The game's boxart.
Developer(s) Hybrid2
Publisher(s) FantendoHalf
Platform(s) Hybrid Fusion
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Action RPG
Media Included Hybrid Disk, Hybrid Data
Be careful what you wish for

Teardrop: Forgotten Desire is the first game in the second trilogy of the Teardrop series, focusing on Teardrop Seaside and Elfain's son, Ritvert Seaside, and his journey to save his father, the universe, and the whole world from Inferadness, with help from Rocky, an old friend of his father and Scyplo, the robot his mother worked on. Chronologically, it happens more than twenty years later than Teardrop 3: Pollution.



The world is finally at peace after The Pollution. As the culprit, Keizitt, has been jailed, Oceanians can now live peacefully. Villages have been rebuilt, cities are now big again and all the countries are now in good terms. Teardrop's work is not as needed as before, and he has took a break, married, and had a child.

Ritvert Seaside, his son, would like to be what Teardrop once was: the future Knight of Atlantica. As so, he trains in their ship, with Rocky being now his master. Soon, the anniversary of Sylphiu's Cleanup will happen, and Luceros will float in the planet for one day. That day, people will have the power to tell a wish, and Luceros will happily make them happen.

Inferadness has traveled through Atlantica to do a wish in the Sacred Pillar. That same night, when he asked his desire, a sudden flash traveled through all the planet. Realms began to collide, the world began to twirl, secrets began to disappear... just because of one desire. "I would like for things to be like they once was, with Teardrop and me fighting fun and clashing battles..."

Inferadness became, for sure, what he once was.

Reality began becoming far more abstract, and the entire world was covered by shadows and foolish wishes. The darkness took over Atlantica, creatures were born from it, and someone who had been redeemed from his sins became what he once was, again. Inferadness had became, again, a ruthless killer, sadistic, foolish, power-hungry... and with a desire to kill.

Teardrop became sealed in a crystal prison, as a spirit, without the power to go out of it and try to save the world.

The fate of it was on one person's hands, and that fate would change his future.

Chapter 1 - Sea Travel

After Inferadness' hostile take over and attack onto the entire world, all hopes are on Teardrop. However, after Atlantica discovers his hero has been sealed in a crystal prison, hope begins to fall, and Atlantica becomes desperate. Atlantica falls to Inferadness' attacks, and becomes a dark, sinister kingdom, filled with strange creatures and Inferadness' inner dark magic.

However, in the Knights of Atlantica's headquarters, Ritvert, Rocky and Ayla start planning a attack to Inferadness' lair to try and free the world. With Rocky strongly believing in Ritvert's inner inherited powers, Ritvert begins to lose confidence in himself, believing he's just his father's shadow. Soon after planning the attack, Ayla slowly begins to turn into crystal as the whole headquarters do, too. Ritvert and Rocky manage to escape, running away onto Atlantica's port and taking a boat.

Meanwhile traveling through the sea, a small, white and red ship appears from Atlantica's beach. Trying to reach Rocky's boat, the duo starts to try and drive it faster to escape. However, when the ship reaches them, it turns out, inside it, Scyplo rests, deactivated.

When Ritvert and Rocky try to activate him and recharge his inner battery, from Scyplo's ship, someone else appears. Snowless, tired and brainwashed, attacks the group.

Artwork Name Description
SnowlessForgottenDesire Snowless Confused, brainwashed and without a clue on where he is, Snowless attacks Ritvert and Rocky. Will they be able to protect Scyplo and defeat him?

After defeating Snowless, the three take him on his boat to bring him to safe, Nievalia territory. Scyplo is activated and starts questioning where he has gone. However, a short, pre-recorded message resonates on his body, recorded by Elfain, saying that Ritvert, Rocky and him are now the only hope to save Sylphiu.

During their travel on the small boat, the group's ship breaks, with the three fainting on it and Snowless falling onto the deeps of the sea.

Some days later, the group wakes up on the snow hills of Glacie territory. Traveling to find a city and ask where they are, the group finds the Royal City, and talks to the guards. The Glacie guards let them enter after Rocky asks if Borealis is there, and tell the trio that Borealis is now taking a drink in a small, local pub.

After finding the pub, the group starts to talk to Borealis inside it. However, suddenly, a disguised Jester assassin attacks them, trying to stop them from finding Teardrop. The four try to distract and defeat him without causing much damage to the pub.

Artwork Name Description
JesterMercenary Jester Mercenary A cold, calculating mercenary Jester disguised as a normal Glacie man. After revealing himself and attacking Ritvert and the others, will they be defeated, or will he fail to kill them?

After defeating the assassin, Borealis tells the three that the Crystal Essences are hidden in three small temples, one located in Nievalia, one in Ignitia and one in Atlantica. Borealis then proceeds to reveal them the location of Nievalia's temple, the Crystal Lake...

