Team Koopa is an RPG game involving Purple Koopa Bro., Lemmykoopa24, and Dashed Koopa, and only SonicWiki (tbc), Uil Team (tbc) and Lemmykoopa24 (tbc) are allowed to edit. This game is for the Nintendo DS.



Gameplay & Controls

The controls are similar to the M&L Series. You walk around 3-D environments with Dashed Koopa in the front, Purple Koopa Bro. in the middle, and Lemmykoopa24 in behind. Each character has a certain button assigned to them for an action. Dashed uses A, Purple Koopa Bro. uses B and Lemmykoopa24 uses Y. All of them can jump, but they all have special powers in the field and in battle. In battle, you can use special moves and you can team up with another Koopa or the whole party for a new attack. In the field, all 3 heroes have 5 special powers (counting the Jump).

  • D-Pad: Move
  • B Button: PKB Action
  • A Button: Dashed Action
  • Y Button: LK24 Action
  • X Button: Use item in the field
  • R/L Button: Switch Action
  • Start/Pause: Pause Game
  • Select: Quick Menu


PKB series

LK24 series

Dashed series