"We're takin' you down, buddy!!"

- Shiver talking to YoshiEgg Nook and Pesh.

Team Tremble is an alliance of enemies that The Groo assembled in Fantendo Adventures after he realized that he needed an army to keep himself safe. After a lone Tanooki stormed into The Groo's fortress to try and get rid of him when Team Tremble attacked the Tanooki with brute force. After The Groo saw this, he discovered what kind of allies he had and their power. So, he immediately trusted them with the Oblivion Stones and made it the team's sworn duty to protect them at all costs.

The Team...


Shiver is a Snifit and the self-proclaimed leader of the team. (Below The Groo.) He is the most neutral member of Team Tremble and has real leadership qualities. He can be a bit bossy, however.


Azione is a Ninji and the second-in-command of the team elected by Shiver. Azione, being a Ninji, is very nimble and can perform wall-jumps.


Shellshock is a Koopa Troopa and the third member of the team. What he lacks in strength, he makes up for in brains and one of the hardest shells in the Mushroom world.


Boom is a Bullet Bill and the rookie of the team. He's very dumb and could sometimes be referred to as a bit mentally retarded. However, Boom is the strongest in the group and his signature move, Puncture, packs a real punch.



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