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Team Daifrurae is a exploration team in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Adventures to the Abyss and Journey to the Beyond. They are said to be famous for finding a rare treasure known to be as "Mysterious Gold Prism Orb" when they where just pre-evolution forms back in their days. They are the founders of Exploration Rescue Team Headquarters.

Team Members

Main Members

  • Probopass (Leader)
  • Aromatisse (Partner/Assistant of Probopass)
  • Mightyena (Third member and tracker of outlaws)
  • Togekiss (Fourth member)

Other Members

Certain members of the team who aren't part of the main members stay or running the Exploration Rescue Team HQ.

  • Heracross
  • Flaaffy
  • Diggersby


  • Their team's name is based on the Japanese names of the team member's pokémon species: Probopass (ダイノーズ Dainose), Aromatisse (フレフワン Frefuwan), and Mightyena (グラエナ Guraena)

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