Tear Quest is a sandbox game with roguelike elements.


The game is viewed from a top-down perspective.


Arrows - Move
Space - Punch/Hit with item
Shift - Pickup/Throw item
I - Inventory
S - Sprint
E - Use item


At the bottom of the screen are five boxes of the fifteen in the player's inventory, for commonly used items. You can change what one you have selected with the keys 1-5. Above that is your Health. You have 10 hearts - if you lose them all, you die and must restart. With less than 6 health, you cannot sprint.


You, the brave hero Sorrow lives here on the Island of Stone. Below the island is dungeons and caves. At the very bottom, the Magic Tear resides. You have to get the tear.

The Island of Stone

There are many Locations on The Island of Stone.

-3. The Clouds -2. The Mountains -1. The Hills 0. The Surface (start) 1. The Caves 2. The Mines 3. The Ruins 4. The Depths 5. The Bedrock 6. The Gorge 7. The Rell 8. The Pit 9. The Abyss 10. The Sanctum (tear is here)


Similar to Minicraft, you can break lots of things in this game. Most of these are breakable.

The Surface

  • Grass - Drops Seed
  • Stone - Drops Rock
  • Tree - Drops Wood
  • Sand - Drops Sediment
  • Snow - Drops Snowball
  • Ash - Drops Magmarock

The Caves

  • Stone
  • Ash
  • Rockwall - Drops Flingpebble
  • Coal Ore - Drops Coal

The Mines

  • Rockwall
  • Wood Pillars - Drops Pillar
  • Aged Cloth - Drops Dust
  • Iron Ore - Drops Iron

The Ruins

  • Rockwall
  • Stone Pillar - Rock Pillar
  • Brickwall - Brick
  • Stone Door - Rock Door
  • Blun Ore - Blun Crystal


They naturally appear at night at Level 0, always at Level 1 and below and never on Level -1 and above.

All monsters hurt on contact and sometimes have other powers.

The Surface

  • Living Matter - Drops Goo
  • Zombie - Drops Flesh
  • Skeleton - Drops Bone
  • Bug - Shell

The Caves

  • Clawer - Spine
  • Angry Sprout - Seed
  • Zombie
  • Skeleton

more coming