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Taylor Bronze
Full Name Taylor Bronze
Current Age 21
Gender Male
Species Human/Tentacle Monster hybrid
Ability/ies Rad Tentacles
First Appearance Invaders

Taylor Bronze is the son of a female supermodel and a male tentacle monster. Don't ask questions. Taylor was first introduced as a major character of The Fantendoverse in Invaders, along with Ray, Chelsea Rench, and Teresa.


Taylor has pink hair and four pink tentacles coming out of his back, and his lower right arm is a series of multiple tentacles. He wears a variety of different clothing, but he most often wears a light grey tank top and occaisonally a dark grey jacket on top. 


Outside of using his tentacles for different purposes, Taylor doesn't have any special abilities and is as strong as an average athletic human.


Not much is known about Taylor's history as of yet. However, it is known that he used to work for a certain crime fighting agency (it is implied to be F.A.N.T.) but he quit on his own terms and now works as some sort of vigilante.


Taylor is very energetic and prefers taking risks over using the easy route to solve a problem. He also can be very sarcastic and makes crude jokes, playfully mocking his friends. Taylor often doesnt showcase his emotions, not even telling his closest friends how he really feels. So if he does get emotional, then you know it's some serious shit. 

Relationships with Other Characters


The two first meet in the 2nd chapter of Invaders, where Taylor saves her from Tarkaetan soldiers. Taylor at first doesn't think much of the event, but thinks it a bit strange why Teresa wouldn't say why the soldiers were after her, and was curious about what her relation to them might be. 

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