Name # Nation Position Other Positions Player Rating Player Value Player Wage (p/w) Description
Vlasi Konstantinov 1 Russian GK 65 £3,500,000 £10,000
Flame 2 English RB CB, RM 70 £4,000,000 £20,000
Gautier Lyon 3 French LB CB, LM 66 £2,500,000 £10,000
Banana Jr. 5 Scottish CB 71 £3,000,000 £12,500
Fire Master 6 English CB 70 £2,750,000 £12,500
"Macca" 7 English RM 65 £2,250,000 £10,000
Clyde 99 Scottish LM RM, CM, ST 77 £15,000,000 £25,000 The Scottish winger is the Flame-Scotland captain. He's one of a few players left from the first season of the Fantendo Football League. He has a good goal record and has a lot of assists to his name. As well as being a left-midfielder he can play on the right of midfield, in the middle of midfield and upfront. Clyde is one of the best players in the division and is in contention to be named in the first Fantendo national football team squad.
Snow Master 4 Welsh CM 70 £3,500,000 £15,000
Carl Koenigsmann 8 German CM 66 £2,250,000 £10,000
Ceallachán Mackay 9 Scottish ST 67 £3,000,000 £10,000
"Richy" 10 Scottish ST 68 £3,000,000 £10,000

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