Team Flame-Scotland
Flame Logo
Nicknames Teine Alba & the Flames
Founded 2009
Rivals Steel & Lios Lions
Ground Flame Stadium, Reading (95,128)
Manager Clyde1998 (tbc)
League Fantendo Football League Division One
Home Kit Blue shirts, with orange trim; blue shorts; blue socks.
Away Kit Red shirts, with orange trim; red shorts; red socks.
Third Kit Cyan shirts, with blue trim; cyan shorts; cyan socks.
Last Season 1st (Champions)

Team Flame-Scotland Football Club is a British football (soccer) team that play in the Fantendo Football League. They play at the Flame Stadium, in Berkshire. They were a founder member of the Fantendo Football League. In the first three years of the league, they have came in the top two. They won the league during the third season.


Team Flame-Scotland was a founder member of the Fantendo Football League. They featured in the leagues' first match - against Freaky. In Season 1, Flame-Scotland came within one win of the league title - but they failed to beat rivals Team Steel on the final day of the season and the title went to Steel. In Season 2, Flame-Scotland reached the semi-finals of the Fantendo League Cup. They missed out on the league title, again, this time to Royal Atlantica. During the third season, Flame-Scotland reached the cup final after knocking out Team Freaky, Team Sew'n and Gearworks FC. They beat their biggest rivals, Team Steel, in the Final. They also won the league on the final day of the season, against Gearworks. In their fourth season, In 2012, Flame-Scotland set up affiliation links with six clubs. These were Reading (England), Rangers (Scotland), Dundee (Scotland), Basingstoke Town (England), Maidenhead United (England) and Linfield (Northern Ireland).
Season-by-season record

Season League Position Cup
1 Fantendo Football League 2nd N/A
2 Fantendo Football League 2nd Semi-Final
3 Fantendo Football League 1st Winners
4 Fantendo Football League Division One



Manager: Clyde1998 (tbc)

Picture Pos Nat Name Wage (p/w) Sale Price Birth Place Age
VlasiKonstantinov GK Russia Flag Vlasi Konstantinov £10,000 £3,500,000 Russia Flag Moscow 18
[[File:|50px]] RB English Flag Flame £20,000 £5,000,000 English Flag Preston 21
GautierLyon LB France Gautier Lyon £10,000 £3,500,000 France Rennes 15
[[File:|50px]] CB Scottish Flag Banana Jr. £12,500 £4,000,000 Scottish Flag Glasgow 19
[[File:|50px]] CB English Flag Fire Master £12,500 £4,000,000 English Flag Truro 20
Macca RM English Flag Phil McEvan £10,000 £3,500,000 English Flag Preston 21
[[File:|50px]] LM Scottish Flag Clyde £25,000 £15,000,000 English Flag Reading 15
[[File:|50px]] CM Welsh Flag Snow Master £15,000 £5,000,000 Welsh Flag Rhyl 16
CarlKoenigsmann CM Germany Carl Koenigsmann £10,000 £4,000,000 Germany Leverkusen 15
CeallachánMackay ST Scottish Flag Ceallachán Mackay £15,000 £10,000,000 Scottish Flag Glasgow 15
TomRichmond ST Scottish Flag Tom Richmond £15,000 £10,000,000 Scottish Flag Glasgow 15

Picture Pos Nat Name Wage Value Birth Place Age
[[File:|50px]] GK Russia Flag Marlen Volkov £5,000 £1,000,000 Russia Flag St Petersburg 17
[[File:|50px]] CB Northern Irish Flag Cadwgan Ó Rodagh £5,000 £1,000,000 Irish Flag Lifford 15
[[File:|50px]] CM Northern Irish Flag Fionnghall Deasmhumhain £5,000 £1,000,000 Irish Flag Dundalk 22
[[File:|50px]] LM Welsh Flag Monroe Bevan £5,000 £1,000,000 Welsh Flag Neath 21
[[File:|50px]] RM Northern Irish Flag Gréagóir Ó Meadhra £5,000 £1,000,000 Irish Flag Dundalk 18
[[File:|50px]] ST Northern Irish Flag Awstin Ruane £5,000 £1,000,000 Irish Flag Dundalk 17
[[File:|50px]] ST Russia Flag Aleksei Volkov £5,000 £1,000,000 Russia Flag Kazan 20

