Team Fanon is a game in Fantendo Origins. Since it is a game by Omegaverse Corp., please do not edit except for spelling errors. It is for the Nintendo Wii, and is rated T by the ESRB



Unten was relaxing in his room at Fantendo Castle. When suddenly, the earth shook. Unten looked behind him. The only thing he saw was a red face, teeth, strain marks, evil eyes, a scar, and a knife in his----

Unten woke up. He was fine. He got out of bed, yawned, stretched, and..... his room had been looked through by someone. All his drawers were open. His stuff was all over the floor. Someone had been in here. And someone knew where Unten lived.

It was a nice day in Fantendo Castle. Everyone was having a very large feast, when Megaman ran in, accompanied by Kirby, Mario, Sonic, and Link. King Plumber got out of his chair and walked up to Megaman, asking what happened. Megaman explained that he was fighting Robot Masters when a big, red portal appeared and all the Robot Masters were disintegrated. Something similar happened to Kirby, Mario, Sonic, and Link. Unten ran out of his room screaming about what had recently happened to him. Plumber compared the situations and declared that they must be related. Nightwolf, accompanied by Oshtyo, Spyborg, Wheelzen, and Charmer ran in, and said that a red demon had destroyed the land Nightwolf was near. Similar things had happened to the four other heroes. King Plumber declared lockdown-all exits of Fantendo Castle would be blocked off, and no one could enter..... or leave.

King Plumber searched for hours, looking for the mysterious person who was in Unten's room. When, suddenly, "FWOOSH!" A robot was standing right behind Plumber. "Who...... are you?" Plumbs asked. "I AM THE FANO. GIVE ME THE GEM." "What gem?" "I REPEAT. GIVE THE GEM" "I don't have any-" "THIS IS YOUR FINAL WARNING" "Why do you need a gem, anyway?" "BECAUSE OF D.A.R.K." and the robot disappeared. "Woah...." said King Plumber, who was terrified. Then he noticed a note on the floor. It said this:

We are D.A.R.K, also known as Deadly Attack Recon Kharacters. We know what you are looking for and who you are. Give us the Gem.

King Plumber ran into the main hall and called another meeting. He told everyone about what had happened. They decided they needed to go stop D.A.R.K. from finding the mysterious gem, because with a name like D.A.R.K. they probably are up to no good.

Meanwhile, an insane, red face lurked in the shadows of the dungeon of Fantendo Castle. He was watching a small crystal ball, which was showing the meeting. Small, transparent images of sad Beorns floated around the orb. "Ha, ha, ha." said the mysterious one, as he clapped slowly. "What an idiot." The villain stepped out of the shadows. He was red. Scars. Creepy eyes. He was holding a knife. He was the nefarious Netnu. As King Plumber dismissed the meeting, Netnu stared at the orb, which scene changed to walking down a hall. The scene then showed a door with 001 on it, and a picture of a blue beorn. Unten. "They killed me....." said Netnu. "But you can't keep all Beorn's down, Eliza." and he laughed maniacally. The scene on the crystal ball now showed nothing. Netnu cursed quietly, and walked away.

Unten had just fallen asleep, when the phone rang. "Hello? Who is it?" asked Unten. "Unten! I'm trapped in the castle dungeon! Save me!" said a nice female voice. "Who are you?" "My name is Princess Pine! I'm trapped in the castle dungeon! Save me!" the voice on the phone repeated. "OK." said Unten, and he ran down the hall into the dungeon. Netnu's crystal ball now was a blur of halls and doors.

McBoo, YoshiEgg Nook, Oxus, Dashed Koopa, Metallix-117, Lemmykoopa24, and Karma were worried. McOober had recently shown up and stolen McBoo's hat, which McBoo took back. YoshiEgg Nook just had a close encounter with CrackedEgg, Oxus was battling a warrior that matched his own skill, Dashed Koopa was surronded by zombie koopas, Metallix-117's forms wouldn't changed, Lemmykoopa24 had to battle a mysterious evil koopaling, and Karma had fallen down a bottomless pit. Yes, for some reason, SOMEONE was messing with our heroes. But who? "It must have something to do with this D.A.R.K. gang..." said Nightwolf, who ran into the room, shuffling through papers. "Indeed" said everyone else, except YoshiEgg Nook who said "Yup!"

Meanwhile, a whole bunch of people was in an underground room. Netnu's room. They were:






Lord Ganon

Dr. Wily

The Groo

Commander Koopa


Fano v2


All of them were chattering except for Netnu and Fano v2. Netnu then said "Settle down, everyone!" and everyone did. "Now, then, your worst enemies have been living at Fantendo Castle." "Yeah....." they all said. "We are here to destroy!" Suddenly, a voice called out "GAAAAAAAAAH" but nobody heard it but Netnu. "Eliza?" he said, wondering why the familiar voice said that. Everyone else in the room was confused. "Huh?" they all said. "Tell you later" said Netnu, who ran out the door.

Unten was at the bottom of the castle. Vile fumes were in the room, making Unten cough and hack. He wanted to turn back, but for some reason he couldn't. Eventually, he tripped and stumbled into a large room. A green, female Beorn was in the middle of the room in a large chamber. Just then. Netnu entered from the other side of the room.





NPC's and Other Characters


Other Stuff


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