North American boxarts.
Developer(s) TeardropTeam
Publisher(s) FantendoHalf
Platform(s) HybridDeltaLogo HybridFusion
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan 2012, March 25th
25px-Flag of USA 2012, March 25th
25px-Flag of Europe 2012, March 25th
25px-Flag of Australia 2012, March 25th
1-4 Players per console.
Age Rating(s)
Esrb-teen-logo-lrg16RatingCERO C
Genre(s) Platformer, puzzle.
Media Included Hybrid Delta Data, Hybrid Delta Disk, Hybrid Disk

Teardrop 3: Pollution is the third game in the Teardrop (Series). It features, once again, Teardrop as the hero, with Inferadness, Rocky and Borealis being too playable characters. It shows new features, such as the Deity Mana, allowing the playable characters to unleash the Lucero's powers, new abilities and new levels.


Teardrop 3: Pollution is a platformer game with action combat and puzzle solving mixed on it. In it, you control Teardrop, Inferadness, Rocky and Borealis, temporarily allied to stop the Dark Gods from destroying Sylphiu and creating another flood.

The game plays mostly as a normal platformer. However, when fighting enemies, the characters display a moveset reminiscent of fighting games, and can do combos while defeating enemies. Each character has special skills to use: Teardrop can transform between the stages of water and control it, Inferadness can levitate and control fire, Rocky can do large jumps and attack with storms and Borealis can skate and do artistic jumps in the air, adding to the score.

The game is non-linear and has multiple endings. The world is open, free-roaming, in a style reminiscent of Super Mario Quest: Black and White. The ship factor of the previous game is kept, however, it doesn't play a vital function this time. A gimmick present in all levels is the pollution: after some time in a level, acid rain will start to fall and flood the screen, effectively making you have less time to solve puzzles or clear a stage.

In the Connect! Station, located at the center of Atlantica, you can connect with other users, make them join you in a guild, join theirs, explore with them, voice chat or make your own levels. Thanks to the Hybrid Delta's connection capabilities, the game features a improved online mode, smoother and less laggier than the one found in Teardrop 2: Journey through the Sea.

Deity Mana


A Lucero, god of light.

While defeating enemies, a large bar in top of the screen will slowly fill. Whenever it's filled, you can press a button to activate the Deity Mana, a ability in which a Lucero will come and cover the player with a aura representing the character you're controlling's element. Then, you will get the following abilities for some seconds:

  • Increased speed
  • Free levitation
  • Greater combos
  • Slow health regeneration
  • Instant transformation
  • Invincibility


Story Mode

In the story mode, you are given free-roaming view to explore and save Atlantica from the acid rain. It's non-linear and has multiple endings. However, you need to do certain steps to get to the next chapter, such as going through certain zones, defeating a boss or recruiting someone.

Battle Mode

The Battle Mode, also known as Minigame Mode, is a mode in which you can battle your friends, choosing a character, and play minigames with them. In this mode, you can collect objects that may give you certain skills, such as more speed, more defense, or more attack.

  • Beat 'em Up!: Battle your friends in a free for all challenge while collecting power ups and attacking them with your character's abilities.
  • Beat Moves: Follow Drumenett 's beat in a beat minigame reminiscent of games such as Dance Dance Revolution and try to keep the rythm.
  • Polygon Memory: Play a game of Teardrop Puzzle with retro 8-bit graphics.

Online Mode

In this mode you can connect with other friends, play with them, solve puzzles, join or create a guild, voice talk and chat-talk and much more. In it, you can customize your character, Oceanian, Jester, Flash or Glacie and set up your stats to go and fight bosses together with your friends. You can create your own levels and submit them for people to evaluate and favorite them, too.


Image Name Description
Power3 Attack Up In the battle mode, rises the player's attack, as the damage done by water shoot.
Defense3 Defense Up In the battle mode, rises the player's defense against attacks.
Speed3 Speed Up In the battle mode, rises the player's speed and jump.
Life3 Life Up In the battle mode, rises the player's health.


Prologue - Memories of the Dark Age


Keizitt, the last of Thornaties.

Thousands of years ago, one child, named Keizitt, was choosen from among the Thornaties to be the Oceanians' Slayer. He thought of his plans for hundreds of years.

And then, when the time came, he used the Thornaties power to control the weather to cast a rain of poison all over Sylphiu. The seas became purple, and every Oceanian had to hide in their houses, in fear of becoming polluted and dying of the sickness. Soon, Keizitt told the gods a lie they believed: he told them that the Oceanians had, accidentally, polluted the sea, and that they should be punished for their sins.

The gods thought of a solution, and the Dark Gods came up with a clever one: flooding Sylphiu again, offering Oceanians the same punishment humans had received much before.

