Taylor Bronze
Full Name Taylor Bronze
Current Age 21
Gender Male
Species Human/Tentacle Monster hybrid
Family and Relations
Member of F.A.N.T (formerly)
Ability/ies Tentacles coming from his body
First Appearance Fantendo Assemble

Taylor Bronze is a mutant vigilante and the son of a female supermodel and a male tentacle monster. He first appears in the Fantendoverse as a main character in the Drive comic Fantendo - Assemble. 


Taylor has pink hair and four pink tentacles coming out of his back, and his lower right arm is also made up of two tentacles. He wears a variety of different clothing, usually wearing a grey hoodie or turtleneck. 


Taylor can use his tentacles to whip and grab opponents, and can also use them as a means of transport by using them to swing from place to place. Other than that, he doesn't have any more power than a reasonably athletic human.


In Fantendo - Assemble it is established that Taylor was a former member of F.A.N.T, and it was during his time there he met his girlfriend Eliza Jones. However, a year or so later, Taylor had left F.A.N.T, leaving behind Eliza and his other partner Mike Adams. Whether Taylor dropped out on his own accord or got kicked out is debatable, and the story varies depending on who you ask. 


Taylor is quite laid-back, not entirely taking his vigilante job as seriously as he should. He often makes quips and sexual jokes around his friends, and often hides his emotions behind a layer of cynicism and sarcasm. 

Relationships with Other Characters

Eliza Jones

Eliza is Taylor's girlfriend and the two care for each other very much, but don't get to see each other that often since Taylor left F.A.N.T and started working on his own as a vigilante.

Mike Adams

Taylor hadn't spoken at all to Mike since he left F.A.N.T, and Mike resents Taylor for not taking his job seriously and thinks he is pathetic and won't amount to anything. 


  • In VERY early planning, Taylor was supposed to be a girl, but the creator then realized that he didn't have enough male characters and that the character would work better as a man anyways.

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