Team Fanon Brawl is the sequal and/or spin-off of Team Fanon. It is also part of Fantendo Smash Bros. (series)


Most of the characters from Team Fanon are playable for Brawl Mode, Special Brawl, and all that stuff. An official character listing will be up soon.


Brawl/Special Brawl

Play Brawl, just like Super Smash Bros. Brawl's brawl mode. Special Brawl also returns.

Story Mode: Team Fanon 2

The story mode continues where Team Fanon left off-however, Team Fanon is not finished yet, so not much is known about the story, other than a new organization that is the reformed D.A.R.K. will be the bad guys and Fano v1 will be awakened, and Fano v3 will be built.

Classic Mode

Classic Mode returns! This is the list of levels.

  1. Vs. Mario
  2. Vs. Sonic, Link, and Kirby
  3. Vs. Metal Unten
  4. Vs. Giant Lemmykoopa24
  5. Vs. 20 Charmers
  6. Vs. Oxus, YoshiEgg Nook, and The Groo.
  7. BOSS BATTLE: Giga Hand
  8. Secret Boss Battle: (complete Classic without losing a single life on Expert and after you beat Giga Hand you fight this guy) Tabuu, Master Hand, and Crazy Hand

Mission Mode

# Mission Description Character Name
01 Collect 20 coins from fighting Mario Unten Rich Plumber
02 Defeat King Dedede and Bowser The Groo Three Trouble Kings
03 Beat Sonic to the finish line Sonic (red color) Cinos
04 Destroy 50 Bronto Burt's in 1 minute Kirby Spring Clean
05 Find the 2 hidden Chao's Nightwolf Runaway Cuties
06 Run across the street avoiding cars Charmer Crossing Guard
07 Catch all the beach balls thrown to you Lemmykoopa24 Major Beachball League
08 Avoid getting hurt for 15 seconds Wheelzen Fast Defense
09 Race Sonic to the finish, AGAIN! Nightwolf Sonic's Rematch
10 Defeat the boss, The Groo YoshiEgg Nook BOSS: THE GROO
11 Defeat a Red Tabuu as..... a Green Tabuu???? Green Tabuu Powerhouse Smash-Up

All-Stars Mode

In All-Stars Mode, you fight every character you can play as in Brawl Mode, but you must have unlocked them all first. Then after your done, Blue Tabuu (aka Original Tabuu), Green Tabuu, and Red Tabuu show up. You fight them all at the same time.