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The game's box.
Developer(s) TeardropTeam
Publisher(s) FantendoHalf
Platform(s) Hybrid Fusion
Genre(s) Puzzle, platformer.
Release Date(s)
May 01 2011
Age Rating(s)
Media Included Hybrid Disk

Teardrop Deluxe is a special edition of Teardrop 2: Journey through the Sea and Teardrop Puzzle, released only for the Hybrid Fusion as a release title. Both games were enhanced with new quests, items, enemies, and even islands.

Changes in Teardrop 2

  • Increase of the amount of clothes, facial features, and more in customization of your own character.
  • New selection system for the special abilities and forms.
  • One new island, "Nova Armaggedon", where you can go into a boss-run, or experience new quests.
  • Enhanced elements system.
  • Different images of letters in the game, which if together form the word "WIND".
  • New enemies.
  • Downloadable content if you have won codes from the first Teardrop.
  • Enhanced online.

Changes in Teardrop Puzzle

  • New levels in the game.
  • New modes in the game.
  • Two new elements, Shadow and Light.
  • Small circle parts fall, just as the polygon parts do.
  • More chain reactions with each element.
  • Possibilities to use Items, which cause effects on the Versus Mode.
  • Online features for tournament, duels, and team battles.

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