Full Name Tatan Darius
Current Age  ? (possibly 20+)
Location Black Palace
Class Villain
Main Weapon(s) Red Shells

Tatan is a rare Black Parakoopa who can minipulate air to create huge gusts and even tornadoes. He is Purple's arch rival.


Day of the Dark

Tatan, who came once every year on the Day of the Dark to terrorize Newcunner Kingdom, had once again returned to Newcunner to attack the citizens. But to his surprise, Keppa, by the name of Purple, had stumbled upon the kingdom on that very day. Once he saw the Koopa, he knew he was in for a devestating fight.

After fighting through tons of enemies, Purple had reached Tatan, but was expected. Tatan had an army of Mad Koopas ready to attack Purple. Purple barely made it through the army, only to be bombarded by Tatan. Tatan and Purple fought in an extremely long battle, but in the end Tatan was beat and Purple had stopped his siege.

Duo of Destruction


Return to the Throne of Evil