This is the first episode of Season 1. The game is a Baton Pass Rally and the first team who gets first place wins 10 points.


Wreck-It Ralph: Hello! This is Wreck-It Ralph, villain of Fix-It Felix Jr.'s Arcade game!

Fix-It Felix Jr.: And I am Fix-It Felix Jr.! Star of the arcade game after my name!

Wreck-It Ralph: This is the first episode of Team Trouble, the first show where villains can wins (without cheating) and that heroes bites the dust.

Fix-It Felix Jr.: Uh...What's that means I have to bites dusts?

Wreck-It Ralph: (Eyes rolls) Not you, Felix! The competitors!

Fix-It Felix Jr.: (Stares at the camera) My bad!

Wreck-It Ralph: For the first time ever, heroes and villains are forced to team up. But at the finale, the two persons who reached first place will have to competitate to the $1'000'000!

Fix-It Felix Jr.: And no competitors had teamed up with their nemesis, except for--

Wreck-It Ralph: (Glares at Fix-It Felix) Now now don't spoils! Not towards the audiences!

Fix-It Felix Jr.: Double my bad! (Knocks his head with his Magic Hammer)

Wreck-It Ralph: Anyway, we will soons meet heroes, then villains, before the first game.

Fix-It Felix Jr.: Stay tuned! (Wispers) And if he wrecks anything, I'll fix these!

Wreck-It Ralph: Don't worry, little fellow, I'll try to wreck nothing...

Part 1

(Breaks Ads ended)

Fix-It Felix Jr.: Welcome back! Ralph will go to the baddies' room and I will go to the goodies' room. I'll say about their partner.

(Felix had entered and meet the Heroes-Contestants; Fruity, Yurei, Red the Angry Bird, Hayden, Pikachu, Sonic, TaBooki, Bomberman, Mario, Bombell, Meta-Form, YonenBooe, Aingeru, Megaman, Aiden and Unten, in team order)

Fix-It Felix Jr.: Alright, to Fruity to Unten, each of you will comments about with your partner. Alright Fruity, gives your comment! (Gives his microphone to Fruity)

Fruity: Joining Dr.Eggman is not a problem but since he is smarter than me, I need to watch him. (Gives microphone to Yurei)

Yurei: I am with the true culprit of the Blarggs' disappearing, Froozard...He is crazy and dangerous. I need to stay cool... (Gives microphone to Red the Angry Bird)

Red: With a dark being? I don't cares! As long as he don't wants the Flock's eggs! (Gives microphone to Hayden)

Hayden: You mean my nemesis, Red? My partner is Bowser. I hope this troublemaker will think of me if he wanna wins... (Gives microphone to PIkachu)

Pikachu: Pika Pika-- (cough) Sorry. I meant that joining a shadowy foe might be a mental problem.

Fix-It Felix Jr.: Mental problem? (He scratches his head)

Pikachu: Drake, my partner, is awfully stubborn and wanted his plan works. If I want to win, I'll follow unless if it is involving to harming someone. (Gives mircrophone to Sonic)

Sonic: Mewtwo for psychic power, me for speed. I think this is a great combo if he is not a problem! (Gives microphone to TaBooki)

TaBooki: Thanks goodness it's not GherooB...But I think Netnu is kinda worse...I mean, he tend to go selfish most of the time! He even attempted to betray the Enemy!

Unten: Is that in your dreams?

TaBooki: Nope, but no games had revealed this yet. (Sorry if I broke the fourth wall...)

(TaBooki gives his microphone to Bomberman)

Bomberman: Do you honestly think that this will works? King Razorbill is the worst villain I ever see and he will certainly cheats in order to wins! I know him!

Fruity: I know him too, and he can't be worse...

(Bomberman gives his microphone to Mario)

Mario: I'm with a terrible Boo! Mama mia...If only he won't just focus the rewards...I mean if he wanted to win, we better work together! (Passes microphone to Bombell)

Bombell: No problemo with Altair, but his incompetances might be a problem so I need to watch for him if nessesary. (Passes microphone to Meta-Form)

Meta-Form: (Speechless and shows a frown)

Red: (Noticed his frown) What's worng boy?

Meta-Form: I teamed up with my nemesis, Kube!!

Fix-It Felix Jr.: Eek! Now calm down, Meta-Form. You better not to have a fight with him. I'm pretty sure he won't either if you stay nice with him.

Meta-Form: Okay, but it will be less easy if King Kube Bot is getting backstabbing... (Gives microphone to YonenBooe)

YonenBooe: With Shadem, it's no good! Nope, not good at all! He is awfully stubborn and might likely to flatten me if we loses! (Passes the microphone to Aingeru)

Aingeru: You know, Bass can be worse. He is ruthless and only thinks of his own goals. But he told me that he have no choices to help me out, since this is not Team Trouble for nothing. (Pass microphone to Megaman)

Megaman: Heck, I joined Darknes. He's ganna do anything except of cheating to win. Luck can be part of that show, though...(Sigh)

(Megaman gives the microphone to Aiden)

Aiden: I joined some kind of villain who reminds me of The Darkness...except that he is a god. If I disrespect him, he might do worse things and makes situations worse. If he deliberatly do it, then I'll stop him! (Gives microphone to Unten)

Unten: I'm with King Pig, a lazy pig. But after what he heards, he do alot of excercises to get better and will be forced to help me in certain games. I don't think he might be helpful but I have no choices to trust him...

Red: Trusting a Bad Piggy? Are you sure about that!?

Bomberman: Calm down Red. King Pig is not your partner in either way so don't mind of that.

Red: Oh sorry Bomberman...I was just surprised!

Fix-It Felix Jr.: (Get his microphone back from Unten) Alright Ralph, your turn!

More to comes...

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