Chapter 2 - Crystal Lake

The group quickly ventures through the far-away mountains of Nievalia, trying to find the legendary Crystal Lake that hides the temple inside it. However, after countless steps of trying to find it, the group doesn't realize they've been above it the whole time: the lake, known for it's crystalline properties, has frozen due to the cold temperature in Nievalia.

The group, after realizing so, tries by all possible means to enter inside it. However, they find out they cannot, and try to find someone with the ability to do so.

In their travel, they go into a Glacie city and try to find a renegade Jester. After talking to him, they convince him, after doing a small request, to break the lake's ice and let them enter in it. The Jester does this willingly, and then walks away.

The group travels through the ruins of the ancient Crystal Castle, deep inside the lake, through it's passages and hallways.

In the center of it, after going through all the ruins, they find a small, crystal piece with energy contained deep inside it. Ritvert grabs it, but suddenly, a dark spirit comes out and attacks the group.

Artwork Name Description
CrystalSpirit Crystal Spirit The dark and powerful spirit of a old Glacie tactician and strategist. Attacking the group to protect his Life Crystal, the trio is forced to fight against him and recover it to save Teardrop.

The group recovers the crystal and receives a magical message from Teardrop coming out of it. The next crystal is hidden in Foresta territory...


Battles take place in a third-person view, all across the world of Shiryu, now much more darker than in previous games. The player controls Ritvert, a weapon-using character with a great power over swords and magic, in a Hack n' Slash style. The player can choose between commands in real time, casting magic, objects, jumping, or doing quick combos. Along with him, two characters, Rocky and Scyplo, fight, each one highly contrasting the other. Rocky serves as a fast-moving physical attacker, while Scyplo views the battle from away, casting spells on enemies and shooting a high number of weapons.

The game features an open field, giving the player the opportunity to fully explore the world of Shiryu in a 3D environment, and vehicles to move quickly between them. In some of the worlds, some characters, such as Borealis, appear in some of the zones to help the player in his journey, and can be quickly changed in the menu. Only two characters, not counting Ritvert, can be in battle at the same time.

Players win experience and Vital Spheres after winning a battle, and level up after winning a certain amount of it. After leveling up, their stats become higher, their attacks do more damage and their magic is more powerful.

After filling the INFINITY bar, the player can exchange a big, powerful combo with the enemy, choosing from a list of them. Some have special features and effects, but all of them do a lot of damage to the enemy.

Sometimes, after exchanging a big amount of hits with enemies, commands may appear where the previous ones were. These commands, called the MORPHING HERITAGE, give Ritvert power to change between forms of water, such as Steam, Cloud, Snow and Ice, each giving him abilities for a certain amount of time. However, the player cannot control them as well as in Teardrop games, the reason explained in-game as "Ritvert's little experience in morphing", and they all have downsides.



Image Name Description
RitvertArtwork Ritvert Seaside The main hero of the game, son of the legendary Lord of the Loops, is a kind and generous teenager swordsman. Being as much of a bookworm as his father, but not as skilled in battles, Ritvert will have to reflex quickly and attack his enemies at fast speed if he wants to become a hero, just like him. He seeks to defeat Inferadness and unseal Teardrop from his Soul Crystal.
ScyploDesire Scyplo One of Ritvert's companions, an advanced next-gen robot, designed by great amounts of species all across the galaxy. Working as Elfain's bodyguard, was forced to protect Ritvert while she escaped the planet, and quickly became friends with him. Highly trained, he prefers to stay a little away from the battle while casting magic and shooting a big amount of weapons, such as guns and cannons.
RockyDesire Rocky An old friend of Ritvert's father, now captain of the Knights of Atlantica, and sort of a mentor to Ritvert. Without knowing the true reason for Inferadness' attacks, he fights to end the trouble and release his old companion, Teardrop, from the Soul Crystal he has been sealed in. Skilled in hand-to-hand battle and extremely fast, Rocky moves all across the screen, attacking enemies in a flash.


Image Name Description
TeardropDesire Teardrop Seaside Ritvert's father and master, once the captain of the Knights of Atlantica and the Lord of the Loops, now sealed in a Soul Crystal by Inferadness. Having fought him back when he was a teenager, he is a master in magic and water control, being highly powerful. However, when Inferadness, after being defeated, wishes to end all the trouble and don't be the villain this time, Teardrop becomes evil as the main villain for the latter half of the game.
InferadnessDesire Inferadness The main villain of the first half of the game. After wishing for some adrenaline and adventure, such as the one he experienced by battling Teardrop, all the world changes akin to his desire, creating an extremely dark realm where Sylphiu is in ruins and his kingdom is in war with the others. When he is defeated, his new wish goes wrong, making Teardrop become an evil Oceanian with a big bloodlust.
BorealisDesire Borealis Borealis is the queen of all Glacies. Before, she was immature and childish, she has now become more mature, serious and calm, taking her role as a queen seriously, while being elegant and royal-like. She can be trusted, and is not as much of a spoiled brat as before, helping Ritvert in his journey in Nievalia as a guide.

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