However, Keizitt had everything planned already. When the gods descended onto Earth, he would kill one Lucero and one Crepuli and proceed to become the ruler of the world, the only god, the most powerful of them, the omnipotent ruler of the planet.

When Teardrop and the other knights discovered the problem, they packed their bags and got out to find out what was happening. Inferadness, curious onto this mystery, appeared to Teardrop and followed him onto the ship, once again.

In the beach, Teardrop and Rocky saw Snowless, walking around. Curious about the wooden tables above him, they approached him, only to be attacked and start a fight between the duo and the Glacie. Snowless was knocked out without much problems.

However, they were surprised when a royal airship, carrying Borealis on it, landed on Atlantica's airport. Talking to her, she decided to join them on the journey. When the ship landed, Inferadness appeared from the shadows, and talked to the three about his need to team up to discover what was happening, as they thought it was a problem even bigger than that of the sea freeze.

Chapter 1 - Seeking Answers

The four formed a team and started to travel, seeking to talk to the Eye of Fate, thinking it would give them answers. When they reached the mountain, they entered the Temple of View, and found a corrupted, shadow-surrounded eye floating around. After defeating it and bringing him back to his normal status, the Eye told them that the gods were angry because of a lie, a lie the last of Thornaties had said. He also told them that the last of Thornaties lived near Atlantica, in a mountain island.

However, Inferadness suddenly disappeared in middle of the talk, surrounded by darkness.

Chapter 2 - Sanatos' Gambit

In the base of the Knights of Atlantica, Inferadness appeared, his mask in whole black, instead of it's usual black and white appearance. Ayla and Rufus took their weapons and tried to defend against him. However, Inferadness sliced their heads off, possesed.

When Rocky, Teardrop and Borealis found out what had happened to Inferadness, and that Atlantica was slowly fading into nothing, they quickly ran back to the town. In it, they found Sanatos attacking everything and exploding the buildings, destroying and killing people. After the three defeated him, Inferadness appeared, no more possesed, and Ayla and Rufus were revived.

Chapter 3 - Blood of a God

The four, once again, headed onto the island where Keizitt was seemingly lived. They found he absorbing the life and draining the soul of Oceanians and Jesters alike, slowly becoming a dark god in the proccess. Trying to stop him, the team fought him, but were easily knocked out by Keizitt's inmense powers. However, Athene was still awoken, and teleported Rufus to her. The two would do whatever they had to do to defend Atlantica.

Keizitt suddenly disappeared, leaving a small black core behind him. Suddenly, Crepulis of all kinds started appearing around the room, trying to secure and take the core. Athene and Rufus started to fight against them, and later against the core itself. However, they knew it wasn't enough, and Rufus sacrificed himself to destroy the core.

However, the sacrifice failed, and Rufus essentially died, being absorbed by the core, which then grew stronger. Athene refused to die, and disappeared, leaving a trail of water behind, and teleporting the team back to Atlantica.

Chapter 4 - Floating Island

A island had appeared in the skies, a floating island the four didn't seem to be able to reach. Borealis, however, had an idea: she made them walk into her flying airship, and then elevated it onto the skies. When they reached the island, they found the ruins of a temple, in which a great concentration of darkness and shadows started to accumulate. They started to travel in it, and quickly found a maze in which they were separated.

At the end of it, they found a bloody creature, made up of fragments of memories, defending his master: Keizitt was slowly becoming one with the core, taking more and more power, resting in the shadows. Teardrop and the others quickly attacked the Illusion, but it was stronger, and teleported through all the room. However, the four could, finally, defeat it together.

It was too late, though: the core had already merged, creating a explosion which effectively killed Inferadness, Rocky and Borealis, and threw Teardrop into the sea. In it, he slowly started to pollute and to die.

Athene used her last power to bring him back to life, safe, to Atlantica, but sacrificing herself on the proccess. When Teardrop woke up in Atlantica, he knew what to do. He walked onto the beach, and jumped on the sea.

Chapter 5 - Fate

In it, he found the result of the core and Keizitt's transformation: Nova Mortalis, the bringer of chaos and destruction, a god with the power to destroy planets, constellations, galaxies, universes, and all of space and time ever conceived. However, Teardrop would never let the world be destroyed.

He fighted Nova Mortalis, reviving the Luceros and his teammates, to finally destroy Nova Mortalis and his core. A great explosion followed, creating a crater in middle of the sea.

The sea slowly started to turn back to it's original state of beauty, transparent crystal beauty.

Teardrop slowly fainted in middle of the sea, with his eyes closed, but got brought back to Atlantica by the sea's waves.


The next days, a great holiday started on all the country. Dances, parties, music, lights and happiness all followed the final of the dark period the pollution had been.

However, Teardrop had grew tired of his job, of having the future of the world rest on his hands.

