Team Mega-Bus
Nicknames Team Blue Bombers, Team Blue Men
Founded 2010
Rivals N/A
Ground Dreamland Stadium
Manager Samtendo09
League Fantendo Football League
Home Kit See at bottom
Away Kit See at bottom
Third Kit Black and white shirt, red and blue shirt (Goalkeeper)
Last Season 3, merged with Dark Red Royals.
Team Mega-Bus is a Team in the Fantendo Football League. They joined in Season 2.

Main info:

Team Mega-Bus is a new team, made by Samtendo09. It mostly contain non-Nintendo character (Mostly form Mega Man series.) and Sam the Koopa is the captain of the Team. They are originally to be appeared to be a Cup Match Team in Season 2, but they later become a full-season Team.

The team's Emblem.

If they win the League once, they will expand thier stadium, make their reputation high, and rename their stadium "Dreamland Colosseum". Also, if any of the members betray this team, it will be kicked out and replaced by another one.

However, does to their failures, the team picked alot of Samtendo's characters but keep Midbus, King Dedede and Mega Man. Later, it is merged with Dark Red Royals among with Team Nutty and The Waves FC.

Team's players:


  • Midbus. (Default.)
  • King Dedede. (In case that Midbus get a red card, or if Midbus get sick, and similar problems.)

Football Players (Season 2)

  • RB: Cut Man.
  • LB: Guts Man.
  • CB1: Mega Man.
  • CB2: Proto Man.
  • RM: Knuckles.
  • LM: Ice Man.
  • CM1: Victor the Crocodile.
  • CM2: Dr.Eggman.
  • RM: Sam the Koopa. (Captain)
  • CF1: Bonker. (Kirby Series)
  • CF2: Bugzzy. (Kirby Series)

Season 3

  • RB: Nado
  • LB: ToadTheif
  • CB1: Turnof
  • CB2: Clarx
  • RM: Nega Knight
  • LM: Fire John (Co-Captain)
  • RM: Sam The Koopa (Captain)
  • CM1: Mega Man
  • CM2: Meta-Form
  • CF1: Cubey
  • CF2: King Kube Bot (Humanoid Form)

If any member in season 3 (or later season) is injured, it will temporary replaced by a member from season 2. If a player is permanently banned, it will be replaced by a season 2 member for good.

Confirmed Ground:

Dreamland Stadium. (Can held up to 40,000 spectators) Most of the spectators are from Kirby Series, and some from Mario Series. It curruntly have the 2nd highest capacity of all stadium.

Season 3: Techno Stadium (Same as Dreamland Stadium's)


Those who have the same skill as Team Mega-Bus.

Most Toughest Rival: 2nd Toughest: 3rd Toughest:

Note that only Samtendo09, or maybe if the founder can decide, will class which team is rivaled with.


  • Biggest loser of Season 2


  • The reason why this team is named Mega-Bus Team is because most of the players are form Mega Man series and Midbus is the Goalkeeper. (Goalkeeper are essential, as anyone can say.)
  • This team is sponsered by Adidas. It is also sponsered by Coca-Cola, with a promotional with Fantendo Football League in it.
  • This team was made before Sam was made his own series.
  • Mega-BusTeamColor

    Top is Players, Bottom is Goalkeepers.

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