Team Sonic FC
Sonic FC Logo
Nicknames SEGA Strikers
Founded 2012
Rivals Mushroom Kingdom
Nintendo All-Stars.
Ground Green Hill Home
Manager The President
League Fantendo Football League Division Two
Home Kit Dark blue with cyan stripe on top.
Away Kit
Third Kit
Last Season

Team Sonic FC were one of the new teams for Fantendo Football League Season 4, and were to play in Division 2. Upon creation of the Nintendo Soccer League, they were kicked without played a game with possible application. They comprised of characters from the Sonic franchise.


Manager The President
Formation 4-3-2-1
GK Dr. Eggman
RB Shadow
LB Rouge
RCB Metal Sonic
LCB Vector
LCM Amy (vice-captain)
CM Big
RCM Cream
AM Tails
AM Knuckles
CF Sonic (captain)





The four stands are named after the four Teams in Sonic Heroes, the Sonic Stand and the Rose stand being the two biggest, the Dark End for the away stand, and the most popular with season ticket holders is the Chaotix Corner.


  • Team Sonic's biggest rivals are Mushroom Kingdom FC, followed by Nintendo All-Stars FC.
  • Team Sonic having 9,000 capacity less than Mushroom Kingdom FC is a reference of how many years separated there protagonists first appearances.
  • Emerel is a referee, trained by staff at Team Sonic. He isn't allowed to efficiate Team Sonic matches.
  • Sonic used to play for Team Freaky, for the first 3 seasons and was one of the top players due to his speed.