Team Fortress Global Conflict is an First Person Shooter for the PC. It is similar to Team Fortress 2, but contains a campaign mode, no hats or additional weapons, several new classes, and 4 new colors of teams.

Gameplay & Controls

The gameplay is like that of Team Fortress 2; you take control of one of the character classes and fight the opposing team in order to complete your objective. Characters are required to work together to maximize their potential successfulness, however a difference from Team Fortress 2 is that no two people may use the same class.

  • WASD - Move
  • Click - Primary attack
  • Right-Click - Secondary attack
  • Spacebar - Jump
  • Mouse/Trackpad - Aim
  • Q - Previous weapon
  • T - Chat



The Scout is one of the nine original classes from the Team Fortress series and retains his double jumping and fast movement speed. However, he has lost his pistol, and his baseball bat comes with a baseball that can be used to attack enemies from afar. Has 125 Health.

  • Fast
  • Double Jump
  • Captures points twice as fast as other classes.
  • Can deflect non-explosive projectiles with his bat.
  • Scattergun - A slightly more powerful version of the shotgun.
  • Baseball Bat - Can be used to melee enemies, hit the baseball at enemies, and deflect non-explosive projectiles.


The Soldier is one of the nine original classes from the Team Fortress series. The Soldier's shovel has been replaced with a whip for more range and applying the disable status at the cost of some damage. The Soldier has also gained the ability to throw grenades. Has 200 Health

  • Can Rocket Jump by detonating a rocket at his feet.
  • Headshots on him are not critical.
  • Rocket Launcher - Fires high damage rockets at enemies and can cause splash damage.
  • Shotgun
  • Whip - Has more distance than most melee weapons and disables enemies very briefly, though low in damage.
  • Grenades - Can be tossed to cause a high-damage explosion.


The Pyro is one of the nine original classes from the Team Fortress series. The Pyro's flamethrower can easily take down the enemies' health quite quickly, making him a deadly close-range fighter. However, his Shotgun has been replaced with an oil barrel which lets him spread oil on the ground and allowing him to ignite it for a long-range attack. His ability to pick up the Madd's chainsaw can turn him into a deadly enemy for Zombies. Has 175 Health.

  • Immune to afterburn.
  • Cannot be infected.
  • Can inflict afterburn on enemies.
  • Can pick up the Madd's chainsaw.
  • Flamethrower - A weapon that shoots fire at enemies, igniting them for constant damage. Secondary fire is a compression blast that pushes foes back.
  • Oil Barrel - A barrel that spills oil across the battlefield that can be ignited for a constant fire attack.
  • Axe - A large bladed weapon that has a higher critical chance than other melee weapons.
  • Madd's Chainsaw - The Pyro can pick up the Madd's Chainsaw to replace his Axe. It has a very short range, but has a 100% critical hit chance and can easily mow through enemies. Zombies die instantly from it.


The Demoman is one of the nine original classes from the Team Fortress series. The only things that have changed about the Demoman is that he takes less explosive damage from other classes, though knockback remains equal, he has, like the Soldier, gained the ability to toss grenades, and the secondary fire on his Bottle lets him drink from it, increasing his damage output, but decreases speed and vision. Has 175 Health

  • Takes less explosive damage.
  • Grenade Launcher - Lets him shoot grenades freely at enemies. Can bounce off walls and roll.
  • Stickybomb Launcher - Fires bombs that stick to walls, floors, and ceilings and can be detonated at any range by the Demoman.
  • Grenades - Can be tossed for a high-damage explosion.
  • Bottle - An old whisky bottle that can be used as a melee weapon. If a wall is hit with it 10 times, the bottle will break and cause more damage, but cannot be drank from. Secondary fire lets the Demoman drink from the bottle, corrupting his speed and vision, but increasing his damage output.