Pos Nat Name Wage (p/w) Sale Price Birth Place Age
GK English Flag Lynwood Hunter £2,500 £250,000 English Flag Coventry 25
GK Russia Flag Lev Kozlov £2,500 £250,000 Russia Flag Kazan 23
GK France Adam Merle £2,500 £250,000 France Marseille 18
GK Russia Flag Tit Kozlov £2,500 £250,000 Russia Flag Kazan 22
RB Russia Flag Viktor Konstantinov £2,500 £250,000 Russia Flag Moscow 23
RB Russia Flag Kuzma Bogomolov £2,500 £250,000 Russia Flag Moscow 22
RB Northern Irish Flag Kyran Quigg £2,500 £250,000 Irish Flag Dundalk 15
RB Denmark Oluf Carlsen £2,500 £250,000 Denmark Copenhagen 16
CB English Flag Braidy Danell £2,500 £250,000 English Flag Norwich 23
CB English Flag Victor Sempers £2,500 £250,000 English Flag Bristol 21
CB Russia Flag Vikenti Krupin £2,500 £250,000 Russia Flag Moscow 20
CB Russia Flag Borislav Polzin £2,500 £250,000 Russia Flag Moscow 19
LB Northern Irish Flag Eachann O'Neal £2,500 £250,000 Irish Flag Dundalk 19
LB Germany Heribert Krauss £2,500 £250,000 Germany Munich 22
LB Russia Flag Lavrenty Kohut £2,500 £250,000 Russia Flag Kazan 26
RM Germany Adelbert Eichel £2,500 £250,000 Germany Bonn 24
RM France Fulbert Lane £2,500 £250,000 France Montpellier 21
RM Finland Kalle Lehtonen £2,500 £250,000 Finland Helsinki 19
CM English Flag Driscoll Herbertson £2,500 £250,000 English Flag Sheffield 17
CM English Flag Waldo Pocock £2,500 £250,000 English Flag Manchester 16
CM English Flag Earle York £2,500 £250,000 English Flag Birmingham 18
LM Scottish Flag Pierrick Boyd £2,500 £250,000 Scottish Flag Aberdeen 21
LM Russia Flag Sasha Utkin £2,500 £250,000 Russia Flag Kazan 16
LM Russia Flag Yevheniy Mihaylov £2,500 £250,000 Russia Flag Moscow 17
LM Spain Flag Angelino Busto £2,500 £250,000 Spain Flag Bilbao 19
ST English Flag Vince Spalding £2,500 £250,000 English Flag Plymouth 17
ST English Flag Clifton Christopher £2,500 £250,000 English Flag Newcastle 15
ST Germany Mathis Steinmann £2,500 £250,000 Germany Cologne 17
ST Netherlands Marinus Aakster £2,500 £250,000 Netherlands Nijmegen 19

Pos Nat Name Wage (p/w) Sale Price On Loan at Birth Place Age
GK Greece Emmanouil Katsaros £2,500 £250,000 Moose FC Greece Athens 21
RB Germany Korbinian Lafrenz £2,500 £250,000 King Plumber's Army Germany Berlin 18
CB English Flag Quincy Hightower £2,500 £250,000 Illogical FC English Flag Portsmouth 16
CB China Flag Rong Huang £2,500 £250,000 Doodleland Dodgers China Flag Beijing 19
LB France Eric Fontaine £2,500 £250,000 King Plumber's Army France Paris 22
LB Sweden Vanja Nylund £2,500 £250,000 Team Genetic Sweden Malmo 21
RM Welsh Flag Pasco Couch £2,500 £250,000 Moose FC Welsh Flag Wrexham 18
RM Norway Hans Hummel £2,500 £250,000 King Plumber's Army Norway Oslo 17
CM Russia Flag Vladimir Lagounov £2,500 £250,000 Illogical FC Russia Flag St Petersburg 16
CM Russia Flag Spyridon Kuznetsov £2,500 £250,000 Doodleland Dodgers Russia Flag Moscow 19
CM Japan Flag Hayate Kobayashi £2,500 £250,000 Moose FC Japan Flag Tokyo 20
ST France Gratien Bonhomme £2,500 £250,000 Illogical FC France Lyon 21
ST Russia Flag Ilia Krupin £2,500 £250,000 Doodleland Dodgers Russia Flag Moscow 20
ST Russia Flag Filipp Yakovlev £2,500 £250,000 Moose FC Russia Flag Kazan 25
ST Russia Flag Fyodor Orlov £2,500 £250,000 Doodleland Dodgers Russia Flag Kazan 24
ST Serbia Boško Stankic £2,500 £250,000 Team Genetic Serbia Belgrade 22

Overall Wage Bill: £302,500p/w (£15,730,000p/a)

Ground: Flame Stadium

The Flame Stadium is home of Flame-Scotland. It's a 95,128 all-seater stadium. The seats are Blue & White like the home kit, but the white spells out the club name. The ground is located in North Reading - next to Scours Lane, home of non-league side Reading Town. The Flame is situated around 1 mile from the Madejski Stadium, home of Reading. The ground is bigger than Wembley Stadium.