The final day of the feast, he leaved the Atlantica Knights, leaving Rocky as the new leader.

Inferadness got back onto his kingdom, starting to become kinder and wiser, and ruling it.

Borealis had learned a lot, and wanted to learn even more about life. As so, she suddenly disappeared from her castle, taking another name and appearance to be confused as a normal Glacie. She wanted to experience a normal Glacie's life, with all the hard work.

Rocky took care of the Atlantican Knights.

Teardrop started to care more about his personal life, and started to date with Elfain, a old friend of him.

Atlantica was at peace. {C


Artwork Name Description Playable
Snowless3 Snowless Infected with the polluted rain and possesed by a mysterious dark energy, Snowless has gone mad and started to wreak havoc in the town. It's up to Rocky and Teardrop to defeat him. Teardrop, Rocky
EyeOfFate Eye of Fate The sacred eye with the knowledge of a thousands years is capable of answering nearly every question in the universe. However, it has become a simple shadow of what it once was, rotating around a ring filled with darkness. Teardrop, Rocky, Inferadness, Borealis
AylaRufus3 Ayla & Rufus After the darkness of his body has, once again, been awaken, Inferadness goes on a killing spree, starting in the base of the Knights of Atlantica. Only Ayla and Rufus are there to defend, though, and they doubt they will success. Inferadness
Sanatos Black God Sanatos The Crepuli of Fire, Sanatos is a manipulative, cold individual with enough power to destroy a thousand of cities with only his breath. Collaboration will be required between Teardrop, Rocky and Borealis to defeat him, free Inferadness from his mind control, and revive Ayla and Rufus. Teardrop, Rocky, Borealis
Keizitt3 Wind God Keizitt This is the... final boss?. However, he doesn't seem too strong yet... absorbing the power and life force of the people in Atlantica, he's growing stronger and stronger at each minute. The team will have to stop and knock him before it's too late and he has absorbed enough power. Teardrop, Rocky, Inferadness, Borealis
NovaArmaggedon3 Nova Armaggedon Core After Keizitt knocked out the team, a core appeared in the middle of the ruins. However, Athene was still awoken, and teleported Rufus to aid her. They couldn't led the Nova Armaggedon Nucleus, a sphere with the power to destroy the entire world and turn someone into a god, be activated. Even if it took the two to make a sacrifice, they wouldn't let the Crepulis touch it. Athene, Rufus*
Illusion3 Illusion After waking up in Atlantica and finding the Floating Island, in their ruins, a shadow hides and silently attacks the team. A creature made by the memories of Rufus, his death, Inferadness' sins, Rocky, and Teardrop... a creature they had already fought many times before, but had never erased from story... Teardrop, Rocky, Inferadness, Borealis
NovaMortalis3 Armaggedon Bringer Nova Mortalis When the Nova Armaggedon Core was activated, and Keizitt took it, a inmense creature exploded the island, effectively killing Inferadness, Borealis and Rocky. Teardrop, however, fell onto the sea, starting to be polluted and slowly dying. However, the Luceros used a last effort and revived him, later teletransporting him to Atlantica. When he looked at the sea, he knew what to do: slowly, flashbacks of all his adventures and memories, including those of the journey of the ship, which left him wounded, and jumped onto the sea. There, he found Armaggedon Mortalis, the fusion of the Armaggedon Core, the Crepulis, and the spirit of Keizitt... Teardrop

*These characters are only playable in this boss fight.


Image Name Description Mode
MakingASplash Making a Splash Solve 20 puzzles with Teardrop's transformations. Singleplayer
PlayingWithFire Playing with Fire Do a combo with more than 15 hits while using Inferadness. Singleplayer
InfiniteStorm Infinite Storm Cast a storm while using Rocky for the first time. Singleplayer
IceQueen Ice Queen Get a high score while using Borealis. Singleplayer
IllusionAndReality Illusion and Reality Defeat the Illusion in less than two minutes. Singleplayer
EyesOfHatred Eyes of Hatred Be defeated by Keizitt on your first encounter with him. Singleplayer
DumbPuppet Dumb Puppet! Defeat Snowless and free him from the manipulative strings. Singleplayer
TasteThePoison It's Spicy Get killed by the acid rain. Singleplayer
ThatsNoNews That's No News! Free Inferadness from the Crepuli control. Singleplayer
TurnGrey Turn Grey Watch the secret ending. Singleplayer
VisionTest Vision Test Defeat the Eye of Fate on Hard. Singleplayer
GoodLeader Good Leader Create a new guild. Multiplayer
FriendsHelp With a little help from my friends Defeat a boss with one of your Hybrid Δ friends. Multiplayer
BusyStreet Busy Streets Get into a server with +50 people playing. Multiplayer
WayToGo Way to Go Have more than 100 people favourite your custom level. Multiplayer