The game's boxart.
Developer(s) Hybrid2
Publisher(s) FantendoHalf
Platform(s) HybridDeltaLogo
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Action RPG
Media Included Hybrid Delta Data, Hybrid Delta Disk
Discover the hidden secrets deep in the sea

Teardrop: Hydro Journey is the fifth game in the Teardrop series. It features Ritvert Seaside, Teardrop's son, traveling through the sea on a quest to agree in peace between Atlantic territory and Wadner territory. However, when a secret weapon made by the gods is activated, the whole world is in danger...



Battles take place in a third-person view, all across the world of Shiryu, now much more darker than in previous games. The player controls Ritvert, a weapon-using character with a great power over swords and magic, in a Hack n' Slash style. The player can choose between commands in real time, casting magic, objects, jumping, or doing quick combos. The gameplay of the game isn't, most times, different from it's prequel.

The game features an open field, giving the player the opportunity to fully explore the world of Sylphiu in a 3D environment, and vehicles to move quickly between them. Most of the game, however, relies on Underwater travel, the player being able to move and swim freely, travel, and go on a higher speed.

Players win experience and Vital Spheres after winning a battle, and level up after winning a certain amount of it. After leveling up, their stats become higher, their attacks do more damage and their magic is more powerful.



Image Name Description
RitvertHydroJourney Ritvert Seaside Ritvert is Teardrop Seaside's son, and one of the Knights of Atlantica. A fast swimmer, with quick and swift movements and great skill with swords: Ritvert is ready for anything, and tries to become a hero, just like his father once was.
AtheneMetalsHydroJourney Athene Metals Athene is the daughter of Ella Metals, and a gifted metal mover. However, as she was born in Atlantica, she's also quite skilled in swimming and joins Ritvert in his journey. She seems to be a fangirl of the Knights of Atlantica, too...
PlayableDeelonian TBA TBA is one of the Oceanians inhabiting the sea, and native to Wadner territory. Being one of the civilization of Ancient Oceanians, or Deelonians, he is one of the best swimmers on his city, and tries to solve the conflict meanwhile helping Ritvert this time.


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