Blask (or Masked Man) is a secret member of Team Rocket who is trying to get to the Shinto Ruins to capture Arceus and thus dominate the world
Masked Man BS

You meet at Mt Silver or it create a dark power carrying you to Shinto Ruins and it captures Arceus with a Dark ball and then you fight

Battle in Shinto Ruins

Arceus BS

Arceus level 70

weakened after  Arceus  battle ,the Pokemon escapes through the Distortion World

in the end Blask will challenge for a final battle that marks the end of Team Rocket

In the Distortion World

Mismagius Mismagius level 68 Claydol BS Claydol level 71 Absol BS2 Absol level 72


Xatu level 67

Scolipede BS Scolipede level 70

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