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Type of Company Video Game Industry
Founder(s) MarioGameChampion (tbc)
Founded at/in Fanon:
December 25, 1990
January 9, 2013
Headquarters United States of America
Area(s) Served Worldwide
Owner(s) MarioGameChampion (tbc)
Parent Company Hammer Egg House, Inc.
Team Ice Climbers is a fan-fiction and video game industrial company founded by MarioGameChampion (tbc) that specializes in Ice Climber-related fanon. The company is famous for creating the Dual Chill handheld console.


On January 6, 2013, Ssb4 (tbc) made a blog posting what he thought Nintendo games should be like. Though he has several points that would change the entire games themselves, he did point out something very important: Nintendo has made an Ice Climber game in almost 30 years. After posting a fan-made image of a Zelda-like Ice Climber game for the Wii, MGC (tbc) was inspired to bring back the Ice Climber series in fanon. Therefore, a few days later, he founded Team Ice Climbers (though it was years ago in fanon) and the new adventures began.


  • Ice Climber 2
A sequel to the arcade-styled platformer Ice Climber. It is available for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The game features several icy worlds and stages, along with a more advanced storyline.
An RPG game in the series featuring 3 episodes. It is one of the few 3D games for the GameBoy Advance and is also the first one in the Ice Climber series. The game also marks the first appearance of the Ice Climber Team. It takes place in the times of the evil emperor Ho-oh (9483 B.C.) to the present day (3245 A.D.) and follows the history of Ho-oh's dark spirit.
A 3D platformer for the Nintendo 3DS. The game follows Popo and Nana as usual on a quest to regain their only food, but also involves complete 3D courses with different obstacles similar to Super Mario 3D Land, but it has unlimited time and is much larger, making it more RPG-like. It also features several RPG gameplay aspects despite being a platformer, such as a bag of items.
This game is the first available game (and only 1st party launch title) for the Dual Chill. The game features sidescrolling levels similar to the levels of the mountain worlds in the New Super Mario Bros. series, though some levels go up. Similar to the more recent Ice Climbers', the game features a clear storyline.
A game for the Nintendo IC, hence its name. Despite the buttons featured on the IC, the game features only touch controls. The game is much different than the other Ice Climbers for an important reason: depsite ice worlds being drastically cold, it features un-polar worlds. The game also features a bar that checks your temperature, and when it drops or raises too much you will begin to loose health.
This game is available for any systems that support the Nintendo eShop. The game is extremely puzzle-oriented. Despite being a downloadable game only and for a low price, it is one of the largest non-RPG video games to date.
This game, which is available for the Wii U and the Dual Chill systems, is very similar to Ice Climber 3D, being an RPG-like platformer. It features an even bigger storyline. However, it is also very similar to some of the games in the Mario series, with a world map, multiple level goals and more. Despite being a sequel to Ice Climber Adventure: Dual Control!!, it is much more like said games than its predecessor.




Dual Chill
The Dual Chill is a handheld system similar to the Nintendo DS. This system features a dual-screen layout, but unlike the DS, there are no buttons and it is almost completely touch-controlled. The system feels much like the Nintendo 3DSXL. More about it can be found here.


GameBoy Sapphire
Coming soon...

Other Systems We Have Developed For

Fan-Fiction Published

Though we do not write fan-fictions, we have published some by MarioGameChampion (tbc).

Summary: When Locky'12 (tbc) leaves the Fantendoverse due to issues in real life, he gets kidnapped by an evil monster known as the Chill Bully. After 2 years of waiting for Locky, the many members of Keyhole Gaming go on a quest into an icy realm to stop the evil monster and regain their friend.

Events Taken Part In

  • None at the minute


  • None at the minute


Team Ice Climber currently doesn't have any big projects or subsidiaries at the minute. We plan to have them soon. Stay tuned for more!

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