Team All-Stars
Developer(s) Gear Games
Publisher(s) Gear Games
Platform(s) Evo-Gem
Release Date(s)
Star Snatch, Capture the Trophy, Payload, Smash Run, City Trial, Offline Training
Age Rating(s)
Rated T for intense Cartoon Violence or if Blood Mode on, Rated M for Blood and Gore (only on TF2 characters)
Genre(s) MOTA (Multiplayer Online Team-based Action) game
Series Various
Media Included Retail disc


Manual(s) Electronic

Enclosed instruction booklet

Team All-Stars is a multiplayer online team-based action (also known as MOTA) game developed and published by Gear Games. It features many of the creator's favorite characters from various franchises, whatever it is from universally praised to universally panned from vocal fandoms, fighting each other on a team of two or four in wide and large stages. Unlike most MOBA games, this one is a MOTA game as mentioned above, since the action is live and quick-paced like in Action games.

It had made a mix-and-match of gameplays from several games; the no-teamkill and respawn mechanics and the Payload game mode from TF2, the Super Mario 64 DS' multiplayer mode that the creator called it "Star Snatch" as the new type of game mode, the Team Techniques from Super Mario Team-Mania that works a bit differently, and the giant sized playable characters, familiar from the Tera Inklings and Tera Octolings from Splatoon Splash-Out.

The game is universally praised for its diverse cast, the innovative fusion of Action game and traditional Multiplayer online games, the fun, simple but fast paced game modes and being a fast-paced multiplayer online team-based action game. It is however got criticism for being too fast-paced which forces the players to train in Offline Training first, prone of annoying memes from any players, including those that are not even something to do with any of the included franchises, and limited amount of game modes for the start, although the latter problem will be solved as additional game modes will be coming through via Updates.


As mentioned, Team All-Stars is a Multiplayer Online Team-Based Action game, although the game can also be played alone or with friends offline. The player and its teammates have to accomplish its objective, and that objective varies between the gamemode. However, the enemy team will do the same (or the opposite depended on the gamemode) and the two teams have to defeat each other in order to progress further. The team who succeeded their objective will have all of their respective players as victors. Hitting a teammate is not possible unless when using certain characters, but healing them is actually possible.

Each character have 8 different moves at a time, with four moves for each two move sets. Not all of them are attacking, as some of them debuff the enemies, buff the user themselves or help an ally.

Upon defeating the same enemy three times (two as a Giant against a regular), the Domination is claimed and indicate that the player is dominating the enemy, like in Team Fortress 2. Unlike that game, however, in here it will also boost the enemy's stats when locking on his Nemesis, and it increases further the more that enemy got defeated until it finally defeated its Nemesis. The enemy's increased stats only affect on itself and the Nemesis, no one else.

Falling into a pit or similar hazards such as lava are not instant death, but do instead halve your HP until the player have one HP left, which then can knock the player out. Water, while not a hazard by itself and the characters are granted with unlimited air supply like in Super Mario 64, can actually hurt certain characters such as the Inklings.

If the player got knocked out, it will wait (if possible) and then respawn to its Team Zone. There are two Team Zones, one for each team, and there are zones called Restricted Zones, mostly where they respawn, where only the respective team can go; if the Restricted Zone is colored blue, for example, the Red Team cannot interact this zone at all.

While aesthetic, the two teams also have varied colors, whatever it is the opposite or not, and it also affect the color of the TF2 characters, Splatoon characters (including Seafear) and their Ink, Yoshis, Kirbys and, oddly, King K. Rool (skin/scales) and Bowser (shell). The two selected colors will not be nearly matches (such as blue and dark blue, or green and lime green) to avoid confusion. If the player desires, it can set it to Default Colors where the team colors are always Blue and Red. The characters, including those who are altered by the team color, can also be recognized if they have an enemy-team-colored ring under them, meaning that they are enemy or enemies. NPC enemies will have neither colors unless controlled by the enemy Team.

Each character have two Upgrades that can be activated by the character selection. An Upgraded Character is a more performant than its normal counterpart, and some of them had made then into new Giants, such as Bowser's Giga Bowser Upgrade, Dr. Eggman's Death Egg Robot Summon, Inklings and Seafear's Tera Transformation Upgrade and Slanito's Poison Growth Upgrade. Two Giants can also do the inverse which means from Giant to normal-sized, such as Ganon with the Ganondorf Upgrade and Unbound Hoopa with Confined Hoopa upgrade.

Marx and Queen Sectionia's both Upgrades are involving their Soul (Marx Soul and Soul of Sectonia, respectively) but the other version is their Giant counterpart from Kirby & Magolor: Huge Trouble.


The game only uses the Evo-Gem Controller and the Tablet version itself.

Button/Stick Action
Left Control Stick Move the character
Right Control Stick Look around/Aim/Select target (during Lock-On)
Directional Panel (+) Select a message. Up and down to scroll a cateogry and left or right to send one of the two messages. (Help!/Objective/Go go go!/Thank you!/Spy!/Giant!! as examples.)
Touch Screen/Motion Pointer + A Multiple purposes, such as for to check the locations with the Evil Queen's Mirror, or to locate where the Inkling's Inkstrike will strike
A Move 1
B Move 2
X Move 3
Y Move 4
W Jump
V Accelerate (Raise Speed when running but turn much less).
L Block/Dodge, press twice and hold to Duck, press twice and hold to Lower Attitude.
R Grab/Throw/Team Throw
L/R + A Team Technique (when Team meter is maximized)
ZL or ZR Scroll left or right from the four Movesets, respectively
Start/+ Menu Screen (Resume, Change Character, Options, Mute, Change Team in Private Match when allowed to, Quit)
Select/- Map and Team Stats
Mic Voice Chat (optional)

Versus Gamemodes

Star Snatch Banner

Star Snatch

The first gamemode, and the most unique does to the unusual objective seen in multiplayer online games; get the most Stars or similar objects for your team more than the enemy team. The Stars are found everywhere; well hidden, held by an NPC Enemy, when fiding a specific NPC, near a hazard to anyone, when collecting the eight Red Coins, and so on.

If a player get knocked out by an enemy (not by an ally), it will have its Star dropped and that enemy will have a chance to get it. A Giant character that got knocked out will drop two team-colored Stars of the opposing team, and it and the allies cannot recover them until the enemies get them, making the Giants a rather high-risk but high-reward class.

There are two ways that the game ends; by reaching the Star Cap (usually 30) or the time limit runs out. The team with the most Stars will win the match, but if the time runs out and the two teams have the same amount of time, an Overtime of one minute is added, and the player who collects another Star will make its Team wins.

If the Overtime of one minute had run out and the two/four teams are still tied, then a Sudden Death is occurring. A single Star is hidden somewhere and the two teams have to find it to win. Any knocked out teams cannot respawn and Giants cannot get one until there are only Giants left on their respective teams. If the team has knocked out all of the players of the opposing team or if they got the Star, they will win the match. A stalemate (a tie) will only occur if two players (one from each team) are knocked out at the same time.

If the Sudden Death had passed two minutes, the hidden Star will gravitate to the nearest player but also the place is invaded by NPC enemies, meaning that the players have to hurry up.

Payload Banner


This gamemode play the same of its origin game, Team Fortress 2; the attacking team must deliver the cart (or anything that advances slowly but cannot be destroyed) until they reached the end. The attacking players only need to push the cart by standing near it and got healed and have most moves to recharge faster, although Giants can only be healed and recharge faster as they cannot push it.

The defensive team must instead stop it at all cost, and prevent the attacking team from reaching the end with the cart. If even one player of the defensive team, unless if it is a Giant, stand near it, then it can block the cart. If the cart is left untouched by the offensive team for enough time, then the cart will be pushed back, and the Giant of the defensive team can push it back faster, but the Giant of the attacking team can then push it forward even better than anyone is able to, but only for several seconds.

