Team Namco is a group established by its leader, Pac-Man. All the good guys (and pookas because they were betrayed by fygars) are working to stop evil.


Here are all the members.


  • Pac-Man (Pressing A allows him to suck in and eat enemies however.)


  • Mappy (Press A to swing his bat.)
  • Dig Dug (Uses his pump.)
  • Pal (Grabs enemies when A is pressed and is near one, and if A is pressed while holding an enemy, she throws the enemy. If an enemy is hit with a thrown enemy, the enemy dies.)
  • Pookas (Press A to dash.)
  • Ms. Pac-Man (She throws her bow like a boomerang when you press A.)
  • Galaga Pilot (And Galaga) (He fires a gun designed like the galaga;s gun. While in the galaga, his ship is big, but is the same, and more powerful.)

Non-Namco Members (Recruits) 

You can NOT play as these.

  • The Director/Aunt Arctic (Club Penguin, who also leads the EPF, also this is only after the end of Team Namco: Herbert's Sucess.)
  • Mario (From the mario franchise.)

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