Tayshaun & Amy - World Tour is an animated comedy/action show which follows a group of characters who decide to travel the world. Guest writers are welcome, but no filler.

Season synopses

  • Season 1 - A team decide to go on a journey around the world to forget all their problems at home


Character Description
Sydney Peterson A Canadian woman who leads the team, Sydney is a popular musician who invites some people to go on a trip with her.
Larry Cole A young man out of Maine who "co-leads" the team, Larry is the youngest of 8 children and wants to get away from the stress he has.
Francisco Paciani An Italian man with a tendency to sneak around a bit. He attacks when people expect it the least.
Courtney Robinson A Kazakhstan-born, USA-raised girl with the ability to manipulate wind, Courtney tends to use the powers she has to blow away any enemies that stand in her way.
Lydia York A girl from the Republic of Georgia with psychic powers who tends to be a bit rational about some things and sometimes strikes prematurely. She idolises Krystal.
Phoenix Simpson A young woman from Kentucky with pyrokinesis the ability to turn into a phoenix (hence the name), Phoenix is like the muscle of the group and tends to transform unexpectedly.
Konrad Thompson A guy from Saskatchewan, Konrad is and aspiring hiker who wants to try and be the best he can be.
Vitaly Tomasevic A Finnish guy who went to California for a visit but got pulled into the trip by Phoenix. He is skilled in fighting.
Ed Jackson A British martial arts trainer who decided to go through with the trip to forget about his ex-girlfriend and to teach people in various places martial arts.
Lyndsey Carter A Minnesota woman with telekinesis who is willing to go anywhere, Lyndsey is a smart and crafty person who can perform a lot of sneaky moves.
Sheldon Gallagher A guy from American Samoa who wants to see the sights of Earth, Sheldon is a relaxed guy who never worries.


Episode Description
Off Around The World A group of people go on a trip with a famous musician after meeting her.
First Stop, Seattle The team show up in Seattle for one of Sydney's shows. Larry is mistaken for a professional skateboarder and is taken into a skateboard contest.





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