The match starts with five minutes, but the attacking players will gain more time each time they reached a checkpoint. If the attacking team had reached the end (usually near the defending team's Respawn Zone), they will win the match but if time runs out, then the defending team will win. An overtime will occur if time runs out but there are still players of the attacking team, and the attacking team will automatically lose if their pushing players are either all defeated or simply stopped pushing it. This gamemode cannot result in a tie in normal circumstances.

An alternative version is the Payload Race, where instead of just the attacking team pushing the cart, two or four teams will have to push their own team-colored cart until the finishing point. This type of match is divided into two rounds; one to give the winning team of this round an advantage and the next one as the one who reached the end is the winner.

Unlike the regular Payload match, when the time runs out, the Payload Race will force all two, three or four team-colored carts (depended on how many teams) to advance even when blocked, and advance further when even a Giant player on respective team is near it. This is both to prevent a tie and to prevent stalling the match for too long.

CtT Banner

Capture the Trophy

Capture the Trophy plays like traditional CTF (Capture the Flag) but with a twist; each player of each team will be designed as a Royal Player and can deliver the Trophy faster. The Trophy of the enemy team must be put on the Capture Base of the player's team. However, the Giant, while having to wait five seconds before grabbing the enemy's Trophy, can immediately bring the trophy of their team back to their base and also destroy the enemy's Capture Base and another one will respawn, slowing down the enemy team's capturing process.

If a Royal Player is taken down, that player will respawn but another player will be claimed as the new Royal Player, and only those who are in their own team zone will be assigned as such. If no one were in their team zone, then the respawned Royal Player will remain as such, but if it disconnects, kicked out or banned, a new player will be assigned as such no matter the circumstance.

Faster player, especially the Chasers who are the fastest, will be slow down when holding the enemy's trophy or when bringing their team's trophy back to the base, except the Scout who keeps his speed, while slower players will be accelerated a bit. When holding the trophy of either team, the player cannot be invincible (by Ubercharge or by other ways), cannot be invisible, and cannot disguise as someone else, leaving it vulnerable against enemy's strike back. Also, it will be tracked by the HUD so the enemy team can track the Trophy's stealer quickly. The players use their HUD in order to know where are their Trophy and the enemy team(s)'s trophy, which is very useful for tactics.

The match will end if the point limit of captured Trophies is reached, or if times runs out. If it is a tie, then an Overtime of two minutes will be given and the team who captured the enemy team's trophy one more time will win. If there is still no captures, then it will turn into a Sudden Death Match and the condition as of Overtime is the same, but this time no one can respawn, and if all of a team's players are knocked out, then the other team will win by default.

A variation of this game is One Trophy, which is only one neutral Trophy that both or the four teams can capture it. The gameplay is the same aside of a single neutral trophy. The neutral trophy will not match the color of both teams (i.e. if one team is purple and the other one is green, the neutral will be neither of it, and it will be either black, blue, yellow, white and so on).

Smash Run

Smash Run is a mode from the Super Smash Bros., but precisely even more based on the Smash Run from Super Smash Bros. Great Fray in term of even less annoying enemies and for interaction with other players. It starts as a Free-for-All (one of the few gamemode that allow a Free-for-All) or the usual 20-vs-20, or even Four-Teams-of-10. The final battle always sticks the team format from the beginning of the match, however.

Most of the mode works like Smash Run from Super Smash Bros. Great Fray, although some features are tweaked or added such as Character Icons in the case of All-Cast Mode and others mechanic to be consistent with the traditional gameplay of Team All-Stars. Also before the match start, the Final Battle will be announced after the first ten seconds. Giant Icons are a bit rarer does to their overwhelming stats, and Upgraded Icons are also rarer.

When time runs out, the players will see what would the Final Battle look likes, in case of All-Cast Mode, the players will choose which of their characters they collected will suit best for the Final Battle. The player (or team) who scored the best will be victorious.

City Trial

This mode originated from Kirby Air Ride plays similarly to Smash Run, but with multiple differences; you starts as a weak Kirby without Copy Ability (called Starter Kirby), and you switches between characters as you touch the Character Icon. Another difference is that Stats appears by themselves, but enemies can be set to appear during a match of this mode. Normal and Upgraded Characters alike had equal chances to be dropped.

Giants can only be available for the player if he/she collects three Giant Keys, similarly to how the player collect the respective Legendary Air Ride Machines, Dragoon and Hydra, only that the Giant Keys will give out any Giant Character. Upgraded Characters that are considered as Giant are also treated this way.

Another way to collect is to defeat a Neutral CPU that wonders around the battlefield. There is a rare chance that it could be a Giant Character, but they are notably tougher does to their higher stats overall.

Co-Op Gamemodes

These modes are different in that the players are all on the same team and work together to defeat the CPU opponents, which include regular and special type of opponents. Up to twenty four players can play any of these modes, with the exception of Raids which had up to a hundred players possible.

All characters had their own exclusive perks that is available right from the start; the Scout can respawn instantly when defeated, Kirby can use Copy Abilities for indefinite time, and some characters such as Bowser can take command of respective enemies instead of having to fight them. In Bowser's case, he will command the Koopa Troop-related enemies such as Goombas and Chargin' Chucks.

The efficiency of each characters tend to be different in this mode does to the bigger emphasis on cooperation. Support characters had become much more needed while Giants had become prone of being targeted by enemies, while Speedy characters can spawn faster.

To buy Upgrades, the players need to collect the Golds as the currency by defeating the enemies and completing Medals, such as Double K.Os and Undefeated (where you were not knocked out at all during the wave or Arena Trap). The Golds that are spawned with red aura are still earned even when disappeared, and will happens if a Sniper had scored a headshot kill, or a Spy that succeeded to perform a Backstab or Sapping kill.

The Spy's Sapping is greatly enhanced in this mode, as it can now greatly damage even Giant-based Machiclones, which also leaves them vulnerable to incoming attacks. This is to compensate of Machiclones having an above average AI navigation skill and tend to be on group.

Machiclones Attack

An adventure-styled mode where twenty four players had to work together through the various levels, facing through enemies from various franchises and the Machiclones, mechanical clones based on the playable characters.

They can buy multiple upgrades that includes, but not limited to, Stat Increasement (Attack, Speed, etc.), specific resistances, Perks (Abilities where availability varies between characters) and health regeneration. The players had to spend carefully, as each levels had various enemies that encourage some upgrades to be purchased and used.

The mode discourage players from being defeated all at once; shall this happens, they will all respawn to the previous checkpoint and all progress after that checkpoint are null. This is especially important to know during boss battles.

Bosses are either a more powerful version of Machiclones, or characters yet to be playable being surprisingly stronger than a normal character or have multiple phrases. All levels had one main goal, and not all of them involve defeating the boss. In fact, some bosses are placed in the middle or even at the beginning of certain level.

Defend the Core

A co-op mode inspired from Tower Defense genre games, where the player had to protect the Core at all cost from waves of Machiclones and enemies. As each wave completed, tougher waves of enemies will appear, but upgrades will help the players to keep going.

Unlike similar modes such as Team Fortress 2's Mann Versus Machine and Overwatch's Uprising, this mode will allow up to twenty four players. One of the main reasons are the increased presence of the enemies and to make the mode itself less pressuring, but the respawn time is slightly increased which makes the player had to be more careful.

The TF2's Tanks, the Super Mario's Airships and the Sonic the Hedgehog's Death Egg Sentinels are the vehicle-type enemies that are resilient, but easily crushed by Giants and rewards a lot of Golds, but cannot be pushed away or slowed down except from Upgraded Strength and (even non-upgraded) Giants. They are more frequent in this mode than in other modes.

The Final Wave of each missions is particular in that they always have a Super Machiclone, a more advanced Machiclone with multiple perks and heightened stats that make them very difficult to defeat without a strategy and teamwork, but are very slow (or fast but unable to attack the Core). Defeating it will automatically win the Final Wave.


There are 82 playable characters from the release of the game, all available from the start. Each of them is categorized by Classes, meaning their general specialty, as well as each of them having their own abilities.

