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part 1

Tay: hmmm... I'm a little not prepared to jump off the ship. I'll go back.

2 hours later

Bowser Jr.: NEW RECORD!!!!!!!!!

Tay: 😏 lol you guys failed in 2 hours.

Ludwig: like to see you try

Tay: tried once and I changed my mind. I think I hurt green hats head.

Ludwig: try again then

Tay: hey whose that yellow cap guy in the corner.

Wario: where's my coins.

Bowser: not you again.

Tay: here's some.

Wario: $_$

Bowser: why did you pay him.

Tay 😏 you lost his bet and I took you took your money.

Roy: 😡 that was my money!!!

Tay: too bad.

Roy: that's it

Roy: *punches tay*

Tay: oh wait I wasn't paying attention.

Roy: 😱 what y... Y... You dident take damage.

Tay: I did'nt?

Tay: ohhhhhhh. My numbness fom that mushroom is still on.

Tay: well I going to bed.

part 2

Wendy: rise and shine you idiot.

Tay: How the heck did you get in my room.

Wendy: something dad bought me.

Tay: for the last time he's not your dad.

Wendy: would my dad not by me presents everyday.

Tay: heck no

Wendy: Actuly yes.

Tay: alright, see you when I escape. Ohh wait, I won't.

Wendy: 😨WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To be COUNTINUED...

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