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Card Name Description
Card1 Teardrop It's the hero of Atlantica, and the only hope of the Oceanians. Will he succeed on his journey?
Card2 Steam One of Teardrop's forms. This one is able to go up, higher and higher.
Card3 Liquid One of Teardrop's forms. With his one, you can control water and merge with more.
Card4 Snow One of Teardrop's forms. With this one, you can dash and become a snowball. It's so quick!
Card5 Cloud One of Teardrop's forms. You can unleash a thunderstorm. Make it rain!
Card6 Ice One of Teardrop's forms. Freeze enemies, melt with the fire... but still feel cool.
Card7 Bubble Teardrop's last form. You can attach to enemies, and attack them with little bubbles.
Card8 Shellacabre An evil shell controlled by the Sacred Flames. You might like to destroy him from his interior.
Card9 Vampyr They say vampires and bats eat blood - at least this one does.
Card10 Firevolous One big Hothead, ready for battle. Think before attacking, or you may melt down.
Card11 Snowless He's a good racer, with a strict honour code. Try to win against him!
Card12 Illusion Teardrop One Shadow Oceanian replica of Teardrop. He is vulnerable to Teardrop's forms.
Card13 Inferadness As they say, thirteen is not a lucky number... This is the thirteen card, and it's the card for truly one demon.
Card14 Winged Inferadness Looks like he doesn't give up... This time, with a Shoot-em'-Up style battle.
Card15 Infernal Inferadness The Final Boss of this game. Take all your tactics, all your abilities, and all your skill. You will need them.
Card16 Attack Up One of the objects in the Battle Mode. Makes your character's attack higher.
Card17 Defense Up One of the objects in the Battle Mode. Makes your character's defense higher.
Card18 Speed Up One of the objects in the Battle Mode. Makes your character's speed higher.
Card19 Health Up One of the objects in the Battle Mode. Makes your character's health higher.
Card20 Form Up One of the objects in the Battle Mode. Makes your character's transform speed higher.
Card21 Jester These clown-like, fire creatures, are pretty powerful. You will need more than one splash of water to defeat them.
Card22 Hothead They're just little minions. You can easily defeat these with one single shot of water.
Card23 Hot Monkey Watch out for these monkeys: they may shoot a fireball or two to you.
Card24 Flash These are metal-like spheres, with electric powers. You can't defeat those, so better avoid them.
Card25 Shadow Oceanian Replicas of Atlantica's citizens. They aren't offensive at first, but if attacked, they are nearly mortal.
Card26 Atlantica Beach The magical beach of the Island where Oceanians live: it's Atlantica.
Card27 Underwater Secret Cave The secret cave that crosses the Deividous mountain. It's the only path to the rumoured "Flame Island".
Card28 Forest of Oblivion The secret forest. Is the Flame Island true?
Card29 Magical Snow Teardrop thinked the world was crazy. What they called the Flame Island, was full of snow.
Card30 Spooky Desert You surely are going to melt! It's so dry, it's even scary.
Card31 Magma Caves From the secret path inside the Pyramid, you have gotten into some Magma Caves.A nd it seems like you're in the interior of a volcano...
Card32 The Volcano Hunting The volcano is now full of lava. Climb out before it explodes!
Card33 Temple of the Sacred Flames The volcano was just a trap: they were trying to make you get to the temple. Every boss you've defeated before is here.

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