Attack ClassDefense ClassStrength ClassChaser ClassSupport ClassTrickster ClassGiant Class

  • Attacker: Specialize on getting into the objective and very good on combat. They all have their own way to go through the enemy base. Attackers are symbolized with a red hit-mark, a reference of hitting effect when successfully dealt in action and fighting games.
  • Defender: Specialize on defending the objective they have to protect. Most of them don't just stay on their territory; they also capable of slowing down or even completely stop the offensive threat. They are symbolized with a blue shield.
  • Strength: Physically very strong characters capable for hand-to-hand combat and capable of lifting anyone, even the Giant characters. All have great stats but usually have a crippling low stat, but they make up for it by stopping the Attackers at the same time to penetrate the Defenders. They are symbolized with, obviously, an orange upward fist.
  • Chaser: Chaser are very fast, and even the fastest of the characters. They specialize on hit-and-run strategy, and it works against any classes, even Giants, but if they got cornered, they have to use their wit to escape or fight back hard. They are symbolized with white-yellow running feet.
  • Support: They spend more on giving support to their teammates than going or defending an objective. Their way to support varies between characters but they also actually able to fight at the right moment. They are symbolized with an angelic wing.
  • Trickster: Those who are unique on their own and have various play-style depended on the player's taste. They don't fit any of above and can be tough to deal with by good players without being prepared for it. They are symbolized with a unique design of a creature that is exhaling a fog.
  • Giant: This Class is unique by the fact that they are huge, powerful and imposing, but also take spaces and thus unable to go to tight places. They also interact differently to objectives, mostly negative for themselves, to prevent them from being too useful and thus they are all about breaking stuff up. The general best counter is a Strength. The Giant are symbolized with a black and white upward arrow.

The characters have their own stats of HP, Attack, Defense, Speed and Agility, but Pokémon characters rather have HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense and combine Speed and Agility into one.

  • HP determine how much hit points the character have. The higher the character's HP, the more it HP it can have via Overheal from various sources and also able to do objectives faster. It works the same with Pokémon.
  • Attack determine how hard the character can hit. The higher, the stronger their attack will be. Pokémon only uses this stat when using physical or strength-using moves such as Earthquake and Close Combat.
  • Defense determine how resistant the character is. The more, the less damage it will take. Unlike HP, it does not affect the objectives at all.
  • For Pokémon, there are Special Attack and Special Defense, which are for energy-using or just distant attacks. Special Attack determine how strong the user's Special Attacks will be. If using on a non-Pokémon character, it will calculate on the defending character's Defense, no matter how.
  • Special Defense is how much the Pokémon will resist on distant attacks that are not strength-using. Like Defense, it does not affect the objectives. If the Pokémon got attacked by a non-Pokémon, the Special Defense will apply if the attack is not strength-based such as a thrown rock or thrown object.
  • Speed determinate how fast the character is, and the higher, the faster. However, faster characters tend to have low defense and also don't make the objective as good as others with the pure exception of the Scout. Most also have usually low defense.
  • Agility determine how high the character can jump, and how well it can perform dodges and other actions that are not attacking nor supporting. Giants often have low Agility, with the exception of Master Hand and Crazy Hand, and some Giant Variants of some characters. Agility is not entirely used for Pokémon and is instead part of Pokémon's Speed stat.

The Pokémon and other elemental characters also don't have any offensive nor defensive resistance nor vulnerability, but elemental attacks do either boost or hinder some characters (such as water attacks cleans away the ink from the Inklings). This allows some interesting match-up such as Swampert finally able to stand up against Lilligant and Chesnaught, but also means that Infernape has much fewer problems to take on the same Swampert too.


The roster of the characters available in the initital release is settled in alphabetic order by default, while newer characters added via patches such as Reinhardt and Junkrat are added in order of addition after Yoshi. The player can rearrange the roster in the Arrange Roster option.


Character Description
SoldierSalute Ten-Hut, maggots! The Soldier is an easy-to-use class does to his versatile purposes; blasting maggots- eh, enemies with his rocket launcher, blasting the Engineer's buildings with his rocket launcher, rocket jumping with his rocket launcher, and so on. But the rocket launcher is not his only weapon, no sir!
TF2Pyro No one know if it is a he, a she, or anything else, but we are certain that the Pyro is a pyromaniac, and seemingly see fire as fuel to his favorite imaginary land, Pyroland. He also have childish behavior at time, explaining the Pyroland. Its flamethrower isn't just to burn out the enemies; it is also useful to reflect many projectiles with an airblast, and also able to push unaware victims with such airblast.
SniperTF2 The Sniper is a polite, effeciant and pee-jar throwing man from New Zealand (mistaken for an Australian does to his Australian habits) who is no serial killer, but a respecting mate who do his job both seriously and effieciantly. Like the Spy, he is more of an assassin as he take distance to take down his enemies, especially since he is a specialist of BOOM, headshots. While not as lethal as in TF2. it can still make ton of damage and can wear down a Strength and even a Giant quickly!
TransparentCutman You would think that CutMan will not make up for it? Maybe, but he is no wimp anymore, at least in this game; he is both fast, agile and surprisingly damaging, and his Rolling Cutter can hurt even those who are trying to block, and the Pyro's airblast and other reflecting techniques will just bring the scissor back to CutMan without even harming him! His wall kick also allow him to reach places not easy to reach, and he got a lot of sharp attack that allow him to deal deadly and cutthroat combos! He can even pull a zero-to-death combo for those who aren't strong enough or not being prepared for this, so master him, and you can prove that CutMan is strong in his own right!
474Porygon-Z Porygon-Z is one peculiar Pokémon; it was evolved from Porygon2 with the Devious Disc via trading, and it is reasonably more powerful but more frailing than its pre-evolutions. On the plus, it got Download to raise the Attack Stat, Special Attack or Speed Stat depended on the target's lower defense (Defense, Special Defense or Speed itself) and Adaptability to make it Normal moves more powerful. As if this is not enough, it huge Hyper Beam attack can pulverize even a Giant!
539Sawk You can tell that it is a Hitmon ripoff, but the truth is that the Hitmon are not the only pure Fighting Pokémon and this Pokémon, while only able to use hand-to-hand moves, have a defensive Ability usually reserved for defensive Pokémon; Sturdy, that block every single OHKO attacks and highly powerful attacks (including a headshot from a Sniper and a backstab from a Spy! The irony!), but also endure any powerful attack that could cost all of his HP.
549Lilligant A cute and elegant Grass Pokémon (Grass/Light in Mighty and Nasty versions, and certain versions) from the Unova region. She may look frail, but her move Quiver Dance, the fact that she can use Petal Dance without ending up being confused (thanks to Own Tempo), get faster in sunlight or bright environement with Chlorophyll, and can gain back some HP via Giga Drain, and light-based attacks such as Solar Beam and Sun Burn! Talk about a lady-like Pokémon who can fight very well!
Slanito Lines Have you ever seen a villainous but actually good-looking Toad in the Mushroom Kingdom? Meet Slanito, who unlike Toads who are cowardly and defenseless, Slanito can fight on his own and is the most threatening Toad you will ever met. Both strong and fast, he can also poison his enemies with his poisonous attacks and his Poison Mushrooms. He can also use black magic to debuff those who take their distance, too. This allow mindgames from good players, and as if this is not bad enough, he can also be boosted and even grown up by poisonous environments and attacks! (To avoid making him overpowered, poisonous attack from teammates will not affect him.)
Wolf render smash wii u 3ds style by machriderz-d8nym1k Wolf is the one who will take Fox down--wait, Fox and the other Star Fox members are not here? Then Wolf will take the enemies down as his practice dummies! Strong and agile, his various weaponary can deal various problems to his enemies. He also become more aggressive when having a negative status of any kind, and this will make him hit harder and run faster! He may be a literal lone wolf, but if he can treat his Star Wolf teammates with dignity as long as they don't go too greedy or too wimpy, he can still trust his same-team allies.
Red Happily Ever After There are many versions of Red Riding Hood, but this one is not a little girl you will usually meet. Unlike the other versions, she is raised by wolves instead of being enemy of the Big Bad Wolf (from what we heard so far), and she become a monster slayer when she go to get a life of her own. She usually communicate with growls and sarcastic remarks, but if there is something she is unsure or something not right like a Kirby who is actually an enemy Spy, she will openly say it. She is fast and while not strong, her various attacks such as throwing an axe can make her dangerous.
Jawling An aggressive playable species from Splatoon 2: Inkvasion. Like the Inklings, they can swim in their own ink in their shark form, albeit they consume ink a bit faster. To make up for it, their physical attacks are all about snapping their jaw at their opponent; the Jawlings are dangerous to get close and even a Giant would scream in pain if their back (whatever it is rear-end or their body-back) if they got bitten by them! Be careful when waving with these shark-kids!
OperativeSP Operative is a fast, hard-hitting but fragile robot from Sparkplug. He can hit harder than anyone else in the Attacker category (with the exception of Jawlings if they are done right) and his Speed combined can be a pain to deal with, along with his small size to make him a hard target in distant combat. But remember, he is frail and some hits is good enough to take him down. Some said that he should be a Chaser but he is not as speedy as the likes of Scout and Yoshi, plus his Agility is not that great.
Nicome by WereWaffle Nicome is a demon who who fused with many souls of undead serial killers to become the ultimate form of demise itself. His dark magic and soul-based attacks can inflict various statuses, and can hold on his own when using right. The problem is that, no matter if Friendly Fire is on or off, it will always be Nicome who can hurt the other in order to boost himself. An abusive user of Nicome to annoy his own team can leave him vulnerable to Punishment Revenge from his teammates, and eventually disable the player to use him again. On the other hand, if he does trust his teammates, he can actually also share his buff when near his teammates.
BassMM10 Bass is Mega Man's rival and have an unknown true side that he is on (he could be possibly neutral at best), but he is swift, hard-hitting and have a rapid-fire shooting with his Bass Buster. Like Mega Man calling Rush, Bass can call Treble for not only his own support, but also mostly to take down enemies even faster. He may look arrogent, but with the right strategy and the right moment, Bass is a mighty robot able to take on even KiloBot!


