If you don't know nobody knows tays name, not even Tay himself.h

sceane 1

Tay: alright I'm tired of this crap I have to make a escape plan from this ship.

Lemmy koopa: hey what's your face.

Tay: what?

Lemmy: we have dinner. And you still can't leave your room

Tay: sure. What is for dinner?

Lemmy: mushroom stew.

Tay: ok... no thanks

Lemmy: alrighty then *leaves*

Tay: * pulls out 1-up mushroom* ok I guess I'll try this mushroom. They say the Mario bros hog these.

Tay: well I can't let it go to waste *eats it* gross that taste about 2 years older than I am

sceane 2

2 hours later

Ludwig Von koopa: alright you 12 year old strange excuse of a person your punishment is over

Tay: dude, next time I get in trouble you'll be sitting in your bed with your teeth broken and your tail ripped off!

Ludwig: why thank you.


even later

Tay: ( to himself)well I guess that when I fell down from the ship when I was 5 I had something protect me. But what was that

Wendy-O koopa: hello uknown kid. You like my new braclet?

Tay: heck to the Na( heck no)

Wendy: moving on... I saw you thinking about jumping off the ship again.

Bowser: and if you jump off well have a search to find you.

Tay: well B-man your bratty so called princess is'nt very truthful anyways

Wendy: hey!

Tay: moving on I got to go.

Roy koopa:😡 that brat needs to get beat up

Wendy: I don't think your that good anymore He beat you more times than he beat you

Roy: will see.

sceane 3

by peaches castle

Bowser: alright kids this time we will destroy the Mario brothers and take over the kingdom

Larry koopa: you say this every time

Bowser: matter a fact where's that weird human boy at.

Morton koopa: you mean that unknown kid


Ludwig: he does this every time

Wendy: maybe he's scared.

Iggy koopa: no its he doesn't want to face what we cant beat

Lemmy: but with him we'd be unstoppable

Almost everyone: * stares at lemmy*

Bowser: alright let's go.

  • everyone flys away in clown copters except Tay*

tay:* walks to deck* should I jump off


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