Developer(s) Hybrid
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan March 01 2011
25px-Flag of USA March 01 2011
25px-Flag of Europe March 01 2011
25px-Flag of Australia March 01 2011
1-2 Players.
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platformer, adventure
Media Included 3DS Card

You may be looking for the Teardrop series, or for the 2012 game.

Teardrop (also known as Teardrop and the Sacred Flames) is a Nintendo 3DS exclusive game, remake of the first Teardrop game.. It features Teardrop, an Oceanian, and his journey to recover Atlantica from the Sacred Flames. The game was released the same day worldwide.


In the game, you control Teardrop, an Oceanian with the power to change between forms, to reflect the cycle of the water. With his power, you can go through small paths, fly high, shoot water, dash in snow, and even more.

It's a traditional platformer. By pressing A, you jump. By keeping up B and pressing one direction, you jump. L, X and R are shortcuts to any form you select previously. By pressing Y, you can access to the Menu. By pressing B, but not keeping the pressure, you shoot water from your own body.

You go through world: each world has a lot of cutscenes, and levels with different features. In each level, there's three Water Spirits to collect. To reveal the Final Boss, you need to take them all. You need to do different tricks with the Forms to get to these. For example, taking the right, little path in the Liquid form.

In the water form, you move the same way as in the Solid form, but with no dash. You can still jump, and need to beware of holes, because you may go through these and end up losing a life. You can go through small paths that you can't access in any other form.

In the bubble form, if you press B, you shoot bubbles from your body. These bubbles attach to the enemy, and attack him during two seconds.

In the cloud form, you can fly a little. By pressing B, you make it storm and rain.

In the snow form, you can run and change to a snow ball. In the Snow Ball, you can roll over enemies easily.

In the steam form, you can fly by don't moving. However, when you get into the sky, you change into Cloud, and then into Water.

In the ice form, you can freeze things by pressing B.

In the battle mode, you can also use objects. Each character has one health bar, and the one who first defeats the other players wins. You can attack by jumping and attacking with water.


See the main article, Teardrop - Cards

You win cards in the Story Mode. Those cards show characters, landscapes, and bossess.



The Story Mode is the basic one from the game. In this, you play as Teardrop to defeat Inferadness and free Atlantica. It's the only mode you're able to play at the start of the game.


If the Story Mode is cleared, the game offers to play three minigames which involve Teardrop and his forms. You can play these minigames alone or with friends.

  • Firefighter's Duty: Teardrop has to clear all the fire of the different buildings! Aim well, and don't give up. The score is higher if you clear it faster. If the game is played with friends, the other players are Oceanian Firefighters.
  • Beachy Surf: Teardrop and some Oceanians are in a Surf competition. Who will be the winner?
  • Platform Classic: Who will be the first to jump between the platforms and reach the Sky Flag? Play alone or with friends in a retro adventure reminiscent of the original game.

Battle Mode

If the Story Mode is cleared, the battle mode unlocks. You can play alone, with friends, or Online, in all the stages of the game. You need to take down your enemies by cleverly using Teardrop's forms, and the stage hazards.

Four players can play in this mode. If more than one players, the other ones will take the role of different Knights of Atlantica. By playing 5 online match in this mode, you unlock one variation: the cooperative mode, where you work with friends or online on all the Story Mode.


Image Name Description
TeardropAttackUp Attack Up In the battle mode, rises the player's attack, as the damage done by water shoot.
TeardropDefenseUp Defense Up In the battle mode, rises the player's defense against attacks.
TeardropSpeedUp Speed Up In the battle mode, rises the player's speed and jump.
TeardropLifeUp Life Up In the battle mode, rises the player's health.
TeardropFormUp Form Up In the battle mode, rises the player's transforming speed.


Atlantica is the biggest island on Sylphiu, the Blue Marble. Since the Gods created the planet, creatures lived in it. An ancient species, called the Humans, flooded Atlantica and polluted the entire planet. However, as a revenge, the Gods flooded all planet, and created new creatures to live in it, thinking about their failure in creating Humans. Those creatures, living drops of water, were called Oceanians. Since everything has an opposite, with the Oceanians' creation, the Infernals' appeared. Those were living fire, always excited, full of pride.

The gods cleared the planet from all pollution. They granted the Oceanians an ancient stone, with the abilities to change between the Cycles of Water, one thing that would save the planet. Remembering the past, the Gods were sure something bad would happen, and the Oceanians would need to take the Cycles. What they thinked happened: one Oceanian, named Sayla, was dying. Nobody knowed what she has. And her husband was nothing less than the God's Oracle. Praying for help, the Gods showed him the Ancient Stone, and one tea cup. The rock changed into water magically, filling the cup. Then, the Oracle thanked the gods, and gave the Water to Sayla.

One magical child was birthed: he was called Teardrop, like the tears from Sayla.

The child had special powers: in School, he always changed into Water, Ice, Snow... Everyone was his friend. On dry days, he changed into a cloud, to make it rain. Other days, he changed into Ice, making himself a toy for everyone. He was truly special.

Everything was right. However, in his 18th birthday, something happened. Fire started to burn everything: houses, roads, palm trees... The Cycles of Water were lost. They had no hope. Until someone remembered the child. The special one, who was birthed by the woman who drinked the Juice of Cycles... He was their last hope.

And so, Teardrop started a journey to free Atlantica from the Sacred Fire.