Character Description
250px-Demoman Ka-beeewm!! That is his signature shout when his explosive weapons had made an epic kill! Or more of an epic multi-kill. The Demoman is one explosive Scottish man, and is either drunk, or have an explosive temper! He may look terrifying with that many explosive stuff that even Soldier don't have this much explosions, but he needs to aim well in order to make his bloody bombs works. But if these don't works, resort with his bootle of Scrumpy or even his deadly swords and his dashing shield! And the Ullapool Caper too, if his melee weapons are not explosive enough...
713Avalugg Avalugg is one of the slowest but also the highest Defense of all playable characters. An Ice-type defensive Pokémon is bad on both paper and practive, but thanks to the removal of Type effectiveness in favor of game balance, Avalugg is a bit venidicted by this. His low Special Defense is a bit frailing (raised to 80 to balance him though), so it is more preferable to use him to block close combattants. He can also deliver strong Ice physical attacks, such as the very strong but recoiling Ice move from Mighty and Nasty versions, Iceberg Crash.
706Goodra Like Avalugg, Goodra is a defensive Pokémon but with more orientation with Special Defense and is pure Dragon-type. She (yes this one is identified as female) can use various attacks such as Draco Meteor, Flamethrower, Aqua Tail and oddly from a Dragon-type, Infestation. During the rain or when swimming underwater, she quickly heal herself from any negative statuses with Hydration, and any contact will also reduce the enemy's Speed and Agility thanks to her Gooey ability. Has if this isn't enough, she also have Sap Sipper that raise her Attack instead of getting hit by any nature-themed moves and when eating plant-based foods.
480px-Rob SSB4 Render R.O.B. is a robot made as an add-on for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), and now become a full-ledged character since Mario Kart DS (what else do you think he become a full character? Super Smash Bros. Brawl?), and he have a lot of techniques to stop the enemies. His Arm-Swing can reflect most shots (except for bullets and CutMan's Rolling Cutter) back to the attacker without harm, and his Gyro Spinner can launch up to five spinning Gyros that damage anyone attempt to run through them, especially a bad surprise against Giants.
DJOctavio DJ Octavio is a bad-bass DJ who seems dumb, but he make up for it by controlling the Octorians for his protection. While going offensive is risky as the Octorians can be easily defeated, at defensive, he can make enough number to slow down the enemies. He can also attack by himself with sneaky traps such as the Octo-Shower and put up Squee-Gs to clean up enemies' ink when he is not around. Finally, he can temporary put the enemies immobolised with his dropping-bass-beat music.
GeneralSnickersExo Despite his full name, General Snickers Hershey Caramel, there is nothing delicious about his personality. He is a big "butthole" to many, if not all, people he ever met. Disrespectful, mischievous, malevolent, brawns over brain (despite being the strongest) and prefer to lay his back behind in order to let the others to do his things before he had time to react. What does make him a Defender is because he just lay in the allies' area most of the time to make a surprise attack on the enemies, as his attacks are only useful against unsuspecting targets. He can also hurt his allies like Nicome, to also buff his stats, but overdoing it and you will be targeted as a Traitor.
Jellyling Female One of the playable species from Splatoon 2: Inkvasion. Unlike Inklings and Jawlings, Jellylings is more advanced in technology and like others, they can use ink to shoot and swim in but in a different way to make ink with their electric conduct. They are slower than the other two playable species, but they make up for it by putting electricity on their ink and the allies' ink so that the enemies will get hurt if they attempt to pass through them. Talk about a shock for the enemies!
Fig 20 doclouis He's been a former champion of the heavyweight boxing, and is an engaged trainer of Little Mac. He may not the fastest boxer in the ring, but he know how to fight in boxing, and this goes the same with in battle. He can take a decent amount of damage thanks to his big HP and Defense, and can hit hard and quick, allowing Doc Louis to take out attacking foes when well played. He also love chocolate, too; he use a chocolate bar to recover his health, and if someone punched that out of his hand, he goes berserk and his Attack and Speed had increased.
Junkrat portrait Junkrat can I say properly...a destructive maniac who is not above of using explosives for chaotic goals and a figuratively explosive life of crime. And things is not prettier if he goes more maniacal and uses traps and trickery to not only slow down the attackers...but also blow them up into a million pieces. He is not a truly heartless monster however, and he will not hesitate to even say thank you if you helped him without getting on his way. He do have quite much redeeming virtues for a maniac like him.


Character Description
Heavy-1- Heavy Weapons Guy, or simply Heavy, is a boisterous bruise who is not afraid of calling others cowards and babies, and despite looking fat, his strength is not something to deny, explaining about lifting his various miniguns with ease. He is one of the slowest but also pack a lot of health, and also pack a lot of punch, too. He uses foods such as Sandvich to heal himself when Medic or other healing supports are not around. Just don't make him angry.
Gutsman One of the two most well known Robot Masters of the Mega Man series, along with CutMan. He may look all brawn and no brain but don't be fooled by his imposing build; he is not exactly dumb, but a bit smart, and also reasonable and dislike arguing with anyone. Doesn't stop him for being stronger than Bowser, and only losing to FrostMan and KiloBot in term of Defense among the Strength. His Super Arm, however, enhance his lift speed and throw distance into almost unlimited, making him also a distant striker when needed to! Mess with his friends and allies, and you will regret it!
260Swampert That fully evolved starter of Hoenn seems ordinary, but he was mighty at his time. Let's not forget that he is also the top tier of Super Smash Bros. Great Fray, a feat that is rare, if not impossible, for heavyweights! Now back to the main subject; Swampert is a versatile, bulky and strong Pokémon capable of using multiple kind of moves, including Mighty and Nasty's Ocean Bash. His balanced stats, despite a bit low Speed, make him adaptable for newer players, too. Swampert is also immune to electric attacks, giving an advantage against KiloBot.

