200px-Tom Nook
Tom Nook, a tanuki character from the Animal Crossing series
Species Origin Tanuki
Rarity Japan-exclusive
Habitat(s) Urban
Related Species

Tanuki (Japanese: タヌキ Tanuki), alternatively spelled tanooki and often translated to raccoon, are a species that appears in many Nintendo franchises as well as Tom Nook and his nephews Timmy and Tommy are tanuki in the Japanese version of Animal Crossing. Additionally, Miles Tails Prower was originally going to be a tanuki, but was changed to a fox for copyright reasons.

Tanuki (spelled "Tanooki" in this instance) are also a species of raccoon in Super Mario Sunshine, and appear to be locals of Isle Delfino. They run the blue coin shop, and will give Mario a Shine Sprite for 10 blue coins. There are signifcantly less Tanookis than there are Piantas and Nokis. Additionally, Tanoombas are a hybrid between Goombas and Tanuki.

Tanuki are also the main species in the YoshiEgg (series). YoshiEgg Nook, Thunder Nook, Rhode, and CrackedEgg Nook are some examples.

The tanooki suit in the Mario series grants Mario or Luigi the power to fly, hit people with their tail, or turn into a stone statue.


Mario Rugby League 2

A tanooki appears playable in Mario Rugby League 2. It appears on the Mario Islanders team.

Notable Tanuki

Normal Tanuki

Normal Tanuki (Or Tanooki Bloods) are tanuki characters that are tanuki by birth.

Artificial Tanuki

Artificial Tanuki are tanuki that were created by another being or person. Artificial tanuki are common within the YoshiEgg series.


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