Team Strike
Leader(s) Storm
Alignment Evil
First Appearance Pokémon Sand and Snow Versions
Create an entirely new region

Team Strike is the villainous team of the Janno region. They first appeared in the games Pokémon Sand and Snow Versions. Team Strike's goal is to build a new region for themselves. It is led by Storm.

In Pokémon Sand, Grunts usually use Ground- and Rock-type Pokémon, while in Pokémon Snow, they usually use Ice-types.


Pokémon Sand and Snow Versions

Team Strike is encountered for the first time after defeating the Gym Leaders Mary, Blazma, and Rosy. They appear in Leafville City. A small group is trying to take a small boy's Pokémon. The player and his/her friend Dexter battle the group and win. Then Storm appears and challenges the player. After the player wins the battle, Storm and Team Strike retreat, but he warns that Team Strike is gaining new members as he speaks.

They are seen again in Crossingbridge City. They kidnap Professor Pine, but the player rescues him with the help of River.