Team Super Mario
Developer(s) Vine The Grovyle
Genre(s) Adventure

Team Super Mario is a Pokemon and Mario crossover fanfiction by Vine The Grovyle. It is about Princess Peach and Bowser Jr. teaming up to take over Johto and Kanto, and the team formed to try and stop them.


After landing in the Pokemon World, Bowser Jr. made many attenpts to kidnap Princess Peach and communicate with his father, Bowser. He never managed to keep the princess for long, but he did manage to communicate with Bowser after a while. Bowser sent over his most powerful minions and enemies so Bowser Jr. could execute an all-out attack on Peach's castle. The castle was destroyed, and Princess Peach decided that there was no use in fighting back anymore, and she joined Bowser Jr. This was against everything she stood for, and over time, Peach turned insane. Bowser Jr.'s plan was to take over Johto and Kanto, and later, the entire Pokemon Planet and remake it into the Koopa Planet, where everything would be like the Koopa Kingdom in the Mushroom Planet. However, Mary, Silver, and Toad managed to escape and are now trying to stop them...


Prologue: Watching

Chapter 1: Mario & Bullet-Bill

Chapter 2: Luigi

Chapter 3: Petey Piranha