Tayshaun & Amy - Midula's Wrath is a 2D animated TV show, conceived by RTA fan (tbc). It airs on ABC and it follows a team that end up on Midula.

Series synopses

  • Season One - A team end up in Midula after being thrown through a portal.


Character Description
Shannon Kramer A guy from New Mexico with a strong will, Shannon is a "never give up" type of person.
Steve Lambert A hero from Nebraska, Steve acts like a kind of guard for the team. He is extremely skilled with combat.
Tess Lopez A Spanish girl with telekinesis, Tess ended up being knocked onto Midula following a portal suddenly appearing behind her.
Becca Edwards An android built in California, Becca is a robotic being with an extremely human-like nature.
Adam Welsch A clueless guy from Chattanooga, Adam is someone who is boggled by the events that happen in his universe.
Amber Zednik A Slovakian woman with electrical powers, Amber is someone who wants to get known around the universe.
Mac Campbell An El Salvadoran guy who went through the portal to Midula (somehow by accident), Mac is there to prove he isn't a tool.
Robbie Hunt A guy from Texas with a big outlook on life, Robbie is an optimistic person who gets along with people well.
Quincy Bellamy A guy from Wales looking for adventure, Quincy went through the portal by his own choice in order to strengthen himself up.
Brook Page A guy from Connecticut with big ambitions, Brook is someone who decided to head to Midula in order to prove he isn't a "big wuss".
Holly Miller A Fiji-British girl with terrakinesis and florakinesis, Holly uses her powers solely for combat and goes through the portal to Midula to see what the plants are like on the planet.


Episode Description
Welcome to Midula After some events happen, eleven people find their selves stuck on a planet called Midula.
The Princess of Midula The team come across Etinésa Rodriguez and she helps them toughen up.
Midula's Worst Enemy Santolio starts showing up around Midula, trying to give the team a hard time.
GUEST EPISODE Guest written by Exotoro (tbc)




  • RTA fan (tbc) made the series to develop Midula some more.

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