Wa ha ha! It's-a-me, Wario! You better remember me, fella, 'cause I was an awesome and headsome man ever since my debut, Super Mario Land 2: The Six Golden Coins! I had a "slight" decay since Wario Land: Shake It in term of adventure and prescence but Gear Games give me some mega-respect ever since Wario Land: Stellar Greed, and now even after the end of Year of Wario (taking place in 2022), I had recovered my full glory, if not even beyond that! Alright, back to the important subject, shall we? In this game, I am strong and swift, and can pull out my awesome Mad Moves to beat the heck out of them! Don't forget about my signature Shoulder Dash, Earthshake Punch and, if you love toiler humor, my Wario Waft!

Bowser MP10 The King of Koopa...oh for Peach's shake, everyone know him already, he need to learn his mistakes if he want to successfully conquer the Mushroom Kingdom! Anyway, Bowser is strong (second strongest next to GutsMan), fast, solid and can jump high, but also have limited range outside of his Fire Breath and throwing things. Without Mario in this game, who could stop him!? Oh, Yoshi, of course. If not anybody else able to trick him...but like every Strength characters, going straight hand-to-hand, unless you are also Strength or a Giant, is a big, big mistake.
King Kube KiloBot He looks a bit odd, don't you think? Don't laugh at this big, bad robot, however; he is both even stronger than GutsMan and some of the Giants, and even more solid than FrostMan and most Giants! Although he got awful Speed and mediocre Agility, anyone who attempt to attack KiloBot without thinking is going to be crushed, electrofied and then crushed again! He cannot be harmed by weak attacks and cannot be flinched aerial attacks, but Spy's Sapper can easily slow him down, but not enough to completely stop him! What a such imposing robot! At least he does cares for his army and is good sportsman...
Winston (Overwach) You think that this game is Overwatch-free? Too bad! Winston goes ape! Anyway, Winston is both very strong and agile like Donkey Kong, but have better Defense thanks to his armor but also a bit slower because of that. To distinct himself further from Donkey Kong, instead of throwing barrels, he use genuine weapons! But he can go mad like DK, with his Primal Rage, and things will not goes pretty even for the sneakiest Trickster, as Winston's Primal Rage allow him to find any enemies no matter what...and whack them to no end. Ouch.
Frost Man FrostMan may be really strong, but unlike GutsMan, he is a real dumbbell. Doesn't stop him from being an imposing threat and can smash enemies within few seconds. His Ice Wave can also immobilize his victims, so that FrostMan can catch them and then CRUSH them! He also have more immunities than anybody else in this game; water, ice, bullet, and homing attack does no damage on him, which in trade exploding and fire attacks can interrupt him with ease. Take advantage of his immunities and even Snipers will cringe in rage!
DonkeyKongTF He's the leader of the bunch! You know him well! He's finally back, to kick some tail from that crazy King K. Rool!! You didn't say that change coming, did ya? Do not worry, Donkey Kong is not really a villain, simply a righteous Kong of the Kong family and rightful leader of the DK Crew of Donkey Kong Island. Giant Punch, Kong Cyclone, Hand Slap, anything more than just throwing barrels than back to Cranky Kong's days to, as we said, kick some tails. His Coconut can fire in burst, and if he shoot ya, its gonna hurt...real hard!
Kingkrool2 Like how Bowser is an arch-nemesis to Mario, King K. Rool is this to DK. The main difference is, which hero have a chance to kick the nemesis' tail in this game? (Spoilers: It's Donkey Kong.) He look like a goofier villain than Bowser but don't let that fool you; he runs faster and jump higher than Donkey Kong! Quite a feat for some fat king! (Bowser is close to this but K. Rool is more obvious...) And to add insult to injury (which he will dare, no jokes), he can also do dirty tricks, such as faking his "death" and even succeeded to believe the game that you did knocked him out...which in truth, he is not. Careless players will learn this the hard way.
König dedede King Dedede had started as Kirby's enemy, but becomes his best "frienemy" and nothing more worse. Nonetheless, King Dedede is the self-proclaimed king of Dreamland, with some ego to show with. His hammer with that can be transformed into Jet Hammer can leave some mark too. He can also run quite fast and can take aerial distance thanks to his inflate ability. He can also inhale and spit one into another enemy, but unlike Kirby, he cannot do Copy Ability. But imagine how much troublesome he will be if he can...
Shake King One of Wario's nemesis, and despite being succeeded by Bandinero King, he still take commend on some portion of the Bandineros as he shroud in shadow for his planning about his big next plan. In the meanwhile, after putting some tough fight in Super Smash Bros. Great Fray, he is back again to take on Wario again, but also some of the villains he looks funny. He is strong and swift like Wario, but he had power that Wario don't have, such as electric power (similar of KiloBot's) cannot be stopped with his attacks so easily...albeit he is not that quick in the ground, to be exact.
Lord Garchomp SI Lord Garchomp is one tough Dragon-type. He is no regular Garchomp, and you better know it. He had no true emotions and is pretty much the greediest Pokémon you would imagine. He is very strong and very fast, making him very good for offensive, although his attacks could also be harmful for his allies. The problem is that a careless player would end up to K.O. an ally at best...or the whole team at worst. Selfishness, thirst of murder and greed at utmost worst; when he is attacking his allies, this is your opportunity to stop him. It get better if the victim who are supposed to be your enemy will temporary truce with you, but make sure to stop the latter one afterward, in case of a trick.
652Chesnaught Chesnaught is a solid Pokémon immune to bullet and explosions thanks to Bulletproof, and can use good amount of fighting arsonals, such as Hammer Arm, Power Whip, Spiky Shield and Bullet Seed. Although more solid than Swampert, Chesnaught is not as strong in term of Attack and is a bit slower, so use his strength and defensive usages wisely. Of course, if there is an annoying Scout constantly shoot at you and go around and around you, then Chesnaught is your best ally.
Roadhog portrait m Roadhog is more than a roadhog. This one is a ruthless serial killer who claims to be a one-man apocalypse. His hog-themed mask and asthetics doesn't make him less savageous (despite his love of stuffed animals and ice cream, in extreme irony of his calm and serious demeanor) and he is mostly quiet, preferably to get his job done. He is often a partner-in-literal-crime with Junkrat, who beckers with each others but still cares for each others.
Reinhardt portrait As if Winston and Roadhog doesn't look imposing enough, take a look for this tough-looking German in an armor! But despite the fierce-looking armor, Reinhardt is actually a boisterous, justice-serving and lovable old, cool man who is still strong despite his old age. His large hammer is both damaging and powerful, and can put up a serious dent on those who are not prepared for him. He can also dash to put serious damage on opponents when collided with a wall or somethign else, and his Shield can also cover his allies from almost any ranged weapons. Watch out for his Earthshatter, his Ultimate Ability, too!


