Vega is a new admin of the rocket team' One has a hypocritical and proud he is ready to belittle everyone but enormous respect for his master giovanni and He replaced giovanni in the Rocket Hideout'
Team Rocket Vega

Vega in Blue Spark

Rocket Hideout

Golbat BS

Golbat level 28


Haunter level 26

Charizard BS

Charizard level 32

Silph Co.

Golbat BS

Golbat level 34


Haunter level 32

Charizard BS Charizard level 37
Hypno BS Hypno level 35 Kingler Kingler level 34

Pokémon League

after beating the champion ???  Vega appears to steal give pokemon league Champion heal your Pokemon and you start a fight against him

Crobat BS

Crobat level 59

Gengar BS

Genga level 58

Charizard BS Charizard level 63
Hypno BS Hypno level 60 Kingler Kingler level 61 Electrode BS Electrode level 56

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