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Prologue: Watching

Inside Bowser Jr.'s castle, Bowser Jr. was explaining his master plan to Princess Peach and his troops.

He had grown a lot since he was sucked into the Pokemon world. He was now a teenager, and did not depend on his father anymore. He was fully capable of making his own plans that were more complicated and thought out than Bowser's. It was like he was as smart as Bowser was strong.

"Today, we will launch airships all over Kanto and Johto. One airship will be assigned to each town and every other place where people live. When you get to your post, fire cannonballs at every building you see. If the humans attack you with their Pokemon, attack it with the weapons we reserve for fighting Mario. Do you understand?"

Everyone nodded.

Kamek's crystal ball started to glow and it displayed an image of a red Toad standing at the back of the meeting room. The Toad didn't look too important, but Kamek saw that the Toad was wearing a blue vest. It was Toad, one of the three traitors.

"Sir, sorry for speaking up, but we have someone watching us. Someone who's not supposed to be here." Kamek said. After hearing this, Toad gasped and flew away on a Pidgeotto. Bowser Jr. watched Toad escape.

"What are you going to do, Kamek?" Bowser Jr. asked.

Kamek pulled out his wand and cast a spell on the window. The glass rippled and showed an image of Toad flying towards a nearby planetoid.

"If he watched us, then we'll watch him," Kamek said.

On the planetoid, Toad ran over to Mary so he could tell her what the meeting was about.

"What did you figure out?" she asked.

"Bowser Jr.'s airships are going to crush all the buildings they can find!" Toad said nervously. "How are we going to get others to help us?"

"Well, I heard there's a house on Route 25," Mary said. "I should try going there, because I don't think Bowser Jr. would bother to search there. You and Silver should go look for Toads that aren't allied with Princess Peach anymore." She tied her blue headband around her head. "In the words of Mario, let's-a go!"

When Bowser Jr. heard where Mary was going, he boarded his personal airship and ordered the pilot to go straight to Route 25.

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