Character Description
Meta This mysterious knight have his past known (in the Anime at least), but his motivations remains one of the big questions. All we do know is that he, like Kirby, protect Dream Land from a big threat, although he is not above of wanted to be the greatest. His Speed and Agility is over-the-top, and can slash out enemies with honor and duty with his Galaxia Sword. Like we said, he is not above of attempt to be the greatest. He said that "Victory is his Destiny", so it can't be more obvious than that.
435px-Scout highFiveSuccessFull The Scout is a big ego who loves to get attention much of the other mercernaries' frustration, but also make up by being speedy, and able to make the objectives faster instead of slowing it down, unlike the other Speedy characters who are unable to do it that quick. This is notable when capturing a point and when pushing the Payload. Not only that, the scatterguns he have can actually leave more than a mark, and he will say his; "You will frickin' get more than a stupid headache tomorrow pal! And I will give you more pain for messin' with meh!"
Yoshi MP10 Mario's best buddy ever since Super Mario World...or chronologically, Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, when Mario is only a cry-baby literal baby (as Heavy would certainly say that if he saw that). Yoshi is quick and agile, and his Flutter Jump give him extra distance and height in the air. He is no sleuth though; he can gulp enemies to lay throw them at more enemies! He can only bring one egg at a time, but when used right, Yoshi can be surprisingly effective.
Seafear (Updated) Oh ho, this is a villain that even the rudest Inkling fear despite her beauty; this is Seafear, the Water Inkling and Empress of Rebellious Oversea whose goal is to flood BOTH Inkopolis and Octo Valley! Her point of view with the other Inklings and Octorians is strict but justifiable, and she hate no one worse than DJ Octavio. Her speed is superior of those of Inklings and can hit hard like Jawlings, but despite having moderate Defense for a Chaser, she rely more on shooting and only her Tri-Brush is her viable close combat option.
392Infernape Infernape is a Sinnoh Fire/Fighting Pokémon with a blazing hair. Unlike Sawk, Infernape doesn't have anything to reinforce his Defense but is faster and is also great with Special Attacks. Fire Blast, Close Combat, Iron Tail, Focus name them. He also have a sneaky move called the Grass Knot, that the heavier the target is, the more damage it will give. This is not a big problem for the light-weight like Seafear, but for big heavyweight Giants like Groudon...
90px-Diddy Kong Artwork - Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze Unlike Infernape, Diddy is not exactly as strong, but he make up for that by being more Agile and know how to use his tail very well. His Cartwheel Attack and Banana Peels can bring a lot of mischief, and his Peanut Popgun and Rocketpack Barrel is no toys either. If you want to catch Diddy Kong, outsmarting him or at least catch him as a Giant! I mean, sure, he is cute and sometime awesome, but a real monkey can be tough to caught up with.
026Raichu Expected Pikachu to be in? Close enough but that's its fully-evolved counterpart you are talking with. Raichu is quick and nimble but also quite frailing, with a lot of Electric Moves like Thunder and Thunder Wave! Make sure to keep up your pace if you don't want to have a literal shock of your life!
Waluigi dawg Waluigi is a cheatsy (not about his tactics in the game but in-universe wise) who is fast and can deliver strong kicks, but also more frailing than anyone else, requiring him to rely on his tricky tactical mechanics and sport-themed attacks. With some good practice, Waluigi will be a winner! Or a sore winner at best...
Biospark Bio Spark is a master of Ninjitsu and the Ninja Helper of Kirby. His ninja attacks are tricky to spot, and his Kunais and Shurikens are also good for distant foes. When knowing when to strike and when to run, Bio Spark is a threat that should not be messed with!


Character Description
Tf2 medic.preview Life as a Medic is harsh at times, but without a Medic, who can heal anyone real ease? His Medi-Gun can bring Ubercharge, a super-boost with, depended on the Medi-Gun type, complete invulnerability, guaranteed critical hits, accelerated speed and healing process, and so on. And his melee weapons can also saw through your bones, especially his Ubersaw!
TF2Engineer The Engineer is more about giving support to his "customers" than actually go directly into action, to make up for his average stats. His Buildings can bring big support too; the Sentry is fast and can hurt many opponents a lot, the Dispenser can progressively heal his allies and also provide useful items such as Refill Box for the Weapons, and the two Teleporters that goes from the Entrance to the Exit, very handy to get from the respawn of the allies to the neutral zone.
Captain Toad-0 Captain Toad may not be the boldest Toad but he still earn a lot of success in his adventure career (and finally give a good name to the Toads). He is fast and hard-hitting but cannot jump too well, although he can pluck useful items for the allies. As if this is not effective enough, he can also summon the Super Pickaxe to plummer all enemies on his way! Incoming!!
531Audino Audino is not too strong but her supporting moves bring big appreciation for many. And in addition to have a Mega Evolution as her Upgrade, she can also become Medicute via Neon Evolution by, in this game, bringing enough support to your teammates. Stay behind to stay safe, as after becoming Medicute, the Neon Evolved Audino is much stronger and have much better Defense and Special Defense!
RollTransparent Roll is the housekeeper of Dr. Light's house and Mega Man's sister. While, like most supports, is not really strong, her Special Weapons from many Robot Masters can give big aid to the allies. She can also use her broom that have a surprising good range and her water-filled bucket to make the floor wet and also clean out ink from enemy Inklings and similar species, but enemy Seafear can take advantage of this by swimming faster in there as a squid.
Olimar.png Olimar himself may have troubles to fight by himself, but with his Pikmin army (up to 30 Pikmins), he can bring many usefulness in and outside of fighting. There are Red, Blue, Yellow, White, Purple, Rock and Pink Pikmins, each of them have their own immunity (not the Purple Pikmin but can hurt the enemies a lot) and can damage the enemies to the maximum when many are thrown, even on Giants.
Penta by WereWaffle Penta may be almost rejected by other "grumpy and cynical" Shapekeepers, but he was right about bring more color shapes to the world after saving them. When he does, his shapes he made can bring support for transport as a bridge for his allies, but the enemies can break it, especially Giants. Use him right, and the enemies will wonder where are Penta and friends came from!
Minni Carrot Canyon Minni have some similarty with Susie in term of appearance, but Minni the Time Fairy is much more sincere and is never against Kirby ever since their encounter of Kirby: Time Out. Her attacks is more useful to give statuses but there is a good deal; she can also power-up the attacks of her allies and also able to tell when dangerous or suspicious things are nearby, such as when an enemy Giant is nearby or when a disguised enemy Spy is around, respectively.
Princess Peppermint (Kandy Shop) by WereWaffle Princess Peppermint is such a cutie, isn't she? But don't be fooled by her adorable appearance; she can put a big fight and her special moves can put up both assistance on her allies and put troubles for her enemies. It is worth noting that she is also one of the most popular character of Kandy Shop, tied with the psychopathic Gumm-Slash. Doesn't stop her from being a fair ruler of Peppermint Palace.
Senryo Senryo is an even bigger attention whore than Scout, but let not be preoccupied by that; Senryo have a particular mechanic called the Ratings meter; when he hit enemies or heal his allies, his Ratings goes high, but getting hit by anything will lower it. Make up a good combo, and you can unleash a powerful special move. When reaching the maximum rating, he and his allies got slight stat boost but also his Ratings never go down, and some of his Special moves will also help his he get more attentions from them.
Evil Queen How could the Evil Queen being classed as a Support? Simple; she prefer to stay back, give her allies some boost if needed, and use the mirror to see what is going on, such as detecting the locations of objectives, allies and enemies, very useful to know exactly where they are. In fact, the mirror itself act as a map in this game, and if you know how to use it, your allies will appreciate your location pinning skills.
Angelina Oh, a sweet nice little angel on the battlefield--wait, she is not a defenseless angel that is for sure. Angelina is a Support who can hit fast and hard with her wings, but also bring a slight stats boost with nearby allies. And when with Jamie, they can fusion together to become Gabriel, the super innocent but still butt-kicking fusion! You will frequently see those two together in order to make it work.
Sackboy2 Well well well! Is it Sackboy from Little Big Planet? He may be not strong and all but his Popit have a lot of things to give out, allowing Sackboy to bring support to himself and allies alike, and also traps careless enemies with certain Stickers. All of that creativity shenanigans can be a huge headaches for cynical people!
Lucio portrait Lucio is fast, but his music beat and his abilities is one thing that distinct him from the Scout. He have to songs; one that speed him up faster, and another to gradually heal his HP, but he have to switch one at a time depended on the situation. He also can share his musical effect with his nearby allies, too. His Sonic Ampiflier can shoot sonic projectiles or push them with a blast of sound. Let 'em drop the beat!