The Heavy is one of the nine original classes from the Team Fortress series. The Heavy has not significantly changed in any way. Has 300 Health

  • Can move cannons faster.
  • Minigun - A large gun that fires a storm of bullets at the enemy. Secondary fire lets it spin without firing to be ready for incoming enemies.
  • Shotgun
  • Fists - Do a large amount of damage and have some knockback on them.


The Engineer is one of the nine original classes from the Team Fortress series. The Engineer has lost both his shotgun and pistol, but makes up for that with a more advanced building tool.

  • Can build machines to support his team.
  • Build Tool - Allows the Engineer to build machines.
  • Destroy Tool - Lets the Engineer destroy his machines.
  • Wrench - A melee weapon that also lets him upgrade his machines to give them more health.
  • Sentry Gun - Can be placed to attack enemies that come within its range with a flurry of high damage bullets. Can build up to two, but if two are present, the Engineer cannot build a Dispenser. Can be attached to floors, walls, and ceilings.
  • Sentry Launcher - Can be placed to attack enemies that come within its range with an explosive shell. Can only build one. Can only be attached to floors.
  • Dispenser - Can be placed to supply teammates with health and ammo, and the Engineer with metal to build more machines. Can be placed on the ground, his Scoutbot, and his elevator.
  • Elevator - A machine that can lift teammates and enemies to new heights. Stand on it for a second to make it go up and it will not come down until everyone on it comes off. Can be placed on the ground.
  • Teleporter - Can warp allies and disguised enemy spies from the Entrance point to the Exit point. Can be placed on the ground.
  • Scoutbot - Builds a robot resembling a Scout. It has 250 health, is equipped with only a Scattergun, and cannot double jump or pick up health packs or be healed by Medics.. It also captures points very, very slowly. A Dispenser can be placed on it to boost its health up to 300 and also lets it heal over time, though it decreases its speed as well, it also cannot restore health from allied Dispensers. If hit with the wrench, it will go on its own and attack or defend depending on the team it's on. It can also be selected again from the build tool for the Engineer to take manual control of the Scoutbot.


The Medic is one of the nine original classes from the Team Fortress series. The Medic has been changed so that he cannot hurt enemeis whatsoever. However, he has gained the ability to drop health packs. Has 150 Health

  • Heals over time.
  • Can turn himself and an ally invincible for a short time.
  • Medigun - Can be used to heal teammates and charges Ubercharge by healing teammates. When Ubercharge is activated with Secondary fire, the Medic and his targeted ally will become invincible. It can also increase allies' health to up to 150%
  • Health Kit - Allows the Medic to drop a health kit that provides a big health boost to his teammates. They can also extinguish burning teammates. Once one is dropped, he must wait 18 seconds before he can drop another.


The Sniper is one of the nine original classes from the Team Fortress series. The Sniper has lost his SMG for a small hut that can be placed for a safe sniping location.

  • Can Headshot enemies.
  • Sniper Rifle - A long range weapon that causes more damage depending on how long it is scoped in for. A maximum-charged headshot can kill a fully over-healed Heavy in one shot.
  • Sniping Hut - A small hut that can be dropped for a safe sniping location. Only the corresponding Sniper can get inside. It is impenetrable, but takes out much of the visible ground.
  • Kukri - A machete-like knife that has a high damage output.


The Spy is one of the nine original classes from the Team Fortress series. The Spy has not changed much at all. Has 125 Health.

  • Can become invisible.
  • Can disguise as an enemy.
  • Can disbale and destroy enemy Engineer buildings.
  • Attacking enemies with your knife from behind will kill them instantly.
  • Can see enemies' health.
  • Revolver - A very powerful pistol.
  • Sapper - Attach this to enemy Engineer buildings and they will be disabled and eventually destroyed.
  • Knife - Attacking from the front will cause little damage, but attacking from behind will be an instant kill.
  • Invisi-Watch - Allows you to become invisible for a short time.
  • Disguise Kit - Lets you disguise as an enemy.