Water Forms

Image Name Description Abilities
TeardropNormal Oceanian This is Teardrop's true form, and the one he likes most. His head resembles a water drop, and his body is made of liquid water. Nobody knows of this water stands still, and moves like solid matter- it's simply magical. You can jump, run, and shoot water from your own body.
TeardropSteam Steam Flow, flow through the air. He's now just some water vapor. With the power of steam, you can fly, free. If you don't press any button, Teardrop will go higher, and, if he reaches the sky, will transform into Cloud.
LiquidTeardrop Liquid You can control water. Well, that's something. If you transform into water, and reach MORE water, you merge with that water! And you grow big. Yeah. Can merge with other water. Can go through small paths.
SnowTeardrop Snow Everybody loves Snowman. Everybody loves being smashed, then rolled, then disappearing. Guess what: everybody loves Snow Teardrop! Can change into a ball of Snow if running, and roll over all enemies.
CloudTeardrop Cloud Nobody loves rain, nor thunders. Well, the Oceanians do- but those aren't our enemies. Can go high in the sky, and then shoot thunders or make it rain.
IceTeardrop Ice It's so cool around here. Mostly because of Ice Teardrop's freezing moves: he may just be a Ice brick, but he has the power (and the stuff). Can freeze things.
TeardropBubble Bubble They are soft, and liquid. They levitate a little, but, you know, they are cute. They are bubbles. If the player attacks, bubbles attach to the enemy and attack him automatically.


Image Name Attack Pattern
Shellacabre Shellacabre Slides through the floor, then jumps. If the player is near, he eates him. Press A constantly to exit this body.
Vampyr Vampyr Shoots blood missiles, and then disappears. Appears behind Teardrop, then disappears. Then, he shoots more blood missiles while moving through the cave.
Firevolous Firevolous Unleashes some little Hotheads, then disappears. The screen turns red, and burning trunks falls. After the Hotheads are defeated, he repeats.
Snowless Snowless You must start a race with him. If you win, the battle starts. He shoots his punch, and then rotates and dashes like Teardrop in Snow form. Repeats.
Illusion Teardrop Illusion Teardrop Repeats every move Teardrop does, except the form changes. If the form is changed, he starts shooting dangerous sand, and turning pieces of the arena into quicksands.
Inferadness Inferadness Shoots fireballs. Teleports, and then shoots one large fire beam. Then he rest for two seconds. Repeat.
Winged Inferadness Winged Inferadness Shoots fireballs while flying through the screen. Then, the scene changes into a horizontal shooter, and Teardrop has to shoot him and evade the missiles.
Infernal Inferadness All Forms The two previous forms are battled. Then, everything goes black, and lava appears in the background. One giant shape appears, covered by fire, and reveals itself: it's Inferadness. You need to evade all his attacks, and when he is resting, attack all his body. You need to kill his head, his wings and his body to defeat him.


Image Name Description
TeardropWorld1 Atlantica Beach The magical beach of the Island where Oceanians live: it's Atlantica. Fire enemies are here, burning flowers and grass. Burning palm trees are some of the hazards you may encounter here.
TeardropWorld2 Underwater Secret Cave The secret cave that crosses the Deividous mountain. It's the only path to the rumoured "Flame Island". You can encounter cave bats, fire hazards, and some tiny paths.
TeardropWorld3 Forest of Oblivion When Teardrop goes out of the Underwater Cave, he encounters the secret forest. Is the Flame Island true? To see and continue, he goes on. You can encounter Fire Shooters, Flame Jumpers and Hotheads. In some phases, burning trunks block your path.
TeardropWorld4 Magical Snow Teardrop thinked the world was crazy. What they called the Flame Island, was full of snow. There, you can encounter Living Snowmans, water, and steam. You can transform into Snow here.
TeardropWorld5 Spooky Desert You surely are going to melt! It's so dry, it's even scary. If you transform into water here, you turn into steam after one second. A lot of fire enemies can be encountered here.
TeardropWorld6 Magma Caves From the secret path inside the Pyramid, you have gotten into some Magma Caves. And it seems like you're in the interior of a volcano... How many fire enemies are there? So much.
TeardropWorld7 The Volcano Hunting The volcano is now full of lava. Climb out before it explodes! You can encounter fire enemies, rock cannons, and more.
TeardropWorld8 Temple of the Sacred Flames The volcano was just a trap: they were trying to make you get to the temple. Every boss you've defeated before is here: will you have the courage to defeat them all, and then destroy Inferadness. Flow like water!


The variety of enemies is mostly made of fire based ones. The most common ones are Hotheads, living flames with power over fire. These act as Goombas do in Super Mario games, but can't be defeated by jumping on them. Instead, one has to shoot water to them. There are a lot of variations to these enemies, like the Levitating Hotheads, the Rocky Hotheads, and much more.

The second most common ones are the Jesters. Those are clown-like, mask-wearing, creatures, with a body made of fire. Inferadness is rumoured to be a Jester, because of his features. They are defeated the same way as the Hotheads, but with two water shots. They leave one small flame where they have been, and if Teardrop touches that flame, he changes automatically into Steam.

Some rare enemies are the Flashes, the Hot Monkeys and the Oceanian Shadows


  • Teardrop was originally planned to be a simple and normal Oceanian. However, it was later chosen that he would have powers because of the Ancient Stone.


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