Character Description
Spy TF2 Spy! Oh wait, he's one of us...hopefully. If you know the Spy through memes, he's actually not that of a jerk, at least to his allies, but he is a big troublemaker to his enemies. He can cloak himself and then have a chance to literally backstab a victim, disguise as a non-Giant enemy and take a chance to backstab on an unsuspicious enemy, and even use his Sapper to sap the enemy Engineers' Buildings and also slow down robotic enemies. Just don't expose yourself to flames...and Jarate!
Billyhatcher One of the loved but now obscure Sega hero, Billy Hatcher is surprisingly strong for a boy, but he can also be tough to deal with his Giant Eggs. And when his Egg is maximized by Fruits when defeating an enemy or from energy of thankful allies, he can hatch them out and summon a creature from that egg for assistance! A broken Giant Egg can leave Billy in a troubles, for sure
Dr.Eggman - Sonic Colors - (1) Looks like Sonic isn't here! Nobody will stop Dr. Eggman from conquering the world and fund the Eggman Empire! Except one thing; he overfocuses on his current weapon to succeed against Sonic before, so he better not commit that same mistake as before. With his Egg Mobile, he can switches into various Egg Machines, and with the right one in the right time, Dr. Eggman can be unstoppable! Genius, indeed!
Inkling-1 Those Squid-Kids are viral even before Splatoon's release, Nintendo latest successful IP for the Wii U. They may look cute (for most people, as some find their fangs creepy) but they are tricky to deal with; they can spread their ink with their weapons and swim through it, making them difficult to see without a keen eye. Their Sub-Weapons and Special Weapons can be a tough deal, too.
Kirby Wiijk The pink, tuff puff hero of Dream Land. He faced multiple powerful foes, such as the nightmarish Nightmare, the Dark Matter and their leader, Zero, the jester Marx, the tyrannic Queen Sectonia, and painting sorceress Drawcia, and the massive and almighty Exateno! Kirby have big arsenal such as his Inhale to copy some of the enemy's attacks, and his inflate allow him to take large air distance.
KSSU Marx artwork One of Kirby's many foes. Unlike other of Kirby's foes, Marx is one of the few villains whose not entirely relied into darkness, and have attack of various elements. His Big Beam attack may hurt a lot, but his Black Hole is a pain to endure! He is also very mobile, and his constant flight make him difficult to catch up, but most of his attacks requires Marx to get close to his enemies. He may be a jester, but he do not kidding around too much in a fight like this!
QSectonia Like Marx, Queen Sectonia is not related with the darkness; she was once a benevolent ruler of Floralia before being obsessed by her beauty (and worsened by the Dimension Mirror). Her power is not to be mocked either; she is elegant and beautiful and all, but that doesn't stop her from being one of the most strongest foes that Kirby had faced. Her persistence and her tricky attacks can make her a troublesome rival, but her slightly low Speed and some end lag of her attacks doesn't make her too good. 
Mega Man - Super Smash Bros. The Super Fighting Robot, Mega Man! He fought for justice and everlasting peace (wait, is that how it really works?) by stopping Dr. Wily from conquering the world. He have multiple arsonal from the Special Weapons of the Robot Masters, such as the infamous Metal Blade. Most of them are for offensive purposes but others are for other uses. Mega Man have a-bit-above-average stats but his Special Weapons can help him. With the Super Arm, he can even lift things and throw very far away, just like GutsMan is able to!
Meta-FormFOC Meta-Form is a shapeshifting robot from the planet Tobor who fought King Kube KiloBot, the King of the Bad Bots, many times. In the earlier games, he can transform into many things such as a tank and a plane. As of Meta-Form: Common Force, his shapeshifting is upgraded even further and is now capable to transform his limbs into weapons! In this game, his stats switches depended on what Form he is right now, with the Tank Form, the Plane Form, the Lion Form, the Eagle Form and the UFO Form, and also change his Element for extra effects. Master his skills and make him a real threat!
250px-302Sableye Sableye is a tricky Pokémon that, while not having any Stats that fantastic, he can pass negative statuses quick with his Prankster Ability, and can set Nasty Plot for a temporary Special Attack increasement for powerful hit with Shadow Ball and Dark Pulse. He is not really fast though, so sneaking around is a better way to take on the enemies.
Quetz Quetz is a harpies, but nothing malevolent about her. In fact, despite her age, she is childish and an optimist, so don't be surprised that she looks so cheerful. Her flight and skill with it can help her to catch her foes, and is much better on the air fight than on the ground. Keep doing it, and even the Giants will have a hard time to catch you up! She don't have that high Defense though, so be careful not to get hit too many time.
Jamie A quirky, a bit rebellious but loves exploring the outdoors. He can take on people three times bigger than him with his yo-yo, and is usually the best option against most Giants. His stats are balanced but his attacks can be tricky to predict. And to add insult to injury, he can fusion with Angelina into Gabriel to make them stronger and more agile, so you will frequently see them together to make sure this happens.


Character Description
484Palkia The Spatial Pokémon. Palkia is fast, powerful and an excellent distant striker. His Spatial Rend can hurt anyone, and if far enough, it will be more accurate and can make a Critical Hit! Being a Water/Dragon Pokémon, aside of Spatial Rend he can also use Hydro Pump, Aqua Tail, Draco Meteor, and Dragon Tail. One of Palkia's flaws is that he don't have anything to make himself stronger...except for Practice Squirt from Mighty and Nasty, that increase Special Attack and Accuracy.
383Groudon Groudon is the Continent Pokémon who can hit real hard and can strike far with Precipice Blades and Strength (the move itself, that can lift a big boulder or anyone, even a Giant, quicker but performed much better). Groudon is slow but sturdy, and have a lot of boosting moves such as Sword Dance and Rock Polish to help himself. This super-heavy Pokémon can bring a lot of troubles if no one is watching!
SSBWIIU Master Hand Said to be the creator of Super Smash Bros. universe (and maybe most of the Nintendo universes), Master Hand is no wimp. Sure, he is a literal floating hand but don't laugh at him; his various attacks are a bit slow but also very powerful (well, most of them), so who's laughing now? And when he get inflicted by a negative status, he get angrier and thus his Attack is increased. Now you know why Master Hand was never replaced as the Smash Bros. Creator during so many years!
Crazy Hand (SSB Wii U & 3DS) Without creation, what is the purpose of destruction? In fact, when there is Master Hand, Crazy Hand is likely to be nearby too. Despite their polar opposite power and roles, they do cooperate fairly (read: really) well and their combo attack can do a lot of damage! Crazy Hand himself is crazier hence his name, and also more chaotic but also love some freedom! If there is a Master Hand player, a Crazy Hand player tend to be nearby on his side, and do hope that they are on your team, too! But as Crazy Hand says, "Even hope itself can be scarier than nothing!"
Petey Piranha MPSR One of Bowser's henchmen, and this one is a real powerhouse. He is stronger than Bowser on most occasions that is for sure. Petey Piranha can fly in the air...and then bomb down there quickly and heavily damage those who are not aware. Petey can also spit goops (that only water can remove it, as ink have minimal effects), summon Piranha Plants and make a cyclone by flipping his fin real fast! Talk about a versatile force of nature!
250px-Wingo CTTT Wingo is Captain Toad's nemesis, and described by Captain Toad himself, "the scariest bird ever met". His magic can leave disillusion of others, as he can teleport in far distance from here to there without being hurt! His wind move, his big turnip rain attack and bird-dive attack are just part of his tricks! This bird can bring the biggest misfortune of the enemy team's lives!
Ganon (war mode) In Ganon's debut and some games afterward, he take form of a pig-like demon with a trident. Looks like in this game, Ganondorf decide to use his beast form, Ganon, to make a real rampage! Quite faithful of the original Legend of Zelda, don't you think? Anyway, he is super strong and a bit fast, but he rely more on magic than just using his physical strength. He can also summon his trident for a better melee range. But you can be very thankful that anything else can defeat Ganon in this game!
Exateno SI Oh ho...this is not good...the most powerful light creature of the Kirby universe is here! Wait, Exateno is playable? Well, much of a rejoicement, really. To be serious, Exateno is the strongest Giant character of the game, next to the Smash Hands' Super Smash Hands Upgrade, but he is also quite slower when not in the air. And because of his long size, he might be an easy target...except that he also have big Defense and big HP too. His light attacks can penetrate anything, except those invincible in other ways such as Ubercharge, so this will be a true nightmare! Fortunately, he take more damage by hitting his orb on his tail, but to tell the must be awfully arrogent to attack him at the front!
720Hoopa-Unbound This is Hoopa's Unbound forme. Hoopa is quick and powerful, and can use tricky moves to take out his foes. He have two signatures moves; Hyperspace Hole which can break out blocking, and Hyperspace Fury, a powerful Dark-type move that pummel the victim but also decrease his Defense by each use. He is also a bit frail, however, and don't expect him to take that much damage for long.
Dogadon Dogadon is one of King K. Rool's henchmen. This one is a mix of a dragonfly...and a literal dragon. Dogadon is quick in the air and breath fires as you expect from a dragon-like creature, but also make a wall of flame when charged well enough! He can also make some earthquakes and surprisingly he can take a lot of damage before getting knocked out! But the problem is that he is not too fast on the ground, and once pummeled down to the earth, like by Smack Down from Chesnaught or Lord Garchomp, he is in troubles.
B64 Mantis Mantis is one of the monsters that Bomberman had faced in Bomberman 64. This mantis-like ice creature is wisely named like this; Mantis can hunt prey by jumping high and make assault on them! He is not the fastest but his agility know no equal, and he can even climb walls and walk though ceiling too! However, his two fore swords can be broken and must be healed by anything to repair them, otherwise his attacks will be then less impressive.
Rainy Turtloid One of the many Mavericks encountered in the Mega Man X series. His shell is so thick that most attack cannot work against him, so destroy his two green crystals to damage him, or attack him in the front. The problem is that he literally turn his back against you to avoid that. His shell-spinning attack can also be troublesome, as he cannot take damage either. The best timing to attack him is when he got inflicted with a negative status or when slown down.

