Teardrop: Past Connection is a Teardrop game made for the Series Swap Day 2.5. The game resolves around the events between Teardrop 3 and Teardrop: Forgotten Desire.


  • Teardrop - A calm, clever and a bit cynic heroic Oceanian. The main hero of the game who must once again rescue the whole Sylphiu from destruction. One of the playable characters in the game.
  • Elfain - Young, curious proffesor with big interest about the previous inhabitants of Sylphiu, humans. A childhood friend of Teardrop which comes to visit him.
  • Prince Faren - The younger brother of Borealis, and the new king of Nievalia. Intelligent, collected and wise, he helps out Teardrop in his quest by use of the big amount of information he got and using his king position.

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