Hooligan Firm: Flame Order

Flame-Scotland have a hooligan firm called the Flame Order. They mainly appear at Flame-Scotland's matches with Steel. In an Flame TV program about football hooligans, the Flame Order featured alongside hooligan firms from Cardiff, Millwall, Rangers and Celtic.


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Team Flame-Scotland complete annually in the Battle of Britain with Team Steel, Team Lios Lions, Team Gemstones and Team Sew'n. They are second in the All-Time Battle of Britain league. Flame-Scotland's biggest Rivals are Team Steel. This is partly due to the proximity of the two clubs, while it is also because of the clubs being the first two clubs to enter the league - and the eventual title showdown the the Zeppelin, during the first season of the league. Flame-Scotland got their revenge over Steel - beating them 4-3 at the Flame, during the second season. Steel did, however, defeat the Flame's 5-4 in London. During season three, Flame-Scotland beat the Londoners, at McBoo's Mansion, to claim the Fantendo Football League Cup. A 2-2 draw at the Zeppelin was played out, in the league season, while in Reading, there was a 1-0 victory for Flame-Scotland. Flame-Scotland's second rivals are Lios Lions. Again, this is partly due to the clubs proximity. Flame-Scotland have won 2, drawn 3 and lost 1 against the Lions - in league matches. Royal Atlantica and Gearworks FC have also been branded as rivals by Flame-Scotland fans. This is due to the clubs battling for the title. Royal Atlantica beat Flame-Scotland to the title in the second season. During the second season the teams played out a 3-3 draw at the Flame, while the trip to Atlantica ended up with Atlantica edging closer to the title. A 5-2 win for them. Royal Atlantica knocked Flame-Scotland out of the Fantendo Football League Cup in that season. By the time season three had came - Flame-Scotland fans had turned their attention on Gearworks FC. A bore draw was played at Gearworks, while Flame-Scotland won the title over Gearworks, at the Flame. A 3-1 win. A draw or defeat for Flame-Scotland would have seen Gearworks take the title. Flame-Scotland also have a minor rivalry with Team Freaky.


Kit Colours

Kit History
Flame-Scotland's kits are made by Puma. The home kit for season four is all blue with orange trim. The away kit is all red with orange trim. The third kit is all cyan with blue trim. The special kit is used only in Fantendo Football League Cup matches. It is all orange with red trim.


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Affiliated Clubs

Team Location League Notes Team Information
Reading Reading, England Football League Championship Annual Friendly
Sharing of Youth Training Facilities
Reading are one of the twenty teams in the Premier League for the 2012-13 season, following promotion to the league after winning the Football League Championship during the 2011-12 season. Reading retains rivalries with Aldershot Town, Oxford United and Swindon Town. The club, founded in 1871, play at the 24,161 all-seated Madejski Stadium, in South Reading. The club is nicknamed the Royals, due to the club being based in the Royal County of Berkshire.
Rangers Glasgow, Scotland Scottish Championship Annual Friendly Rangers are the most successful club side in the world, winning their top division a record 54 times. They have also won the Scottish Cup 33 times and the Scottish League Cup 27 times. Founded in 1872, Rangers have a rivalry with Celtic. Rangers play their home matches at Ibrox Stadium, in south-west Glasgow. The club was demoted to the Scottish Third Divison (fourth tier), due to the club entering administration in February 2012. The assets of Rangers was transferred to a "newco" (new company).
Dundee Dundee, Scotland Scottish Premier Annual Friendly
Flame-Scotland pay Dundee £75,000 per year to help with facilities
Basingstoke Town Basingstoke, England Conference South Annual Friendly
Flame-Scotland pay Basingstoke £75,000 per year to help with facilities
Maidenhead United Maidenhead, England Conference South Annual Friendly
Flame-Scotland pay Maidenhead £75,000 per year to help with facilities
Linfield Belfast, Northern Ireland Irish Premiership Annual Friendly

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