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Ghosts n' Pumpkins


Ghost n' Pumpkins is the first downloadable expansion released. It features Teardrop and Inferadness fighting against monsters in the Dark Moon Festival, and introduced the whole concept of expansions to the game. It was released on 31/10/2011.


It's time for the Dark Moon Festival, and Teardrop has returned from his vacation. After the Shadow's attacks, a Pumpkin and Shadow disguise is the most popular one. While everything seems fun and nice, and everybody goes trick or treating, far away, in a cave, a Glacie spellcaster starts to cast a spell that will transform every Jester and Oceanian onto their disguises...


Image Name Description Levels
NightlyAtlantica Nightly Atlantica It's time for the Dark Moon Festival, and the whole city of Atlantica is in chaos - a Glacie wizard has turned everyone into their costumes, and the whole city is starting to collapse. Will Teardrop and Inferadness be able to travel to the Glacie's cave and defeat him? 8


Image Name Description
JesterPumpkin Jester Pumpkin When the spell was casted, a bunch of Jesters were having fun in both Atlantica and Ignitia. However, suddenly, as most of them were dressed as Shadows, they became dark creatures, and started to hunt down both Oceanians and their own friends.
OceanianPumpkin Oceanian Pumpkin When the Oceanians started to feel the urge to kill and mess up with some minds, they started to be even more confused. What was happening? They couldn't even control their own body, so they just felt like waiting and looking at what they did. They're just like a puppet now.
DisguiseGhost Disguised Ghost A trickster, prank-loving person transformed into a scary ghost: nothing good can come of it. Expect to be surprised as this ghost attacks from behind, from below, from above, and from places you'd never expect anything to pop up from.
PumpkinHead Pumpkin Head Supposedly a headless skeleton, we were afraid that was too unoriginal, so we took away the skeleton and put a Pumpkin. And a cape. It was succesful. We sold a lot. Millions.
BloodDrinker Blood Drinker Stay away from him, or he'll bite you in the neck. We aren't telling lies there: it hurts, and it hurts a lot. You'd better hide in your house, because those vampires are flying all around this night.


Image Name Description
Zernius Rescaspel Zernius Rescaspel The powerful wizard of terror, spookiness, and shadows. A Glacie spellcaster who embraced the dark arts and became one of the most powerful magicians in the world: transforming people into their disguises, he must've stopped before it's too late, and the whole city has been turned into chaos.

Winter Chaos


Winter Chaos is the second downloadable expansion. It features Teardrop and Inferadness, this time trying to stop a unsealed god from destroying everything in Christmas. It will be released on 25/12/2011.


In Christmas' Eve, everybody rests in her houses. However, in the shadows, a god is unsealed, and starts wreaking havoc and destroying towns. An army of monsters arises, filled with small gingerbread men, lifeless puppets, Shadow creatures and living snowmen. Will Teardrop and Inferadness be able to stop the army and defeat the mysterious god?


Image Name Description Levels
LandOfEternalWinter Land of Eternal Winter The land which contains the temple where the ancient god was sealed is a land filled with snows, ice lakes, and ever-lasting flying snow flakes. In this place, it's always winter, and the snow never melts. 8


Image Name Description
Snowman Snowman A living, juggling snowman with great combat abilities. Originally a simple Oceanian-created snowman, the God gave him life, and multiplicated him to great amounts. As so, the snowmen joined his army, and became a trustable group of minions.
ShadowServant Shadow Servant A group of Shadows with loyalty to the Dark God, which recently joined his army and started wreaking havoc on the towns. Already known by Oceanians, those Shadows have all kinds of psychological abilities.
Puppet Puppet A lifeless body created from a Glacie, controlled by the God, and usable via small strings. Powerful, but quite defenseless, these marionettes are nothing without a leader.
LittleDevil Little Devil Small, evil pranksters with fire wings and great power over darkness: those tiny creatures are capable of doing air tricks and can be a real bother if in big groups.
GingerbreadMean Gingerbread Men These creatures are living gingerbread men: when the Dark God brought them life, they broke havoc into Atlantica's town, started breaking everything in the streets and attacking the citizens.


Image Name Description
DemonLordVorcis Demon Lord Vorcis The released Demon Lord, a incredibly powerful being, calling himself a god, with powers to shatter space and gravity onto pieces, control black holes, and control the whole momentum of the universe. Will Teardrop and Inferadness be able to stop him from turning the whole world into eternal chaos?

Broken Valentine


Broken Valentine is the third downloadable expansion. It features Teardrop and Elfain in their first date, interrupted by a series of strange and unprecedented events. It will be released on 14/2/2012.


In Elfain and Teardrop's first date, everything seems to go well... until, suddenly, all kinds of inanimate objects start, again, to become living creatures. Teardrop and Elfain, together, will now have to turn back the objects to their original state and find out what has happened.


Image Name Description Levels
PlayWorld Play World A different realm where everything unanimate is alive, and people are objects. Ruled by different spirits, chaos is everywhere in this world, filled with all kinds of living objects: singing pianos, rotating apples, self-playing bongos, and talking chocolate. 8


Image Name Description
ElfainBrokenValentine Elfain Elfain is Teardrop's girlfriend, and a expert scientist who mastered artificial intelligence. She's a prodigy of technology,, and can create her own robots quite easily. However, now that her date has been interrupted, she will need a pair of guns, some helper robots, and some ass-kicking plasma whips.


Image Name Description
ChocolateHeart Chocolate Heart A living heart-shaped chocolate bar with two arms and a power over fire. His weakness, however, is electricity, since it's interior body can melt quite easily. However, Teardrop will have to watch out for these.
MischievousBalloon Mischievous Balloon These small, living balloons are a small threat alone, but in groups they can be quite dangerous. Floating in the air, being carried by the wind, they can pop up in unexpected places, and if Teardrop makes one explode, the explosion will be deadly.
ScissorNStab Scissors n' Stab These little, living scissors are always cutting pointy paper. If their paper falls onto you, be ready for some highly dangerous attacks, as it's also living and can be one of the biggest threats in the realm.
MusicNotes Music Notes Living, powerful music notes created by self-playing instruments. They home at Teardrop and Elfain and make different sounds when attacked: however, their laser beams are something to watch out for.

Medieval Age


Type Image Image Image Image
HatIcon WizardHat BlueHelm BlacksmitProtector KnightScarf
HatIcon BlockyHelmet WyvernCap GenericMedievalHat TrololHat
ClothIcon NinjaClothes WyvernShirt TearRobes KnightArmor
ClothIcon PastaKnight FireCloth EmeraldCloak PeasantCloth

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