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First XI

Vlasi Konstantinov

Vlasi Konstantinov joined Flame-Scotland during season three of the Fantendo Football League. He was born in Moscow, Russia in 1994. He plays as a goalkeeper. He is currently on a contract that pays him £10,000 per week and the Flames value to shot-stopper at £3,500,000.


Flame is the vice-captain of Flame-Scotland. He has played for the club since the first Fantendo Football League season, playing as a right-back. He is Preston-born, and is the brother of Phil McEvan.

Gautier Lyon

Gautier Lyon was one of the many players to join Flame-Scotland during the third Fantendo Football League season. He is a left-back, but regularly pushes forward and can play as a left midfielder. He was born in Rennes, France, in 1996. He has a good relationship with Clyde.

Banana Jr.

Fire Master

Phil McEvan


Clyde is the captain of Flame-Scotland, having joined the club before the first season of the Fantendo Football League. He was born in Reading, England, in 1998, but is Scottish. He plays as a left midfielder, but he can play as a striker, as a central midfielder, as a right midfielder and as a left-back. His contract is worth £25,000 per week and is valued at £15,000,000.

Snow Master

Carl Koenigsmann

Ceallachán Mackay

Tom Richmond

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