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North American boxart
Developer(s) GhoulGIsmallified
Publisher(s) FantendologoShrb
Platform(s) Nintendo IC LogoSP1DR
Genre(s) Adventure
Release Date(s)
North America: April 19, 2012
PAL Regions: April 22, 2012
Japan: April 29, 2012
Australia: May 1, 2012
Single Player
Media Included Nintendo IC Cartridge
SP1DR Optical Disc

Team Gemstones: Domhanda Domination (known as チームジェムストーン:キャプチャされた魂 or Team Gemstones: Sealed Soul in Japan and PAL regions, respectively) is the first game in the Team Gemstones series to be created by Ghoul Games, Inc. (due to being a part of Series Swap Day 3). Due to the game being made by Ghoul Games, Inc., the game includes several references to the series Faitingu (another Pokémon spin-off series). The game was released in a Double-Pack that included Jack Johnson: Tulipalo Legends.


"Part 1"

One day, while relaxing a quiet Treasure Town, Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire were talking with their friends at the Dragons Fang Cafe (which Emerald's uncle owns). They were really bored and decided to go outside to get some fresh air, however, they looked outside and it was snowing. Everyone was shocked, as it was the middle of July, how could it be snowing? Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire and the others went outside to see what was up, and when they got outside, they saw Slythe, Amber and Blaze with a captured Princess Grace alongside a Lunatone and Solrock. The villains laughed at the pathetic heroes, and then ran off.

The heroes now worrying about the princess, decide to go off and get her, however, since no one knows where they went, they decide to split up to go and find the villains and the princess.

"Part 2"

After finding the villains, the heroes have to deal with a whole new kind of evil, as the Lunatone and Solrock (their names revealed as Iravu and Wan) have created powerful snowstorms, sandstorms, thunderstorms, tornadoes, earthquakes, ect. all over the Pokéarth.

The heroes, who have teamed up with four others, go off to destroy the machine that they are using to create mass hysteria.


As all the heroes split up to go and find the princess their own ways, each playable character has their own type of gameplay, each one is challenging, and listed below. After every level, players go back to Treasure Town (which acts as a HUB area) and can get healed of status ailments or can buy items. They can also choose which character to play as here by going to the Dragons Fang Cafe.

Emerald's Gameplay

Emerald's gameplay is similar to that of The Legend of Zelda series, where Emerald uses his leaf blades to fight enemies. His gameplay is fast-paced.

Sapphire's Gameplay

Sapphire's gameplay is entirely water-based. Sapphire fights on water, using every part of the element in his gameplay. His gameplay is slower then Emerald's, and is more Super Mario Galaxy-like.

Ruby's Gameplay

Ruby's gameplay is similar to that of the Survival Mode from the Call of Duty series. Ruby must survival waves of enemies, while trying to get through various mazes. His gameplay is more puzzle-oriented.

Spear's Gameplay

Spear's gameplay is similar to that of Kid Icarus: Uprising, where Spear flies through the air, defeating enemies, but has 5 minutes to finish (as he will then get too tired to fly and fall).

Princess Grace's Gameplay

Princess Grace's gameplay is similar to that of the Mario & Luigi series and the game Super Princess Peach. Princess Grace can use her attacks to overcome obstacles and will battle in typical RPG-format; turn based. Her gameplay is a more free-roam enviroment (like Super Mario RPG, the Paper Mario series and the Mario & Luigi series).

Blaze's Gameplay

Blaze's gameplay is similar to that of the Subspace Emissary (of Super Smash Bros. Brawl), where Blaze must make it to the end of levels, while fighting enemies in a sidescroller world.

Slythe's Gameplay

Slythe's gameplay is similar to that of Assassin's Creed. Slythe will only be played in night levels, where he will hide in the shadows and stealthily take out enemies. He seems to have overcame his clumsiness, and has gotten smarter.

Amber's Gameplay

Amber's gameplay is similar to that of Spear's gameplay, as Amber will start with a 2 minute flight-battle and will then land to complete a sidescroller-like level.

Playable Characters

There are four default playable characters in the game, each with four special moves (which can be used by the A, B, X and Y buttons) and different storylines (until "Part 2" of the story). After "Part 2", there are four new playable characters.