Attack Dog

The Attack Dog seems quite flawed, only having 60 Health and having their view much smaller than other classes. However, it is quite fast, even faster than the Scout, and is excellent at working together with other classes.

  • Very fast.
  • Can use Maul for instant kills.
  • Can see targets through walls.
  • Claws - Use this rapid-fire weapon to tear up enemies at close range.
  • Jaws - Clamp your jaws onto enemies to cause decent damage and slow them down.
  • Maul - Secondary fire on Jaws will send you running faster than usual. Pressing Primary fire will make you jump and maul the target, instantly killing them.

Riot Control

This sturdy class is great for providing cover and support. However, it is a very easy target for a good Spy. Has 150 Health.

  • Does not take damage from the front while Riot Shield is out.
  • Riot Shield - While this is out, anything behind it is safe from all damage. Work with other classes to cover them while they're recovering or fleeing. Craeful though, a Spy can still backstab you if you aren't careful.
  • Dual SMG - Two submachine guns for each hand, great for dispatching singular targets or inflicting damage in wide areas.


The Pilot has no handheld weapons available. Instead, he supports his team from a helicopter. Has 125 Health.

  • Pilots a helicopter.
  • Helicopter - Get inside this and attack the enemy at will. Use the machine gun mounted on the front to take out enemies with general ease. Use Secondary fire rockets to attack those hard to reach places. Beware of enemy Soldiers however, their rocket launchers can take down helicopters in six shots, so make sure you keep an eye out for them. Up to 4 allies can go inside your helicopter, enabling you to get them to the front lines faster. Two of these allies can look out windows and attack enemies with their primary weapon, so make sure you have a Soldier or a Sniper in these windows. Engineers can also build machines in your helicopter, greatly benefitting the team. If your helicopter is destroyed, everyone inside will be killed, and you must wait for 120 seconds for it to respawn.


Seemingly weak, the Zombie makes up for this for its infectous attacks and ability to reanimate corpses. Pyros can kill Zombies with ease, due to their association with fire. Has 125 Health.

  • Can reanimate corpses to attack enemies.
  • Hands - Use these to attack your enemy hard swings. 4 hits will take out 150 Health. Alt fire on a corpse to reanimate it. You can not reanimate exploded bodies, but you can recover health from the bits and pieces of them. Reanimated corpses have 125 health, and have a decent AI.
  • Vomit - Vomit on enemies to begin an infection. Vomit on the ground for enemies to run over and become infected. If an ally Attack Dog walks in the vomit, it can spread the infection with its claws.
  • Infection - When an enemy gets infected, their max health will slowly go down, weakening them. It cannot kill, it can just lower their max health down to 50. Infection can be cured from resupply lockers.


Reapers have quite deadly attacks, but in turn they are also hard to hit with. They are also quite slow. Have 125 Health.

  • Scythe - A melee weapon that causes bleed damage.
  • Point - The Reaper will concentrate a finger on an enemy, and they will become marked for death. Secondary fire will cause the enemy to slowly take damage. If they are marked for death, they will take more damage.


The Madd constructs monsters out of body parts to fight enemies with. Has 130 Health

  • Chainsaw - A very powerful melee weapon with a 100% critical hit chance and can kill Zombies instantly. Also used to cut off body parts from corpses to construct monsters. Secondary fire drops the Chainsaw for the Pyro to pick up, and body parts can only be picked up from disembered bodies, so if you've sacrificed your chainsaw for a Zombie killing machine, work with Demomen or Soldiers to help construct your monster.
  • Work table - Take body parts back to your base to construct monsters. you need one of each part to make a functional monster (this includes left and right arms and legs). Legs determine the monster's speed and takes a part in how easily they are knocked back. Torso's determine a monster's Health and also determine how easily they are knocked back. Arms decide what attacks can be used. Use primary fire for the left arm's attack and secondary fire for the right arm. Heads are purely cosmetic, but are still needed for a full monster. When a monster is built, the Madd takes manual control of it until it is killed.

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