Team Trouble is a crossover fan fiction TV Show by Samtendo09 (tbc) and is hosted by Wreck-It Ralph and Fix-It Felix. The goal is to work with it's teammate to get to first place and then challenge each other after 20 games, but there is a twist; each team have one hero and one villain. There are 32 competitors in all and there are two clans with four groups each; the Alpha Clan and the Omega Clan. Each groups have two teams.


Alpha Clan

Red Group

  • Fruity & Dr. Eggman (Eggs and Fruits)
  • Yurei & Froozard (Chilling Mates)

​Blue Group

  • Red the Angry Bird & The Darkness (Grudge and Rage)
  • Hayden & Bowser (Burning Rivals)

​Yellow Group

  • Pikachu & Drake (Thun-Darkness)
  • Sonic & Mewtwo (Psychic-Sonic)

​Green Group

  • TaBooki & Netnu (Sinister Team)
  • Bomberman & King Razorbill ('Sploding Mates)

Omega Clan

Orange Group

  • Mario & GherooB (Unsure Rivals)
  • Bombell & Altair (Familair Rivals)

​Purple Group

  • Meta-Form & King Kube Bot (Nemesis United)
  • YonenBooe & Shadem (The Cute & The Brute)

​Cyan Team

  • Aingeru & Bass (Restless Foes)
  • Megaman & Darknes (Mighty & Nasty)

​Pink Team

  • Aiden & Orn (Too-Familair Foes)
  • Unten & King Pig (Pompous Wannabes)



Team Trouble/TV Tropes

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