Team Carbon is an enemy team from the Pok'emon franchise.  There main plan is to be able to transform pok'emon into a completely different pok'emon so ugly pok'emon (like Stunfisk) and weaklings (like Magikarp) to not exist.  The leader is Captain Argon.


.  Noble (You battle him 3 times)

. Neody (You battle her 2 times)

. Gadolin (he doesn't battle you at all)

.  Of course you battle Captain Argon.  He battles you 3 times.


The first time you see them is when Argon catches a magikarp at the beginning of the players journey.  Argon mention how weak magikarp is and how it might be posssible to turn it into something greater.  He then says he will show the trainer how weak Magikarp is.  The trainer beats him, and Argon tries to get the trainer to join him by saying he can turn all his/her pok'emon into any pok'emon he/she wants, but the trainer refuses.  Then Argon leaves.

After that the player encounters Noble, Neody, Gadolin, and Team Carbon grunts who try many different ways to change their pok'emon's DNA, but they never work because sometimes the player put a stop to it, and sometimes their machines don't work.  However, once the player earns 6 gym badges, he/she meets Argon again with an attempt to change a pok'emon's DNA, but the machine doesn't work.  Argon then tells the trainer that he has failed so many times, but he nows has a plan to work.  He plans to capture the pok'emon Mew, and force it to change his magikarp's DNA. Then he leaves.

After the trainer gets all 8 gym badges, he/she then goes to a tower to stop Team Carbon.  He/she defeats the grunts and Executives Noble and Neody and geets to Argon.  He battles you, and after you beat him, he says he stalled you so now Team Carbon, who have captured Mew, can use its power with what they call "The Ultimate Machine."  Argon told Mew that it would only be useful once because he plans to turn his Magikarp into another Mew, so it could change the world for the worse.  However, trapped Mew still had some power to retaliate, but the only way to stop  Argon was for Mew to absorb his Magikarp's DNA.  After Mew has done that, it attempts to absorb Argon's DNA.  Argon screams for the trainer to save him, and that he would do anything for him/her if he was saved.  The trainer battles Mew, and whether he/she catches or knocks out Mew, Mew restores  Argon and Maikarp's DNA.  The trainer tells Argon to disband Team Carobn, and he does, because he always keeps his promises.  Gadolin, who has been eavesdropping on what was happening, says Argon is a shame and plans to keep team Carbon going.  However, Argon's Magikarp evolves into Gyrados and chases him away.  Argon then says perhaps Magikarp wasn't so pathetic at all, and then leaves.  The trainer then starts to get ready for the Elite Four.


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