Tier List

This Tier List of this game is the widely accepted tier list by the competitive players for the competition. The Upgrades are not included to avoid overly complicated and the Giants have their separate Tier List does to their unusual function, how powerful they are and their different role in most gamemodes. Their Tier placement is based on...

  • The pros and cons of the characters.
  • How well they fit into their class.
  • How well they can cooperate with the teammates.
  • The potentials when used by skilled players.
  • The match-up of the character and any of the other different characters.

Take notice that it is not because the character is high tier doesn't mean that it is good at non-competition, and not because that it is low tier means that it is bad. Lower tiered characters are efficient on their own right but need a lot of practice and knowledge to make them capable to take on high tiered characters, and higher tiered characters have just easier learning curve or have better mechanism in competitive scenes. Upgrade are not allowed, included nor counted in order to keep the Tier List consistent.

Before the first Competitive Update, to avoid overuse of a character especially the Top Tier, each players must use a different character in the Competition Mode. There also cannot be no more than six same classes to avoid this from overwhelming either teams, so the player must not practice just one character or even one Class, but as many as he/she can.

After that first Competitive Update, and with the Top-Tier being nerfed and Bottom-Tier being buffed, the number of same Class type is unlimited except for Giant who is still up to six Giants per team, although no more than three same characters per team and no more than two same Giants per team. This did caused an impact for the two Tiers.

A quick tweak is also added several days after the first Competitive Update; instead of being restricted with eight moves, each players can hold up the traditional sixteen moves, but several moves are banned in order to avoid luck-based situations. Another addition during this day is the "Low-Tier Revenge" that give a boost of a specific number for all stats of the characters of lower tiers, while characters of S tier are unaffected. For the old version before the removal of the Tier E and D, the following boost are...

  • +10 for A Tier characters.
  • +20 for B Tier characters.
  • +25 for C Tier characters.
  • +30 for D Tier characters.
  • +40 for E Tier characters.
  • +50 for the Bottom Tier (last place of the E Tier).

When the Tier E and D are removed does to most characters having vastly improved, it now works like this;

  • +15 for A Tier characters.
  • +25 for B Tier characters.
  • +30 for C Tier characters.
  • +40 for the Bottom Tier (last place of the C Tier).

It once works differently for Giants, does to their big stats; it will only give the boost of their highest stats and their lowest stats. With the new stat distribution, it now works the same way as regular sized fighters.

Regulars Pre-Update

This one contain all Attackers, Defenders, Strengths, Chasers, Supports and Tricksters.

Tier Characters
S GutsMan, Donkey Kong, Minni, Angelina, Seafear
A Medic, Lilligant, Goodra, Avalugg, Chesnaught, Kirby, Octavio, Infernape, Marx, Heavy, Scout
B R.O.B., Engineer, Meta Knight, Operative, Bowser, Captain Toad, Evil Queen, Quetz, Senryo, Jawling, Spy, Porygon-Z, Yoshi, Princess Peppermint
C Queen Sectonia, Jellyling, Olimar, Roll, Bass, King Dedede, Soldier, Wario, Wolf, Sniper, Audino, Bio Spark, Sableye, Doc Louis, Raichu, Diddy Kong, Lord Garchomp, Billy Hatcher, Sawk
D Dr. Eggman, Winston, Mega Man, CutMan, General Snickers, Meta-Form, Shake King, Sackboy, Red, Slanito, KiloBot, Inkling, FrostMan, Waluigi, King K. Rool, Penta, Swampert
E Jamie, Demoman, Nicome, Pyro

Updated Regulars

This always reflect the Tier List of the current version. The E and D Tier are removed as the competitive scene is progressively better.

Tier Characters
S Slanito, Jamie, Wario, Billy Hatcher, Seafear
A Soldier, Minni, Angelina, Heavy, Operative, Swampert, Chesnaught, Senyo, Sniper, Inkling, Bowser, Roll, Octavio, Junkrat, Jellyling, Dr. Eggman, Quetz, Evil Queen, Avalugg, Yoshi
B Waluigi, Princess Peppermint, Lilligant, Shake King, Sackboy, Reinhardt, Sableye, Kirby, Scout, Olimar, Wolf, Red, Meta Knight, Diddy Kong, King K. Rool, Donkey Kong, Demoman, Penta, Engineer, Raichu, KiloBot, Goodra, R.O.B., Lord Garchomp, Meta-Form
C Nicome, Frost Man, Poyrgon-Z, Roadhog, Queen Sectonia, Spy, Bass, Lucio, General Snickers, Medic, Pyro, Doc Louis, Sawk, Bio Spark, King Dedede, Marx, Winston, Mega Man, Captain Toad, Audino, Guts Man, Cut Man, Infernape, Jawling

Low-Tier Revenge Regulars

This Tier list is based on Low-Tier Revenge.

Tier Characters
S Guts Man, Shake King, Donkey Kong, Octavio, Lucio
A Meta Knight, KiloBot, Chesnaught, Demoman, Raichu, Soldier, Pyro, Operative, Waluigi, Winston, Sackboy, Quetz, Evil Queen, General Snickers, Mega Man, Seafear, Jamie, King K. Rool, Frost Man, Jawling
B Engineer, Swampert, Meta-Form, Medic, Sableye, Bass, Infernape, Yoshi, Billy Hatcher, Reinhardt, Penta, Roadhog, Junkrat, Red, Olimar, Sniper, Senyo, Minni, Goodra, Wario, Dr. Eggman, Diddy Kong, King Dedede, Bio Spark, Heavy
C Wolf, Queen Sectonia, Poyrgon-Z, Marx, Roll, Lilligant, Kirby, Princess Peppermint, Audino, Spy, Doc Louis, Lord Garchomp, Avalugg, Cut Man, Nicome, Angelina, Scout, Captain Toad, Slanito, R.O.B., Jellyling, Inkling, Bowser, Sawk

Giants Pre-Update

These contain only Giants. Since there are only much fewer than the regulars, the tier list is much simpler.

Tier Characters
S Crazy Hand, Groudon, Petey Piranha
A Palkia, Exateno, Mantis
B Rainy Turtloid, Wingo, Dogadon
C Ganon, Unbound Hoopa, Master Hand

Updated Giants

Like the Updated Regular Tier, it always reflect the current version.

Tier Characters
S Unbound Hoopa, Exateno, Groudon
A Mantis, Petey Piranha, Ganon
B Master Hand, Crazy Hand, Rainy Turtloid
C Wingo, Dogadon, Palkia

Low-Tier Revenge Giants

This one below is from "Low-Tier Revenge".

Tier Characters
S Groudon, Master Hand, Mantis
A Rainy Turtloid, Ganon, Dogadon
B Crazy Hand, Wingo, Palkia
C Unbound Hoopa, Petey Piranha, Exateno