Team Flare is an upcoming animated TV show set in the Fantendoverse. The show focuses on Mika Sho and her new team of heroes known as Team Flare, a ragtag group of friends who join together to face threats in the Fantendoverse.


Main Characters

The main characters who appear in pretty much every episode.

  • Mika Sho: The rambunctious unofficial leader of the group, Mika can be a bit of a daredevil but ultimately cares deeply for her friends. 
  • Data: TBA
  • Koloro: TBA
  • Tayshaun: TBA
  • Amy: TBA
  • Sketch: TBA
  • Kontrast: TBA

Secondary Characters

Characters who are still important and appear a lot, but not in the main cast.

  • Jon: A new kid at the school, who secretly lives a double life as a ninja fighting both crime and the injustice of the police. When finding out about his second life, the group is slightly unnerved but ultimately still accepts him as a friend.

Minor Characters

Characters you'll only ever see once in a Blue Moon.

  • Unten: TBA
  • Leah Needlenam: TBA
  • Strafe: TBA
  • The Threat: TBA


Season 1

No. in
No. in
Title Info
01 1 Some Assembly Required, Part 1

When a meteor gives Mika strange new powers, she must use them to combat an army of alien space pirates. But she can't do it alone...

02 2 Some Assembly Required, Part 2 The group joins together to face the leader of the alien army, as he declares war on the universe. 
03 3 The Ninja Amy and Koloro meet a new friend in school named Jon, but things go sour when they learn about his mysterious double life...
04 4 I'm With You In Spirit The group discovers several paranormal happenings at their house. Sketch lays secret cameras around the house to catch any ghostly activity, but Amy finds out how to communicate with the ghost and learns a dark secret...
05 5 TBA TBA
06 6 TBA TBA
07 7 Psycho Rangers The group gets captured and must defeat their evil dopplegangers in order to escape. Meanwhile, the supporting cast enjoys a fun day at at the Amusement Park. 


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