of USA 2012, August 25th
25px-Flag of Europe 2012, August 25th
25px-Flag of Australia 2012, August 25th
Age Rating(s)
Esrb-teen-logo-lrg16RatingCERO C
Genre(s) Puzzle, platformer.
Media Included Hybrid Delta Data, Hybrid Delta Disk

Teardrop Forever is a special edition of Teardrop 3: Pollution, released for the Hybrid Δ to conmemorate the series first anniversary. It also features Teardrop (Original) and Teardrop Puzzle, packed with it, with enhanced graphics and audio. It also features enhanced online on Teardrop Puzzle, using the connection capabilities of the Hybrid Δ. As an extra, Teardrop 2 (SNES) can also be unlocked.

New Features

  • A book full of original concept art from the Teardrop series, including child versions of the main protagonists.
  • Possibility to use a Lucero or Crepuli as character in Teardrop 3's online mode.
  • An added secret ending, showing Scoutry working on Teardrop Seaside's library, referencing the events of Fantendo - Wounds of Time.
  • Enhanced graphics on both Teardrop Puzzle and Teardrop.
  • Orchestral music on Teardrop 3.


  • There were rumors of both a racing game and a Shoot 'em Up included in this pack. However, these rumors were later proven to be false, instead having a HD-graphics version of the first Teardrop game, Teardrop Puzzle, enhanced audio and the second Teardrop game.
  • The concept book provides interesting information of the character's past, such as a revelation of Inferadness' parents, Borealis' personality as a child, and Teardrop's relationship with Elfain.