Team Kirby Quest is what could be considered an expansion to Team Kirby Clash an action RPG included in Kirby planet Robobot, built in similar vein to that Kirby Fighters Deluxe and Dedede's Drum Dash Deluxe. It is designed around a continuous journey of branching paths, various quests and fleshing out the short content of it's predecessor, adding more ability classes, bosses and new gameplay features to the table while at the same time being unique enough to stand as it's own game. Team Kirby Quest will be released July 2016 available to download on the 3DS.


Four travelers, Sword Hero, Hammer Lord, Beam Mage and Doctor Healmore were bantering around a forest. Both Sword Hero and Hammer Lord were fencing off against each other as a test of strength, all while Beam Mage was sound asleep aside a tree. Apart from all of this Doctor Healmore as usual was scouting the surroundings for anything of interest and ended up tripping over a gleaming bump in the ground, something surely treasurous must be inside. Promptly after getting back up Doctor Healmore finds Sword Hero and Hammer Lord at his side, both showing interest in the rock, and with one mighty slam by Hammer Lord the hidden contents are reveled; a golden chest is reveled! Instinctively, Sword Hero then opens the chest to reveal an ancient map, with an X marking a castle with a giant treasure chest, greatly sparking everyone's interest. With no hesitation to find this fabled treasure, the trio set off at once, with a now awakened Beam Mage hurriedly trailing along.


The gameplay is played in two minute rounds that are referred to as Quests, where the objective is to take down a boss using the teamwork of four classes. As for the combat itself, the game plays out in a 2D platforming style akin to traditional Kirby games but takes many elements from RPGs. Regardless of the mode, a Quest wont end until the boss or the team itself is finished off, quests can also end in defeat if the time limit is up, thus causing the boss to flee.



Team Quest

Rival Quest

Practice Quest


The stats are as follows
Stamina - How much health a unit possesses before they fall into a state of sleep.
Offence - Influences on the overall power of the unit.
Defence - Determines the duration the a unit's guard, guarding nullifies damage.
Speed - Determines the movement speed of the unit.
Recovery - Determines how much the unit heals from recovery and how fast they can cure an ally from their state of sleep.
Meteor - Influences how much potential damage a unit can contribute to a Meteor.

Ability Role
Ability Star Sword
Sword Hero
"The Blade Master!"
A well rounded class, having fairly average statistics and decent speed that aids with basic mobility and dodging attacks. Sword Hero's unique guard manifests as a dome like shield, protecting allies as if they were guarding. Because of this unique guard, Sword Hero's main focus is on helping teammates set up for large actions that take time and generally being a reliable offensive force.
Ability Star Hammer
Hammer Lord
"The powerful warrior!"
The most powerful class, focusing on pure offence and defense with speed and recovery being a liability. With the mighty Hammer Flip, Hammer Lord can dish out a ton of damage on opponents but is often unable to avoid damage from them, relying on well timed guarding to avoid taking damage and overall serving as the brawn of the team.
Ability Star Beam
Beam Mage
"The timely magician!"
A more technical class with good recovery but bad stamina and offence, the technical part coming in as the Time Beam! As Beam Mage attacks enemies with Time Beam, a clock icon will fill up on the enemy and once full time will stop for the Beam Mage and Allies, allowing the team to set up or deal some heavy damage. When it comes down to it Time Mage is an opportunist, waiting for the perfect timing to cast Time Beams and getting the drop on the enemy.
Ability Star Doctor
Doctor Healmore
"The scholarly healer!"
While not much for offence and stamina, Doctor Healmore is the best in the recovery department and has the unique ability of healing allies. With some charge, the good doctor can cast Healing Areas which heal any units that stand on the spaces, and can brew potions for future use. With the heavy amount of setup, Doctor Healmore relies on allies to defend him and in return they'll rely on the doctor.
Ability Star Ninja
Ninja Thief
"The stealthy rouge!"
A shady one, with top notch Speed and Meteor but weak in every other category. With fragile defensive stats the Ninja Thief relies purely on agility to evade enemy attacks and slowly chip away their stamina. Ninja Thief's redeeming quality is the ability to Steal, with minor charge items such as food and Power Tablets can be stolen from enemies, allowing him to have a chance in dealing some damage. Ninja Thief is definitely one to steal for his team, gettign up close and personal to the enemy and nabbing useful items.
Ability Star Cupid
Cupid Ranger
"The holy sniper!"
May seem innocent but is actually a powerful force in combat, with good power and recovery but bad defense and stamina, meaning Cupid Ranger should stay away from danger. With a bow in hand, Cupid Ranger can fire pointy arrows from afar and with wings is able to hover in place while doing so. Overall, Cupid Ranger provides a reliable sniper to defeat lesser annoyances and bring the enemy justice.
Circus Ability Star New
Circus Dancer
"The tricky performer!"
A clownish pierrot that loves to play around with enemies, possessing good speed and recovery but bad defense and offence. As opposed to guarding against hits, Circus Dancer nimbly dodges them with correctly timed tricks. Circus Dancer's main attraction though is Grand Finale, a trick that inspires allies, temporarily boosting their stats. With the ability to enhance the performance, Circus Dancer focuses on finding the right moment to use Grand Finale and turn allies into a force to be reckoned with.
Ability Star Bomb
Bomb Chemist
"The crafty engineer!"
A humble maker of explosives, with good offence and high defense to back up the occasional explosive accident but bad stamina and recovery. In terms of bombs themselves they can be created in no time before being thrown or placed down as traps, Bomb Chemist is also able to make his bombs increase in size just by holding them, and if held for too long the result will be a gigantic explosion that deals heavy damage to both the enemy and the team. When it comes down to it, Bomb Chemist just wants to blow up everything in sight by placing traps all over the battlefield, while these bombs prove to be a great force against enemies they can backfire, so allies should be wary of these bombs.



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