Teamankoku logo

The Team Ankoku logo.

Team Ankoku (暗黒団 Ankoku-dan) is a griefer group in the anime film Godzilla vs. The Destruction Drill. They are known for causing destruction to cities around the world and in Japan. The only machine used for causing destruction is the Destruction Drill, which is destroyed by Godzilla's Atomic Breath.


There are four admins to Team Ankoku. They are:

Dr. Manhole

The leader of the group. He is in charge of the group and is known for planning to cause destruction.

Keel Sark

A troublemaker ninja who leads the destruction. He is a fierce rival against the Driller Team.

Eguri Hatakeyama

Keel's sidekick and is rude and disrespectful. Causes destruction by using her whip drill.


An android stolen from the Driller Institute. He is nice to everybody, but causes destruction by shooting missiles in three directions.


Dark Cannons

Grunts are usually seen carrying weapons that fire black arrows, which can turn people into trophies and cause extreme sadness upon the victim, paralyzing them and draining them of color.

Destruction Drill

Tumblr mwfjazT1WC1t0km6ro10 250

Image of the Destruction Drill Driller Card from Mr. Driller Drill Land.

A weapon used to destroy mass amounts of land. It is almost impossible to destroy unless attacked by another monster.

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