Emerald the Sceptile
Special Moves:
A Leaf Blade X Bullet Seed
B X-Scissor Y Aerial Ace
Ruby the Charizard
Special Moves:
A Flamethrower X Fire Spin
B Ember Y Brick Break
Sapphire the Empoleon
Special Moves:
A Surf X Ice Beam
B Bubble Y Aqua Jet
Spear the Braviary
Special Moves:
A Brave Bird X Giga Impact
B Air Slash Y Crush Claw

Princess Grace
Special Moves:
A Confusion X Attract
B Psyshock Y Hypnosis
Blaze the Lucario
Special Moves:
A Fire-Aura Sphere X Extreme Speed
B Close Combat Y Focus Blast
Slythe the Zoroark
Special Moves:
A Pursuit X Faint Attack
B Night Daze Y Shadow Ball
Amber the Dragonite
Special Moves:
A Dragon Rage X Wing Attack
B ThunderPunch Y Fire Punch

Supporting Characters

There are many supporting characters that will help the heroes out during the time of chaos. The NPCs will give you items, will teach you about stuff, or give you hints and advice about the level.

Rose the Pidgeot
Rose will give items to Spear.
Captain Slugma
Captain Slugma will give items to Ruby.
Spike the Druddigon
Spike will give items to Emerald.
Lee Koroshi-Ya
Lee will give items to Sapphire.
Creek the Swampert
Creek will give items to Slythe.
Psychic Chambrene
Psychic Chambrene will give items to Amber.
Fuego the Riolu
Fuego will give items to Blaze.
Ducat the Kecleon
Ducat runs the Item Shop, which can be accessed in Treasure Town.
Diamond the Cinncino
Diamond will give items to Princess Grace.
Pearl the Lopunny
Pearl will appear in the level after the player has lost 10 lives. Pearl acts as the "Super Guide".
Dr. Doko
Dr. Doko will heal you. His office can be found in Treasure Town.
Nurse Lucky
Nurse Lucky sometimes appears instead of Dr. Doko. She will give you healing items.
Luke the Duncrazy
Luke gives hints on how to beat the level. He also teaches the characters (except Spear) how to play.
Moonlight the Umbreon
Starlight sells costumes to the heroes during the night.
Sunshine the Espeon
Sunlight sells costumes to the heroes during the day.
Henkan Redd
Henkan is one of the many inhabitants of Treasure Town. He appears in many levels.


There are many locations in the game, all of them visited by the eight heroes of the game. Every "world" includes four of one hero's level, and two of the heroes' gameplay must be conquered to continue.

Name Description
Treasure Valley Treasure Valley is a large valley near Treasure Town, and is named due to the incredible amounts of treasure found there in the late 1800s.
Sherbet Mountain Sherbet Mountain is a cold, icy mountain north of Treasure Valley. A large skating rink and a small village are found on the flat plains, a flat "platform" on the mountain.
Doro Jungle Doro Jungle is a muddy jungle west of Sherbet Mountain. It is a very dry jungle, that hardly ever gets rain. Many Aipom, Mankey, Sandshrew, Ambipom, Primeape and Sandslash reside in a small village here.
Shell Beach Shell Beach is a large beach that has a small resort town to the south of it. It is south of Doro Jungle and the main inhabitants of the town are Shuckles. It connects with the ocean.
Pushtet Island Pushtet Island is a mysterious island off the coast of Shell Beach. Pushtet Island is inhabited by a mysterious, rare Pokémon that is never seen. The island is also called "Ninja Island" by many, due to it's Ancient Japan-like appearance.
Cibo Heights Cibo Heights is, ironically, an underground city home to many rock and ground-type Pokémon. Diamond first appears here, as she has been sent to deliver a message, but gets trapped.
Woodstock Temple Woodstock Temple is a large, stone temple just north of Doro Jungle. It is protected by a Claydol and has many carvings of Castform on it. It was build a very long time ago.
Donschenn Island Donschenn Island is a dragon-inhabited island east of Pushtet Island. It is the initial base of operations of Blaze (at the beginning of the game).
S.S. Darksun S.S. Darksun is a large boat, and the base of operations of Iravu and Wan. The boat stays anchored near Donschenn Island, and is always covered in a thick fog.


Beta Elements

  • The game was originally going to be a Faitingu-Team Gemstones crossover game, but the idea was scrapped due to wanting to incorporate more Team Gemstones elements.
  • Litle P was originally a playable character, as was Slix.


  • Despite Psychic Chambrene having a rivalry with her, she delivers items to Amber.
  • Lee Koroshi-Ya appears as a cameo from the Faitingu series, another Pokémon spin-off.

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